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Original title: In ancient costume drama ” absolutely beautiful ” shark people, beg you to wear the dress rise The ancient costume drama that Dilireba, Ren Jialun acts the leading role ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” sow, in drama ” male shark person ” the central issue that figure became audience heat accidentally to discuss none. Assume the hero long intention of Jia Lun personate, set is the male shark person with a kind-hearted and pure, absolutely beautiful appearance. Although prevue is medium ” muscle garment ” had hit precautionary needle early to the audience, but the result that come out presents in drama or cannot bear orthoptic. Ren Jialun enrages an actor as the person with ascendant the fiercest in last few years impetus, acting and work can be encircled admittedly can nod, but undeniable, his appearance and ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” medium person is set differ very far. The long tail specially good effect of person of the shark in drama is very beautiful, but nude upper part of the body and head scale special not harmonious, p goes up the head portrait of the hero in some pictures, be without aesthetic feeling. Still many audiences spit groove: The muscle of shark person is too false! In last few years in idol play, shark person element appears quite often, however when this provides legend colorific species to appear to there seldom is Jing letting a person to admire however in drama of movie and TV extremely. Drama of strange unreal of the Republic of China ” 12 Tan ” medium mermaid, and no matter colour value how, this ases if the piscine tail specially good effect that goes backwards 20 years looks so that the person wants to breathe out greatly ” help ” . ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” in the shark person specially good effect of Dong Xuan personate suffers quite however reputably, but with respect to modelling of this half naked upper part of the body, black unreal feeling had, jing colourful feeling is insufficient. ” lens twin city ” medium shark person does not have piscine tail modelling, avoided to be spat groove, also lost a lot of black unreal to feel. In addition, still have ” that sky that sea ” in makeup build more natural Feng Shaofeng, not hard sunken ” male and female not differentiate ” set, go magnificent fierce male way is a success, but how does integral picture wind look to slant quite the west is aesthetic. In recent years, in homebred idol play quite reputable reputable ” piscine tail ” have two only. It is ” coloured glaze ” in the booth slave of personate of Yao Yi Chen. ” coloured glaze ” slave of medium booth of male shark person, beautiful piscine end Tibet is under violet garment, the slight move after the actor leaves this shark person water is deduced very reach the designated position, part figure and set be in harmony are violated none for an organic whole and. It is in addition ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” medium embellish jade. Although he is not a fish however dragon, but the style of the tail is very similar, a keeper of domestic animals of small fish celestial being is pulling a long tail in teleplay, the picture that takes in the bank to bask in moon is very romantic. The common feature of booth slave and embellish jade is the upper part of the body wore the dress, if concealed is like showing piscine tail,show, more those who accord with Chinese reservation is antediluvian and aesthetic, added black unreal touch. So, homebred drama especially ancient costume drama wants to take good shark person actually very simple, wear the dress namely + piscine end specially good effect can do decided business, drama of a lot of movie and TV however must do sth over and over again what ” muscle garment ” come beautiful figure, want to know, of China antediluvian all along not popular ” beautiful muscle ” . The shark person that does not wear the dress: Extremely tall to figure line and the requirement of colour value, a bit poor pool is nodded with respect to Cheng Chao. Put on the shark person effect of the dress: Dream is elegant, celestial being sleeves wave, of beautiful beauty hazy and antediluvian, look for a handsome actor to give lens to give prize easily casually. Take ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” in for Ren Jialun’s modelling, wear the dress to follow not to wear the dress, which picture looks more pleasing to the eye is be clear at a glance! “There is shark person besides Nanhai, water house is like a fish, not useless knit accomplishment, its eye sob, can go out bead ” . Oriental shark person is good at knitting shark gauze, how can be you worn without the dress? # of the acquaintance at the beginning of # teleplay and gentleman wants to understand more and wonderful content, will quickly pay close attention to theater of powdery Chinese ink

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