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Original title: ” fight collect ” the titbits that kiss play, xiao Zhan says ” grievance ” Wu Xuanyi moral quality is good, shut an eye to weep acting club The big play of ancient costume black unreal that by Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi two people act the leading role ” fight Luo Daliu ” at present CCTV the star on the 8th program broadcasts. What this teleplay tells about is Tang San as a child connate different report, it is with everybody in process of study of institute of Shi Lan’s guest, ceaseless and powerful the old practice that oneself become the person that has contribution to the country to the society. Viewing rate of the star on this drama all the time extraordinary stability, and the network broadcasts a quantity is the development as gut rises ceaselessly more, this paragraph of time is odd-numbered days breakthrough closes 100 million times greatly all the time, result is very right. This accompanies everybody to spend 2021 the teleplay of New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar, expected to big final result is received eventually in sound in millions of people, be in big ending still basically is to broadcast most the round battle of military spirit hall makes play part, special satisfy a craving.

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And in respect of a few gut also be to be explained somewhat, the mom of small before dance with sth in one’s hands and Tang San is same, it is a fetch animal. She by frequently east use minatory Tang San. Because of the identity by exposure, so Tang Hao also suggests small dance with sth in one’s hands wants to leave temporarily. Part with respect to what had small dance with sth in one’s hands and Tang San so, tang San had been immersed in narcosis actually right now, two people leave other procedure medium, small dance with sth in one’s hands kissed Tang San, although be like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply only, but cooperate gut to see really special cruel.

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Can see from inside the titbits of official exposure, two people film when kissing play, feel embarrassed a bit, two people that at that time still is new personality breathe out greatly really too difficult. Xiao Zhan is returned special feel embarrassed the ground expresses, because oneself can shut have sth in mind, but Wu Xuanyi opens have sth in mind to kiss him even, return so ” grievance ” Wu Xuanyi. See the person that reachs Xiao Zhan is consider of a humanness really, and still can put down figure to fall to others step very much, moral quality is good.

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” fight Luo Daliu ” it is the teleplay that Xiao Zhan acts the leading role first, and he still performs the bridge that shuts have sth in mind to weep in teleplay first paragraph, look reach his expression is natural, weeping also is exceedingly natural, detail acting exceeds a club.

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Reader friends, did you look ” fight Luo Daliu ” big ending? How to feel? ” fight collect ” the titbits that kiss play, xiao Zhan says ” grievance ” Wu Xuanyi moral quality is good, shut an eye to weep acting assist.

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