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Original title: ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” : Revive wingceltis hard time began, besides Su Wenxing not save worry, still 2 is bother greatly Song Yi is a more low-key girl all the time, actually from begin to pay close attention to Song Yi before early, but a few work of her main actor, always be in the condition with drama not red a favourite by sb in power, but this girl is dependable and aspirant, do not acclaim oneself, every time sees Song Yi gives a few work that perform, can feeling is a kind of vision go up enjoy, because her Yanzhi and acting are very marvellous, song Yi is depended on eventually nowadays ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” this teleplay, became instantly most the actress that gets attention, of course this also Yi of profit from the Song Dynasty is denounced quite in the part of the personate in drama happy event.

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Song Yi is in drama of personate revive wingceltis, it is a dependable and aspirant person, this revive wingceltis He Songyi’s disposition is more similar also, of course revive wingceltis also faced a lot of troubles, in that times, revive wingceltis so strong the girl that has definite idea does not see more, not only alien conference is talked revive wingceltis a few act, feel revive wingceltis such behavior is too bright eye, with respect to Lian Sutan hall elder brother, always also think method bullies his little sister, because Su Wenxing can feel, revive wingceltis be too bright look really, oneself in one’s hand family property, should be defeated revive wingceltis, hind lysol wingceltis marriage and business, was blended by Su Wenxing.

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Final result is fortunately very good, revive wingceltis the help that had Ning Yi, follow-up life also compares go well, but revive wingceltis every time is very softhearted to Su Wenxing, this also brings about Su Wenxing more and more audacious, his a few behavior already very bold, this him already revive wingceltis regarded as completely oneself enemy, inadequacy of this person accomplish sth defeats Su Wenxing the thing is odd, revive wingceltis the following business also can face more troubles, do not pass these questions, to revive wingceltis for, still be only merely germinant, because besides, she still needs to face other issues.

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Banquet manager had revealed his hidden traitor identity now, banquet manager this individual, betray revive wingceltis, because,not be completely Ning Yi, actually banquet manager also likes revive wingceltis, want banquet manager to be in only revive wingceltis beside a day, he forever the identity of can the following person, will admire inspect revive wingceltis, revive wingceltis also won’t pay close attention to banquet manager forever, so the departure of banquet manager, also be the value that wants him proof actually, because,should come next Ning Yi’s calculate, shopkeeper letting banquet had revengeful mentality.

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Because banquet manager lost Wu Qihao’s faith, can leave here only so, also be accordingly, banquet manager encountered bridge mountain brave man, it is later under the egg on of banquet manager one-sided, bridge mountain brave man punished Home Su person, this also was brought to Home Su person inflict heavy losses on, their business cannot recover after a setback, revive wingceltis also got because of this thing very big blow, can say banquet manager gave revive wingceltis deadly biff, because banquet manager also is the person that knows Home Su most, these also are foreign aggression only, care just is inside revive wingceltis anxiety.

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Ning Yi and revive wingceltis the feeling of early days is really good, because of the advantage on Ning Yi body, a lot of people still do not know, also be accordingly, a lot of people won’t pay close attention to Ning Yi, but whole later capital knows Ning Yi has ability, a lot of girls also are being contended for be close to Ning Yi, revive wingceltis later also because this thing is very careladen, husband and wife is homocentric very important really, but often be in v comfortably environment, the person forgets him easily first heart, also hope Ning Yi can write down him sincerely first heart, did not forget to be opposite revive wingceltis like this.

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