Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: King Yang Ming encounters cause trouble to escape, car of a person of extraordinary powers is bumped into sunken one large hole explodes angrily wide mouth According to stage intermediary report, handsome Yangming of male star king and songbird Cai Shi Yun marry old, yo has daughter of a baby, centre of gravity of the job after turning person husband into grandma pa is put in not merely act art career, have deep love for exceed him what run to often still bask in car giving love, another in showing him to live. But evening is infrequent on March 19 violent wind bad language, the beloved nimble when protecting stops roadside to be bumped into sunken, the other side unexpectedly cause trouble escapes make him fast enrage scamper.

20220319162345 62360391b898c

Yang Ming of 19 days of late king updates trends, one begin explodes wide mouth violent wind is scolded, “X is enraged dead, the car stops well also can be bumped into ” , his nimble when protecting stops in roadside miserable encounter cause trouble to escape, just can make him angry arrive be no good. Can be clear about in the picture see the car is bumped into sunken one large hole, king Yang Ming also says, “Carbon fiber was not saved, not bad before protect lever to do not have a thing ” , but he is the angriest nevertheless still is the other side bumps to run, “Of X, I want those who work to who knowing is very much really, there is this kind of person namely on this world ” , language minor details still used several expressional symbols that compare middle finger, can experience a king Yang Ming to have much life from inside words and expressions. 20220319162345 62360391edd1e

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