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Original title: Luo Shibin just let Yu Zhen conflagration, turn the head greets to guide oneself the sodden theatrical work that performs oneself, too disappointment letting a person ” between the world ” explode fire, let thunder favorable reply and Yan Tao not only these two main actors make eristic central point, yu Zhen this male deserve to also depend on abominable part Luo Shibin to be remembered by the audience. A lot of people should know, yuzhen once can be war of resistance against aggression piece specialist. From ” Lv Liang Yingxiong is passed ” begin, yu Zhen turns in the revolve in this type almost, so that have the play staff of other subject matter rarely,look for him. Cannot think of, the Yu Zhen of hellion acts in years theatrical work, also have so great charm unexpectedly. Be in ” between the world ” early days, the Luo Shibin that he performs and the Zhou Bingkun of thunder favorable reply have a lot of adversary to make fun of, but Yu Zhen should be to had studied a role seriously, he is depended on gift the disposition with super and blackguardly part, the heat that lets Luo Shibin exceeded Zhou Bingkun for a time. At that time a lot of people just also saw another acting of Yu Zhen, he proves himself can not be a joint performance war of resistance against aggression piece, because,be only everybody the inflexible impression of be accustomed to sth, bring about Yu Zhen to give his play way narrow. After depending on shake depending on conflagration of guest of person of a white horse with a black mane, beijing stage also saw the heat at the remaining on shake body probably, ground of precipitant fire burn guides a Yu Zhen that had sowed 2019 from what act oneself ” outside drum-tower ” arrangement was in gold archives broadcasts. But, they 1000 calculate 10 thousand calculate did not calculate, ” outside drum-tower ” the story is too sodden really, this boiler also should not be Yu Zhen back, more manage that still are playwrite king are carried on the back. I felt puzzled, once had drawn up ” affection full siheyun ” ” below open door ” the playwrite of so good play, how did an indescribable not know what is said ” outside drum-tower ” come out? How was Yu Zhen accepted so the task of the director of a sodden drama and main actor? Story actually very simple, old carpenter has 4 prentice, the daughter easy boat of big prentice Yu Zhongsheng and old carpenter has one leg, also like easy boat 2 prentice Yin Dongyi has resentment, then the design let Yu Zhongsheng lose one’s footing breaks a person dead and sit prison. Easy boat to retaliate Yin Dongyi, married Yin Dongyi divorced with Yin Dongyi again next. Yu Zhongsheng knew easy boat is married Yin Dongyi, and Yindong justice him circumvent thing, decide to avenge. As a result of,Yu Zhongsheng is shake personate, 2 prentice Yin Dongyi is by the sea a day of personate. The sea is a day ” affection full siheyun ” the Xu Damao in, this ” outside drum-tower ” he still performs negative character. Easy boat deeps and clear by Bianxiao personate, bian Xiaoxiao’s famousest incident, should be blow upon Yin Xiaotian, become ” slotting tool teachs the founder of a religion ” . This actor chooses, it is OK that besides the sea one day is returned besides, like Yu Zhen Bian Xiaoxiao acts very awkwardly, especially Bian Xiaoxiao, am I done what person is understanding this role after all set? The key is, the story content of this drama is flaw really 100. Easy boat knows Yu Zhongsheng of Yindong justice circumvent obviously, cannot thinking of to take evidence replaces Yu Zhongsheng commute a sentence, use however instead marry the method that divorces again next to Yin Dongyi torments Yin Dongyi. Still have even if, after 3 collect pass, I did not understand this drama the disposition of every part, especially easy boat this part, it is foolish simply Bai Tian, do what thing to be without art of composition. Bian Xiaoxiao and Yu Zhengen did not talk about the sort of feeling of love originally, because,not be the age and appearance problem, however on acting, bian Xiaoxiao tries to use show off how breathe out to deliver part mood, this is very performance manner of failure. Yu Zhen here I felt Mu Ne only, tan Lian loves Shi Mune, by the Mu Ne when circumvent, preparation avenges Shi Mune, be because become a director, when too give a little attention to? Bring about did not shape good part? ” outside drum-tower ” around core should be to avenge, but the story is done again too dog blood too convention, even if is to use the teleplay standard 2019 to see this play, still feel very sodden, essential classics does not have a lot of plots deliberate, also far from ground connection is angry. Saying is to should deliver Beijing flavour and traditional craft, but as a result this respect presses a root to did not get pair of places, the sort of fireworks enrages alley, the culture details of traditional craft also is done not have, monkey business chicken feather of an one ground. Yu Zhen is good proved him bout not easily with Luo Shibin, the sodden theatrical work that Beijing stage did 19 years again ” outside drum-tower ” loiter heat, is this dinkum and sick person?

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