Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: ” Luoyang ” newest road appears exposure! Yi of Wang Yibo the Song Dynasty is the same as a bed in all pillow, expressional day does not cite dispute poorly ” the Luoyang since wind ” also had filmed for some time before this a list of plays, also not little logic appears a graph to pour out of, especially Wang Yibo and Song Yi the trends of the Cp in this pair of drama special let vermicelli made from bean starch people attention.

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There was netizen exposure recently ” ethos Luoyang ” newest road is appeared, see Wang Yibo and Song Yi filming from inside the graph share of the show that be the same as a bed, but bilateral expression is day of poor ground however not, expression of pillow of Wang Yibo single hand is a little chill, and the Song Yi of across all over the face glad, both hands is being caught be looked very bashful by horn, immediately causes netizen heat to discuss.

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Appear besides this piece of road beyond, before long Yi of Wang Yibo the Song Dynasty is before in drama the way that has is appeared also by exposure, song Yi runs to embrace Wang Yibo aloof at that time, but it is very surprizing that Wang Yibo’s reaction and expression are not, appear plus this road, a lot of netizens guess now the process of two feeling line, be one-sided of Yi of the Song Dynasty only like Wang Yibo.

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But the time outside also the netizen guesses this is to stem from play, two eyes is to look to same way, perhaps be the director is telling joke outside camera lens, so Wang Yibo just can have the expression that loosens so and action, this possibility compares most propbably a bit bigger. Wang Yibo and Yi of the Song Dynasty are in twice this the emotional line set in drama is ” love after marriage first ” , so early days is education emotive condition two in drama.

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Two are dressed up mediumly in drama and yellow Xuan Songqian can say one pair this is day of poor ground not, it is elder brother of rich home son of a feudal prince or high official and young lady to, the person of marketplace resembles on another pair of feelings, in character set respect nevertheless Huang Xuan appears is family of marketplace of one’s previous experience, return cannot to know as to Song Qian. The disposition of these two pairs of everybody differs completely each it is disposition bright, wang Yibo is in drama the great of a hunderd li of personate firm the figure that is not good at and verbal clean-fingered Yan Xiao.

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But without giving thought to how since be,two are the same as the show share of the bed, most propbably also had on feeling not small warm up, look a bit sweet, does everybody feel?

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