Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: All up! Zhang Reyun ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” the lousy season such as 5 years of 3 season, is homebred drama continuation difficult labor? The teleplay that Zhang Reyun acts the leading role ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” can saying is to explode money work, heat and amount of vermicelli made from bean starch are very high, though also already Guan Xuan can have the 2nd season but also do not have up to now any new trends.

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The netizen disclosed recently ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the teleplay that this kind of one gangmaster signs 5 years of 3 season also wants to wait for lousy season, immediately causes netizen heat to discuss. Actually no less than character of this netizen place is homebred the 2nd season of drama is difficult labor really, resembling remuneration, schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, play, ordinary members of theatrical troupe, investment is the thing that need reconsiders, even copyright of some of teleplay origianl work also can appear new issue, wanting these to close is special difficulty really.

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Besides ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” besides this drama, the 2nd season that still has very much great hot theatrical work is difficult labor, li Ying resembling Zhao and forest those who update ” Chu Qiao is passed ” , the netizen always also is of say space article still do not have in the lake come out, but this photograph comparing also is not within the foreseeable future. In origianl work from the back begin the most wonderful place just about, as a result teleplay edition stopped abruptly to here, it is emotional line or masterstroke no matter it is the hole that does not fill.

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Be not a member now additionally be about to of big ending ” fight Luo Daliu ” also be such, the Tang San of the personate that resemble battle just also promotes to a high office 4 fetch annulus, this ability just wonderful rise to be about to stop abruptly as a result, if update the ending after to resemble now midday ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” same, arrive to make most the audience catchs mad local end, most propbably can have many audiences to feel catch mad.

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Resemble besides these a few ” old 9 ” , ” culminating note ” , ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty ” , ” great river great river ” , ” white night is chased after fierce ” waiting for bright red work is the work that numerous netizen expects to be able to give the 2nd season, but be afraid because of a variety of reasons is all up, nevertheless this also is the current situation of homebred drama, picture ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” this kind explodes money work goes the 2nd season to want many time to mediate, other prep let alone.

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How to hope future can see the sequel of these good work nevertheless, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” of the 2nd season film also arrange as soon as possible go up, though the near future is a little difficult, but anyhow expects!

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