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Original title: Heat up Ba Xin drama head sows record-breaking, 6 hours of heat are broken 90 million, head battle is ” survive ” was defeated Nowadays in March; Having two drama market most suffer everybody to fix eyes upon; Among them one is ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” ; Additionally one is ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” ;

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Anthology of these two drama is having very outstanding actor to have a main actor; Also be the work with the greatest nowadays competition ability in March; And the look that a lot of drama confuse; In also be being put in work of anthology of these two drama after all who can more get the better of one prepare; Actually this also is Ren Jialun and Xiao Zhan of two people than going all out.

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These two discharge actors of domestic center; It is can the actor that one person supports work of anthology of a drama; And ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” this work opens sowed time; Should compare ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” a few days in the morning; On the viewing rate that is in this it seems that nevertheless; ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” be more get the better of one prepare; Opening the heat after sowing 6 hours to be achieved 9 million;

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This the first battle is however be ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” play away; And the heat between two drama anthology is at present poor also more than 100; Very possible ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” one what can carry off heat sowed a list of names posted up March directly; So why is the meeting such? The opinion about anthology of these two drama reads together with respect to He Lefeng below.

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1.” survive ” and ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” work of anthology of these two drama is being compared above content is modern city sweet bestow favor on drama; One is ancient costume myth is sweet the collect that bestow favor on drama; The set besides setting is different besides; Basically be to belong to sweet bestow favor on a type;

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And these two work are likewise having origianl work novel add hold; There also is the presence of pink of a few origianl works on this; So from first set in; Actually two drama anthology does not have too big difference; It is to let nowadays audience people very the work kind that like.

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In gut model on ” survive ” advocate those who hit is to grow sum feeling; As female advocate Lin Zhi school leaves bureau the blow that experienced special deep feeling of grief; Not only oneself father investigated cancer; And the male friend of him association for a long time also proclaims part company;

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Link the work that has talked after graduation; Direct bubble soup; But it is under these blow; Lin Zhi school still can grow ceaselessly; And male client the Kingdom of Wei also is guarded all the time be in of Lin Zhi school beside; Can say gut spread out or very successful.

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” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” this drama anthology from the men and women advocate fluctuation class relation begins to spread out; Those who regard drive as enchanter is female advocate training shark person male advocate when; The feeling of a few produced as much between two people; Do not live the matter because of two person portion; The way of the feeling between them is not so great also;

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Later also be troubled by between two people gave a few contradiction; Brought about in be on contrary situation; Shark person male advocate also began black the way that change; Can say to be in sweet bestow favor on in the cruel that still has a few is loved.

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This is two drama anthology be in the different point above set; Be told actually from the set of gut; Actually ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” already appreciably was gotten the better of one prepare; The audience that likes to see the audience of ancient costume see modern play than liking now after all a little many somes;

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Add in last few years ” BE is aesthetic ” be current; Bit of cruel is taken in sweetness; Just can attract an audience to fix eyes upon most; So not hard also look compares these two theatrical work; Why nowadays ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” leaving after sowing can more a few more outstanding.

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Still having a bit among them of course is; ” survive ” before what the dot spends authority expect a cost; Because decide archives jump twice again archives two; Had let a few audiences continue to await the arrival of this drama anthology no longer;

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And ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” do not have this defect; After deciding archives, also be in directly formulary date leaves sow; What natural everybody takes the lead in paying close attention to is this; After all everybody is leaving before sowing; Do not know ” survive ” can again jump archives.

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2.The actor that centers about two drama is tie-in about be in ” survive ” and ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” medium cast is tie-in; Actually about the same also; After all the main audience of two drama still is those youths; Be in so of the actor choose above most also it is younger actor;

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Making those who be a main actor is nowadays more inside the circle those have famous degree of person that still has actual strength; Be in ” survive ” in Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi two people; Be nowadays receive the presence that looks Wang Zhe.

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These two go out act to be carried alone give to come; With respect to the attention that can cause volume of a drama; Two are put together need not say more more; This ” survive ” not fire is impossible then;

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And other actresses are dead of all of one suit handsome male belle; For instance the person such as road of Wang Chengyang, Di Zi; Same amid is little also not of bone of a few old show form an alliance; For instance the person such as square miscarriage, Cai Gang; It is feel in performing art circle climb the actor that rolls dozen of for a long time.

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Can say ” survive ” achieved the presence that already discharge has play character again; This kind of cast is made in the teleplay nowadays in; Be can let each ages most paragraph the audience is accepted come down; After all everybody thinks the actor that see exists; That does not have too much conflict;

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Same ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” this approach that also takes actually; Two main actors hold the post of Jia Lun and Dilireba; Also be nowadays everybody very two actors that love.

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Be in famous degree on; Ren Jialun and Dilireba two people also silk is compared none ” survive ” two medium main actors are poor; Center in this drama likewise; Still have this this sand, Guo Xiaoting of these outstanding actors join in; The belle of handsome young man of all of one suit;

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The modelling of tie-in and antediluvian outfit is to let a person undoubtedly can fix eyes on; And outside the performer that is bringing discharge besides these; In drama concentration still invited Tong Lei, sea one day to wait for numerous fine actor; It is above the battle array same not Huang lets more.

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Can say this go up; Of two drama anthology making keep balance actually; And from had opened sowed a few collect to look at present; These actors also gradually leave the country in succession; Also do not have on acting too too the place that plays hip; Each person is very good in the position that holding oneself; So about the public praise with these two real theatrical work and evaluation; After all how? Continue to look as Le Feng below.

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3.” survive ” and ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” the public praise with two real work first from what take the lead in sowing ” survive ” will introduce; This drama anthology believes everybody had waited very long time; From there had been 3 years to nowadays when beginning conduct propaganda most; Be worth the work that is expected very namely undoubtedly;

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And at present everybody to ” survive ” evaluate main consist in at 2 o’clock; It is humour is in love with easily with sweetness respectively; Serve as of course sweet bestow favor on drama; Natural if scatter candy ceaselessly; But the place that attracts everybody truly; It is relaxed that humour actually.

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In homebred nowadays teleplay; Also begin to side with actually happy and ceaseless march; Because everybody goes to work to busy ceaselessly everyday; A bit more god-given disengaged time nature should see a few things that make his happy;

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And ” survive ” go up in the set of gut; Let a men and women advocate between get along to spread out ceaselessly do laugh node; Invite an audience people when be being watched can to one’s heart’s content laughs; And between two people emotional plan also very fast; Without the clue of too much messy.

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It is God after all of course sweet those who bestow favor on a type; ” survive ” go up in the set of a few gut or having flaw; For instance female advocate father is in 55 years old when became retired teacher; Belong to solid age some became early;

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And female advocate the position that presents in the hospital is not quite natural also; Little weakness is apparent still; OK also of course direct oversight is dropped; Story masterstroke of whole can undertake very well going down; After expecting, gut continuity develops.

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Additionally one ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” it is above gut; Was to accomplish likewise not laggard; Integral rhythm or very fast; Let a men and women advocate the emotional line between is ceaseless undertake smoothly;

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And Dilireba the Ji Yunhe of personate; In dress modelling the absolutely beautiful condition above need not say more; Resembling completely is the person that takes from inside the book same; And the long meaning of personate of Ren Jialun place this part; From inside his acting; Can see the clear move like the sea;


A lot of actors cannot act the role of a show to come this; But Ren Jialun is very good held long trace the simple sense with this inchoate part; The set in following origianl work is likewise very conform to; And in the scenery make above; Also enough looks reach ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” the place of the intention;


Although have some of place,can see specially good effect apparently make; But great of whole picture extensive is beautiful beautiful; More numerous true condition films; Added a lot of hotspots to drama anthology undoubtedly.


Of course ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” defect; Work of those drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct before following namely too too similar; Had not developed oneself distinctive style; It is good to can say these two dramas have have bad;


And later spread out gradually in the gut of two drama; Likelihood difference also gradually pulled open; Nevertheless everybody likes which work; Need not use completely care about any evaluation; Want oneself to like only after all so other do not make an issue.


4.Coda is actually in current viewing rate; Can explain only ” survive ” and ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” in these two work; The audience that which work watchs is more; Cannot represent a where quite a work is better;


Actually any the evaluation is used without what; The person that views drama market is him audience from beginning to end; The work that only the audience can like him to look is enough; Also need not divide so give a relative superiority or inferiority; So everybody comes according to the idea of own heart.


Good, today about ” survive ” and ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” a few introductions of work of these two new teleplay; To here already official end; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention Le Feng finally.

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