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Original title: ” mother-in-law Mom 2 ” can of practice of Yang Zi’s mom says ” the Great Master that carry water ” , everybody pays close attention to Huang Sheng to depend on niece however Close period of time opens sowed put together art but too much, achieve 4 and ” youth has you 3 ” broadcast in succession, everybody should be entered again at a draught choose the beautiful level that help strength. Optional show put together art too much, a lot of audiences put attention in however ” mother-in-law and mom 2 ” domestic put together art, star wife and mother concerns to have a hotspot more after all, especially mother-in-law of rich and powerful family and yellow emperor of young mistress of the house depend on get along picture, everybody wishs to look at a draught 12 period!

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What can make a person very accident is, program series gave family of rich and powerful family close-up at the beginning, the family that has money person probably is children and grand children circles genu, yang Zi’s mom is too happy, money has granddaughter Sun Er to accompany again beside, everybody looks to be envied more more. But interesting is, grandson generation so much, to do not show oneself preference, yang Zi’s mom says he likes each grandbaby, this is amiable the Meng of Dou Ning of old lady audience of bright logic is acerbity!

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However, it is in put together art, ” mother-in-law and mom 2 ” the staff member can do a business very much, does she enquire on the spot ” which is the daughter-in-law that likes most ” ? Good lord, this issue is too sharp also, if Yang Zi’s mom answers some inequity, most propbably netizen immediately can the head fills a rich and powerful family is contended for bestow favor on big play! So camera lens faces Yang Zi’s mom, original spot has a niece to hint ” Huang Sheng is depended on ” , but Yang Zi’s mom is very fair really, she says each height daughter-in-law is very good!

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This not, see an old lady amiable the expression with another gratified face, program series cannot help saying on barrage ” the mother-in-law that carry water ” , say honest word, a family is harmonious, concern of wife and mother is very main, but Yang Zi’s mom actually ” bounty all is touched ” each daughter-in-law, and all gives full marks, it is thus clear that she is be worthy of the name ” the Great Master that carry water ” ah!

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But be in this moment, a niece begins to refute the word of the grandma however, her speak bluntly: Not, grandma, I feel Huang Sheng is depended on should hit 90 minutes! One say one, this schoolgirl is the granddaughter of Yang Zi’s mom, pressing a truth is the niece that Huang Sheng depends on, but this girl does not cry however ” aunty ” , instead appellation ” Huang Sheng is depended on ” , this ” call a way ” be paid close attention to immediately by the netizen!

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This not, when ” the mother-in-law is the Great Master that carry water ” after search is being heated up on the topic, actually major netizens more the niece that cares about Huang Sheng to depend on, look in partial netizens after all, niece people a bit not courteous. Be like netizen place character: Does niece say a name directly actually? Niece is to do not have courtesy too really! The mother-in-law is very good, but those a few niece spit groove feebly however! How is junior done, elder acquiesces, especially present niece such, be afraid the mother-in-law is not to consider a pipe!

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Discuss according to the heat of netizens, the spot these a few niece are straightforward style Huang Sheng is depended on, and be not is ” 3 aunt ” , hard to avoid looks in alien some are not courteous. Of course, dispute of rich and powerful family is much, netizens also need not cross much conjecture, though niece is a little straight,breathe out its name, but fortunately mother-in-law very safeguard Huang Sheng to depend on, she still gives daughter-in-law full marks!

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But those who make a person accident is, a niece began to find fault again, her speak bluntly: The time that Huang Sheng sees a grandma according to her is a bit little, likelihood the job is a bit busy! One say one, niece is depended on to Huang Sheng little resents, actually everybody can understand, after all daughter-in-law does not visit a grandmother, meet those who draw censure in average household, more never mention it family of rich and powerful family!

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What can be worth to be carried is, though niece spits groove little Huang Sheng is depended on, but the mother-in-law still comparatives safeguard Huang Sheng to depend on. This not, although Huang Sheng is depended on,often do not visit a grandmother, and also do not have a meal together with the mother-in-law, but the mother-in-law still gives yellow Shengyiman cent opinion, see not hard, the mother-in-law is a Great Master that carry a bowl really, she also is to feel distressed really Huang Sheng is depended on!

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But do not have difference without contrast, original great master thinks the mother-in-law is done the hardest, who ever thought of niece just is the one large block of family of rich and powerful family. So if facing niece to say, many netizens are not calm, spit groove directly even: This niece has bit of small scheming, and still be a green tea! Is that girl to be in does Huang Sheng depend on make things hard for sb? Is this niece intended?

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One say one, family of rich and powerful family is discussed with respect to dispute originally much, so yellow emperor depends on place of young mistress of the house of this rich and powerful family after all how, be afraid or ” if the person waters,changes in temperature knows oneself ” . How do you feel Huang Sheng depends on niece? Welcome to leave a message.

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