Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The mainstream is approbated! Xiao Zhan ” fight Luo Daliu ” 2 rounds on the star already was decided, second gold archives takes high viewing rate firmly Eat melon the Eight Diagrams, small make up take you to have a good swim recreation encircles teleplay ” fight Luo Daliu ” had not ended newlier, transmitted 2 rounds new on the message that the star broadcasts. The work that the Wu Xuanyi that resemble battle acts the leading role is about to ascend the second gold archives of CCTV to undertake the star broadcasts 2 rounds going up, return somebody not to understand this what to representing probably, our next all-around analysis, ” fight Luo Daliu ” 2 rounds on the star is mixed to the actor work itself, have what profit, why representing again was approbated by the mainstream?

20220319210140 623644b436419

Above all ” fight Luo Daliu ” head sowing platform is CCTV, if broadcast,usually the circumstance is returned pretty good, other TV stations can buy broadcasted attributive, but still be in nowadays now CCTV 2 rounds broadcast, itself of proof TV station is right the achievement of this drama special value, and the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of arrangement is very good also.

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Want to know, normally head sowed teleplay is gold archives head is sowed, picture ” bottle collect ” broadcast midday so the circumstance of one collect is very scarce. And gold archives head sowed teleplay, 2 rounds putting days is very normal. If CCTV ignored this work, so 2 rounds can put in before dawn greatly or the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater afternoon broadcasts, but the TV station is put did not do so however.

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The TV station chose second gold archives this phase, although audience discharge is mixed archives of gold of viewing rate be not a patch on, but the viewing rate that also is 0.6 render, compared with ” fight Luo Daliu ” present 0.3 for turned over one times directly, and the Xiao Zhan that serves as a main actor and Wu Xuanyi, OK also the men and women that take advantage of an opportunity harvests him advocate gain, the gain watch to two people also is the behavior that adds luster.

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Of course, the most important still is teleplay itself can be harvested bigger close inspect a group, and of CCTV suffer numerous group and local stage to differ, it is include different age paragraph of the audience, to two new personality actors, also be the main chance that brushs a face. Altogether, 2 rounds go up star second gold archives, it is to earn firmly not the thing of compensate. The article by inside Le Yuan of amusement movie and TV is achieved, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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