Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Doubt of Zhao Liying new theatrical work gives Tong Yao cut moustache, it is quite important to have good husband, but the actor is to should see passerby reason Li Ying of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Zhao of Tong Yao cut is husband helps the dispute that can see Tong Yao is the closest is very big, although ” 30 just ” inside very be welcomed, but a lot of people feel her acting is unapt take Bai Yulan optimal female advocate, because was married,so suspicion is a good husband, her husband capital force is more powerful, it is normal also to say to get shadow hind so, anyway the masses did not feel is Tong Yao is taken with his effort optimal female advocate.

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Couplet of a lot of people thinks of good husband of Tong Yao, guess this part cut is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad, tong Yao’s husband also should give many help, how is she met otherwise at a draught so outstanding? After its got Bai Yulan really, what does Tong Yao have to make progress now, a lot of people can be gone to think on her husband body, this is very adverse to her, tong Yao’s acting is actually very good, without passerby predestined relationship, still differred dot meaning.

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What the actor needs is passerby predestined relationship

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Really, what the actor needs is passerby predestined relationship, the resource that calculates you is very good, but the play staff also cannot take a risk if public praise is bad, after all what teleplay film values most is viewing rate, if your natural resources is ordinary, but passerby predestined relationship is very good, although do not have support, some play staffs also can take a fancy to. The actual strength resource of besides Zhao Li Ying and way relations with people are euqally good, how to meet easily by cut moustache?

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Adding Zhao Liying is do not be short of play to pat really, these year of play notebook that sends to her hand is much also to incomputable. But had arrived such Zhao Liying Ga, it is the play staff picks a person not just, it is the actor is carrying a play staff more, zhao Liying has active right completely, even if cannot take this motion picture, her person energy of life also can let her choose additionally one.

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