Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Did Xiong Lei shake? Sueing the drawer is pulled on the problem, netizen: The 8 flatlet that staring at close husband’s father and mother! Xiong Lei is the person of a self-willed, listen not to get the least bit crosscurrent, the name that resembles her is same, like to rancor forcedly with the person. Search the truth to have nothing to do with her originally, she needs to had been taken care of only model model how can enjoy 28 discharge with plan plan, can not know to get whose bewitch, she acts as the pawn that removed Laodu, not only open and abuse Xu Min, still rip with each other of one by one of the person that make the home, person and close kin displeased the favour Yao Ce to all over. This still does not calculate, she still searchs the truth with support advocate sow perpetual, sue twice to biting king, out of court, be nolled prosequi. Xiong Lei’s personality is stronger, the hearsay that about her feeling lives on the net is richer also, occupy Home Yao manhood to divulge, little Bear is crowded walked along Yao Ce before cummer just succeeds on, it is thus clear that she is dare hate the contemporary girl that dare love. At first, little Bear is in make the home be not denounced happy event, the heart that she captured Yao Ce closely just is married successfully into the heart ” rich and powerful family ” . Admit after kissing, little Bear already knew Yao Ce originally about outcast view, can say nothing with Henan respect originally, but everything has its vanquisher, 3 5 except 2, little Bear is taken easily, couplet Du Kang makes the allergy that sufferred numerous netizen. Among them once Xu Fenyi elder sister is biting king took the lead in launching attack to Little Bear, what she releases first ” you want requite kindness with enmity, I exactly the amount returns ” nearsightedness frequency is captured by Little Bear, because of reputation tort to lodge a complaint. Jingdezhen bead a mountainous area court accepted this proposal on October 29, 2021, through cognizance, issued ruling book, because the real address of accuser does not belong to forensic government limits, rejected the appeal of accuser to request lawfully, this ruling book sent the accused biting king at the same time. Biting king receives ruling postscript, lie between empty propaganda to the enemy at the front line through video: Come again after 10 days, I wait for you in Shenzhen, do not make a mistake address again. Before this, xiong Lei has undertaken communication with biting king under the counter, say to still had bought her thing before, how be like to oneself why, when those, biting king is worth summit summit, make public propaganda to the enemy at the front line, would rather be imprisoned also should hold to justice. On March 18, 2022, the law case that biting king is informed Little Bear to sue his through vermicelli made from bean starch is sessional that day, the course seeks advice from a court, she just understands, little Bear had nolled prosequi. Two come two toward, from sueing the way that the drawer plays on the problem to be able to see, little Bear began to shake. Current, the truth is rising to surface gradually, especially national group gets involved with what save a band, will turn quickly the process of punishment, the acceptance of a few associate with and plan bubble soup, old Du Dou begins to have cut with big chemist’s shop, its representative lawyer says who is stolen publicly who goes be imprisoned. Below this kind of circumstance, change secretly Anacreontic with each passing day, if Little Bear continues to defy even make Mom too foolish. Little Bear gave birth to exclusive grandchildren for Home Guo, it is beyond the mark to put forward house property to ask the safeguard that serves as future does not calculate, regrettablly she stares at a fault target, model model surname Guo Buyao, 10 thousand amount to house property to surname Yao not to surname Guo. Dear husband’s father expressed the opinion that should buy villa before the child’s face, disclose according to the netizen, the many ground austral old Du Zaihe has 8 flatlet to produce, actual strength is so abundant, individual villa is bought not to calculate a thing in Jingdezhen. If netizen proposal Little Bear is advisable, abandon 10 thousand amount to a house, stare at 8 flatlet closely. 20220319162349 623603955f223

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