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Original title: Actor or actress drama of black unreal of another ancient costume will sow cruel, female advocate the appearance of an actor only the United States is gentle and quiet, male 2 colour values are more welcome Hello, everybody is good, as net drama make more and more excellent, net drama also is approbated because of what this got major audience, resemble shifting hauling theatrical work in that way before no longer, the audience is the appearance that does not approve. And the net drama market nowadays is bigger and bigger, net drama type also is increasing, among them green drama, sweet bestowing favor on drama, ancient costume drama is the most welcome. Now the season is young the play of ancient costume black unreal that writes an actor cruel that shares with everybody to be about to broadcast.

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This drama is ” youth of a poetic name of China is written down ” , the drama of ancient costume black unreal that waits for a main actor by Feng Shaofeng, Peng Xiaoran, Zhu Zhengting, told about female advocate alias of Xie Ling frost is palace of White Dew infiltrate for many times Gao Di of assassinate a surname, be in finally of foliaceous approach frost decorate meticulously below, chao Guo capsize, a surname tall emperor also pace to dead story. This drama also is ” a poetic name of China ” series, also be advanced Gang Guanxuan reduces paragraph of time green. From the point of the stage photo that has released, it is value of one numerous Gao Yan, and beautiful of director Zhong Shu ever also had ” Lan Ling king ” ” 10 years on March 30 ” wait for work.

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Male advocate Feng Shaofeng is held the position of, to Feng Shaofeng, everybody should be very familiar, everybody also has seen the play of movie and TV that very much Feng Shaofeng acts the leading role, next he and Zhao Liying also are conjugal love of the minority in recreational group, the star husband and wife with fame, very good public praise. But will look from the stage photo that has released, in this drama, feng Shaofeng’s Yan Zhi already no longer summit summit, should compare male 2 inferior to prepare a bit, but believe Feng Shaofeng meets what explain this part to having the charm that belongs to his.

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Female advocate it is by Peng small Ran is held the position of, peng Xiaoran ancient costume plays the part of Xiang Weimei, also having Wen Wanxian’s static temperament, because of ” old 9 ” and little famous energy of life, depend on ancient costume drama again later ” east palace ” red all over entire network, though be in ” east palace ” hind the work that how to see Peng Xiaoran, but vermicelli made from bean starch people small to Peng Ran or very expect, go out this perform theatrical work of such an ancient costume black unreal, vermicelli made from bean starch also very expect Peng Xiaoran is behaved mediumly in drama.

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Male 2 be hold the position of by Zhu Zhengting, from the point of the stage photo that has released, zhu Zhengting’s Yan Zhi wants a few taller, a few younger, also more get an audience people expect. Though Zhu Zhengting is God group goes, but after going out, also be slowly begin to contact drama of movie and TV, in the movie that becomes dragon ” daring vanguard ” in have piece act, just make fun of the portion is less just. What hold the position of ancient costume big play this is male 2, do not know to be able to have what kind of show.

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Female 2 be hold the position of by Cheng Xiaomeng, cheng Xiaomeng has the temperament of pure and fresh tenderness, the Yan Zhi of melting simple but elegant, let an audience shine at the moment. Cheng Xiaomeng goes out to also have several years, because go out,also acted not little sweet bestow favor on drama and receive money many vermicelli made from bean starch and heat. This also is Cheng Xiaomeng cooperates the 2nd times with Peng Xiaoran, last two people cooperate ” east palace ” receive money many public praise, so this two people cooperate again, can better hum. To this the ministry is about to leave sow ” youth of a poetic name of China is written down ” , do you expect? Welcome you to leave a message in commenting on an area!

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