Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Who says Gu Wei is straight male? Yang Zi is online inquiry ” survive ” short message content, xiao Zhan replies very absolutely

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The teleplay that acts the leading role by Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” heating up in sowing, compare at other God theatrical work, during broadcasting often undertake interacting between the main actor, fit perhaps giving those who perform a program to differ is, two people undertake Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan rarely interactive, the titbits that even if be,puts and interviewing had been actually a few years ago. Broadcasted till this drama so 7 collect, two main actors still undertake had interactinged without in actual life.

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And be in the 8th period broadcast that day, yang Zi and Xiao Zhan also were to undertake interacting first, be like battle personate in drama ” Gu Wei ” give Yang Zi personate ” Lin Zhi school ” send a short message, but not careful hand gave out by accident ” need not write, I am blind ” short message. After this one act broadcasts, what is the news that also curiosity of a lot of people considers Wei Yuan to prepare to send originally after all, before one ” need not write ” can figuring is ” need not wither ” , “Am I blind ” what meaning be?

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Very fast Yang Zi also is delivered a small gain as gut, raised this doubt with the audience. Express ” school of online help Lin Zhi appeals, excuse me ‘ need not be written, I am blind ‘ is what meaning ” , and return @ party resembles battle.

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After 3 minutes, xiao Zhan also was to have a response, expressing is probably: Need not wither, I want to time arranges a meal together. Hear this answer, many netizens express: Who says Gu Wei is straight male, it is obviously ” scheming male ” , to pursueing the girl this thing, can say dispute often understands.

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Besides answer problem, xiao Zhan is accessary still head of a dog and an expression bag, argillaceous make it uses in expressional bag there is a mobile phone to look at before considering a doctor to sitting in the table, it is to giving Lin Zhi school to send a short message it seems that, there still is one to drip on forehead greatly sweat, deserve to go up again photograph all around ” full of worries ” 4 words, was to encounter what difficulty it seems that, couplet thinks of this his short message, should be to thinking how ability comes out Lin Zhi school to have a meal about, regrettablly is not careful hair wrong short message.

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Be worth what carry is, this is Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan of two people first small gain is interactive, although be to be drama to make conduct propaganda, but still make many people more excited. Especially very much now star, vermicelli made from bean starch is more, attention is spent taller, it is very difficult to want to interact freely, do not take care to be able to cause the allergy between bilateral vermicelli made from bean starch.

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Return somebody to feel, before ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” each collect can have small theater when end, and interact this probable the small theater that is this one collect.

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See Yang Zi resembles battle first small gain is interactive, what view do you have? Welcome subjacent criticism, share your point of view together with us.

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