Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: On the make? ” Chen Qing makes ” placard doubt borroweds, movement, station almost exactly like Update ceaseless, eat melon ceaseless, recreation encircles the line on the labour that move melon from ” Chen Qing makes ” later, it is delay changes drama to become upsurge not just, connect the means of a few conduct propaganda of this drama, sale chooses the target that also became follow the lead of of partial IP drama, odd from this enough sees ” Chen Qing makes ” the success of this drama. However, patting delay to change greatly, after holding a concert to wait, recently brand-new the placard of IP drama is direct however be like to borrowed by netizen discovery doubt.

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” the king of grave king ” be overflow adapted super net play by the country, act the leading role by Yi Baichen and Ma Zhenhuan, what basically tell about is a grave in sending all corners of the country, attack grave and defend a grave be as long as between two cliques the enemy of affection of kind and enmity of hundred years, the Luo Shiqiu in drama, Lin Shuiyao, Lou Manfeng, cold 1000 fall 4 people established team of a venture, the name is ” team of the school that attack a grave ” , adventurous brigade is their unlock dusty and old secret.

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Although the origianl work of this work is moved,overflow it is certain to have famous degree, but the person that net drama edition knows apparently is not very much, the person morale that acts the leading role plus two is not high also. So, and explode greatly drama photograph is compared, the condition of this work can say almost is unmanned make inquires. However, because,at present this work is however with ” Chen Qing makes ” similar double sea of faces signs up for and caused one time discuss.

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” the king of grave king ” in two-men placard double male advocate station and ” Chen Qing makes ” in Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo the station of two people be exactly like, joining first movement even is similar. The feel even if goes up besides face, dress and hand stage property that integral placard gives a person is different beyond, other have hardly any distinction.

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Must say, although the character poster of work of movie and TV is large much very much the same, but it is together double male advocate, the position in placard calculated two people almost, also meet even the movement with respect to pardonable netizens almost feeling is to borrowed. And, the heat of this work itself really not quite, and ” Chen Qing makes ” proud after exploding, also be really was crossed a lot of times by loiter, such ” fortunately ” ” on the make ” belong to solid calling a person to be willing to believe not quite is only ” happen to ” ah!

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So, do you feel ” the king of grave king ” is placard suspected of borroweding ” does Chen Qing make ” ? The welcome pays close attention to 90 small lakes to say recreation, more starts work formerly, take you to understand more recreation to encircle knowledge

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