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Original title: Be said to get without a single redeeming feature ” fight Luo Daliu ” , why can you win 30 championship continuously? Conceal none tell, result from right ” Chen Qing makes ” preference, give the role that perform to an any actors in this drama so very expect. Even if be the footy costar in this drama some more also attention. Even if do not like Gong Dou theatrical work, also look designedly ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” . (but just look casually merely, not be Miao Miaoxi’s joyous type, abandoned) reason is very simple, because have in this drama ” Chen Qing makes ” in the small Wen Ning with slow-witted lovely bud ah!

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So, authority can be clear, should be informed Xiao Zhan to go out act ” fight Luo Daliu ” hind, does seedling seedling heart expect a cost mediumly? But the word says, the play that by male frequency in recent years big IP adapts, pat to attack one. So that Miao Miao from at the beginning, had done a lot of and mere belong to him heart ” explosion proof ” preparation. The meaning is, no matter how others blots out the sky and cover up the earth say bad, miao Miao also can see drama say again first. This is style of drama of seedling seedling view all along, not gossip, the eye sees for solid, good looked to say to calculate by oneself heart.

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However, the Miao Miao that makes good psychology construction early is to did not think of really! ” fight Luo Daliu ” sow the first day, broadcasted only merely one collect, sufferred come from all sorts of bad-mouth of far and near. What dub gives play, gut demon changes, specially good effect is poor, the light is dark, acting awkwardness is waited a moment. Be in next in ten days, this kind of sound never discontinuous, incessant Yu Er. Even, have add without decrease.

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Miao Miao won’t be ignorant of is worn conscience says, these bad-mouth are completely nonexistent. And in some people eye, ” fight Luo Daliu ” the existence that solemned to had become without a single redeeming feature. So, the hundred 30 much people in fabaceous valve grading made one star. Namely such one lies the drama over the tide that rises with saliva load one’s writing with fancy phrases, in the 15th day when show, carried off continuously 30 champion. Feline be jealous spends champion 15 days, sow champion of to the limit of one’s capacity 15 days.

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And the time that used 15 days merely, broke through the accumulative total of 1.7 billion to broadcast a quantity.

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Besides, ” fight Luo Daliu ” the place that still usurping head of a list of names posted up continuously on the sheet of a list of names posted up of each teleplay.

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So the issue came, if ” fight Luo Daliu ” it is extremely such really, why is the audience still being chased after be put? Miao Miao is the audience that seeks theatrical work from the beginning, have speech right. Kindness reminds, those saw one market on fabaceous valve, perhaps see play with 5 minutes of speed, go hitting 1 minute, ask you circuitous.

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Because Miao Miao wants to say is to concern next ” fight Luo Daliu ” integral impressions, you will surely be not understood. No matter the audience admits, ” fight Luo Daliu ” integral framework, although twists and turns is ceaseless, but never cast off however ” bright article ” gut mode. Just think, of a common village, common cannot of again common blacksmith child. Setting, one’s life experience, ability, and even whole story, appear too ordinary, look be like be without development space. Also do not take take up the post of the hotspot that why attracts an audience. However, picture wind turns, when spider of demon of face of person of Tang San come across, the first noble that came up against life — Su Yuntao.

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Su Yuntao resembles a Bai Le same, the energy that saw Tang Sanqian is in. Subsequently, tang San’s Wu Hun begins arousal, be open his road that one pace grows surprizingly. Each person that next he encounters, became those who change his destiny ” hang outside game ” . Center learns in Nuo man, tang San was encountered ” encyclopedia ” the Great Master Yu Xiaogang like, his La Yincao Wu Hun becomes useless to be treasure. It is OK to was encountered again next the small dance with sth in one’s hands that all gets fetch beast, aid him to absorb fetch annulus. Next, an another overmatch appears in Tang San’s life.

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Fight as the Hao day of his father collect, as the La Yinhuang of his mother, as him the poison of David and Jonathan is fought collect, grandpa Tai Tan as his myrmidon… these people, take hopeless situation almost in Tang San when, appeared unexpectedly. Tell the truth, was this planted ” outside hang ” who does not want life? Also be this probably, satisfied as all ordinary and common our illusions! So, ” fight Luo Daliu ” look at ” bright ” , can make the one great argument that seeks theatrical work absolutely. ” fight Luo Daliu ” a bureau from the first collect, set to the audience played a lot of a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story.

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When Tang San enquires the circumstance of parents, father is avoided all mention of, we unavoidable in the heart ” picture fetch ” , cast a doubt. Why doesn’t his father tell him maternal circumstance? How dead is her mother after all? Who is that woman in Tang Sanmeng condition? When the line on the Great Master, we are more unidentified so, he learn center commonly to chare, why to know so much? And the fierce and clinking military spirit Dian Shouzong in his mouth frequently east who be, the eyes that sees him has some of drag in with her, after all what relations are they two?

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It is small dance with sth in one’s hands next, this so pure that have even the men and women the lovely girl that does not know, be after all from where to appear come? Why need not she kill fetch animal to you can absorb fetch annulus? Again next more, what should enigmatic Hu Liena do after all? Who is that round black shadow that kills Su Yuntao after all? Is the father Hao day that the abet of behind the curtain that Cang Hui learns to enclosed ground for growing trees is Tang San after all fought collect?

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If be, how should be Tang San faced? What kind of choice can he make? … seem, next each pace, playwrite is after the before solving mystery of the intention is round, leave next foreshadowing to the audience. True it may be said is step by step foreshadowing, suspense is ceaseless. Well-known, curious, it is the person’s nature. Seek sealed thing, just be the power that your audience cannot help doing sth seeks theatrical work.

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Although, tang San setting is powerful, the noble behind is numerous. But long way is generated to go up in his person, not be even bright highway, be full of bramble and harships everywhere however. Even if be those young associate beside him, having about respective small issue. Of one mind advocates the Dai Mu of overmatch is white, arrogant, proud, did not see Tang San in the eye.

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However, tang San uses to get the better of strong combat gains in order to lose however, changed Dai Mu to be engraved into the consistent acknowledge of in one’s heart almost in vain. Close associate was become between them thereby. Because of Tang San not dread overmatch, even if pay the price of life, when also wanting to guard small dance with sth in one’s hands. Be proud all along of charming, 7 treasure peaceful flourish of small princess of coloured glaze an administrative unit in Xizang, be touched by defend place of Tang San, of be most willing to became ” mental disease ” affined. Still have, self-abased Europe considers a settle or live in a strange place, have one’s heart filled with the acting him only dream of eyeful, never had wanted to want to become a real spirit division.

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Tang San still dissolved the weakness of other sex with his wisdom, finished companionate decay. Finally, ou Sai’s guest is in be faced with oneself most when wanted earnest wish is alluring, still stay without what what scruple. Commensurate home side-by-side before row, face together more of in a extremely dangerous state before road. Miao Miao does not believe, be in those who face compose of Tang San place to build, no matter,this is planted before the road has how many hard dangerous and difficult road, the passionate round fetch that also should accompany you to walk along last Cheng, did you look is the meeting apathetic? Anyway, the Miao Miao that serves as an audience is to look so that burn with righteous indignation, passion is insurgent.

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This regards an audience as Miao Miao namely, in see ” fight Luo Daliu ” after the without a single redeeming feature that be gotten by gush, still seeking the reason seat that does not put. Probably, this also is why this drama is carrying so much negative comment on the head, still can behead captures the argument of 30 champion! Do not know everybody has the same feeling? The welcome leaves a message discuss ha! (note: Reason discussion, exit is become dirty person please circuitous, leave a Sukhavati to network world. )

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