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Original title: ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” big ending: Lin Zhi school chases after Gu Wei, two people show legitimate child “Lin Zhi school chases after Gu Wei, two people show legitimate child ” the play of city affection idol that by Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi, Di Zi the person such as the road acts the leading role ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” heating up at present in sowing. Although this is not the theatrical work that what big IP perhaps makes greatly, but the drama that also is a large flow as before however. Sow only 4 days, broadcast a quantity to also be about to break through 1 billion, such data can be drama of a lot of movie and TV puts a few years of short of.

20220319162146 6236031aeef09

In drama by the male client the Kingdom of Wei of the personate that resemble battle, it is a relatively outstanding surgeon, whole hospital knows his name. Because the technology is masterly, treat a patient to also have patience very much, also was to obtain what a lot of patient reachs its household to praise. Besides, he is working of moment dedicated with inhospitality also whole hospital knows. In did not encounter female advocate before Lin Zhi school, he of working time keeps a straight face almost.

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By Yang Zi of personate female advocate Lin Zhi school, be institute of a music in school student, it is a cello hand that having ambitious dream. Turn over with the photograph that consider the Kingdom of Wei, although be fathered by father as a child her of exacting certainly, was full of to the life as before however have deep love for, it is a risible sunshine girl.

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Two people are acquainted at bar, and it is not good also that to each other impression is divided, but because the father of Lin Zhi school is unripe ill occupy the hospital that Gu Wei is in. Also was to produce a lot of things during this, two people also had new knowledge to each other, come 2 toward, also was to produce ineffable sincere feeling.

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Apparent, consider Wei Zuixian become enamoured, the child ball ball that still retains be in hospital has said: Visit uncle of the Kingdom of Wei, you like officer officer elder sister, because of what do not laugh before you, since officer officer elder sister after coming, you can laugh. Really such, it is all along outstanding only and how may arrogant Gu Wei profession actively to its, look in him probably meet some feel embarrassed.

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The 6th move that says a girl is very accurate, lin Zhi school also was to experience Gu Wei to like to hers. These things that produce in the hospital actually, she is to having a few different feelings to considering Wei Ye, plus boudoir honey Xiao San is every time on the side of stir up trouble, also be the understood the heart is the realest think of a way that makes her fast follow firm.

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The Lin Zhi school in drama is a relatively brave girl actually, although father objects her learning music all the time, let her take an examination of a teacher, but the thing that she has deep love for to oneself, never also had abandoned. It is a back to wear father goes doing this thing, final also be the school team that entered the school successfully, become an outstanding cello hand, but want,go in the future one of cello hands of aureate hall show. Chasing after love then on this thing, she also is brave ground stepped the first pace, to two people that like each other, who to care about active. Then disclose of Lin Zhi school destroyed the between this window paper with Gu Wei, next open the brigade that seeks Gu Wei.

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To putting two favorite people with respect to the heart originally, in love the plan on this road also is blame Chang Zhi is fast then. Although consider the Kingdom of Wei to look chill at ordinary times, but be in very tender still to Lin Zhi school, this is a movement in martial arts with idol idiomatic play probably: Male advocate be opposite alien is chill, because all tenderness left,that is female advocate.

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Plus later Lin Zhi school once dark the object Shao Jiang that love came back, also be to let Gu Wei the crisis feels, let oneself with its east think on the west, still be inferior to putting an end to trouble back at home directly. Consider what the Kingdom of Wei prepared a romance to propose then ceremony, ended brief have a love affair with respect to such two people, also be a success shine marriage.

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Just married before long, lin Zhi school also is to discover he was pregnant, of course this word is told to Gu Wei, it is extremely happy of course. But let its headache however to Lin Zhi school, because this moment school goes abroad,the list that take advanced courses also is to come down, have her among them. Then she said all these to Gu Wei, but the decision that Gu Wei respects her. Lin Zhi school thinks Gu Wei to hers those are abandoned, chose finally to forgo the opportunity that go abroad.

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No matter be to be in love or marriage, having a lot of things need us to make a choice, what miss opposite party more when making a decision is good, can have different final result probably. And in actual life, also be to have abandon ability to have, these two words are opposite originally actually.

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