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Original title: Well-known actress Wu Mian: Send play character to actual strength from goddess, what to tell you to ability is true good actor These days, open year of family feeling to make fun of greatly ” the heart is resided ” lift up or let down with a rope became enough the appetite of the audience. Teng Huatao’s director holds knife and sea Qing Dynasty to cooperate again, add fresh the Tong Yao after the Bai Yulan that gives heat is inspected, this combination makes light the person is full of expect.

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Perhaps ” the heart is resided ” can make the sea clear weigh model in those days ” humble abode ” brilliant. Besides leading role, the costar battle array of this drama also is very powerful. Among the name that is familiar with in one caboodle, small write the name that saw Mr. Wu Mian.

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Clutch points to calculate come, wu Mian nowadays already 62 years old, from in those days goddess arrives present mom stage actor, wu Mian once brought us countless classical memory.

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One Wu Mian, actor of famous movie and TV, was born in Shanghai 1959. Endless from art career, wu Mian shaped countless fresh artistic image, it is the absolutely goddess in generation filmgoer heart.

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She is ” Shanghai family ” medium ” debauch sweet-scented osmanthus ” ; Be ” Han Zhengjie ” medium spin workingwoman Yue Caiyun; She still goes out acted ” evil debt ” , ” the room rents ” , ” Chinese educated youth is tribal ” , ” 30 just ” , ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” wait for teleplay of close the tuber of stemona, and nearly 20 films. She took Jin Ying award of optimal female costar, flying Apsaras is optimal the large award such as heroine, the summit summit of teleplay of the know clearly on her station, however she is keeping thinking about from beginning to end however oneself old one’s line — modern drama.

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The Wu Mian that is graduated from Shanghai Thespian institute is a local born and bred Shanghai girl. Her home revives in Shanghai on the west in those old foreign houses of the road. The fame of old foreign house of Shanghai is outer, the one’s previous experience of Shanghai person most that owns such properties is uncommon, ancestors even if is not blame is rich namely expensive, at least the home learns origin is must.

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Nature of Home Wu Mian is not exceptional. Her grandfather is the brilliant student of Oxford leaving ocean, major is vet. A respectful form of address for an old person is returned to 90 years old alight, spirit is hale and hearty.

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Wu Mian’s father also is a brilliant student, nevertheless he just meets when attending a college the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea erupts, then youth resolutely renounce the pen and join the army, investment arrives in the action that defends the home to defend a country.

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Wu Mian’s mother and father are neighbour, calculate on green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, can doing neighbour nature also is be matched for marriage, walk along follow a rational line to do some work well. The Wu Mian that is born in such families should enjoy ancestors v/arc protection by one’s elders or ancestors originally, grown in be caressed meticulously like delicate flower.

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But historical wheel is not move with the person’s volition. The China of that time, wu Mian such domestic background, be inevitable by concussion. Small Wu Mian witnesses the dreariness that loses sensible mankind from pee, also bore the pinch that decline of family financial situation brings and short of money.

In Wu Mian’s impression, n/COL the head of a family mom always is in anxious money, she most those who be afraid of is to hear a mother to say: “This month does not have money to order a magazine to you. “This month does not have money to order a magazine to you..

But Wu Mian also is lucky, this often sends intellectual family, no matter be faced with how the environment of pinch, still offer the smallest child in the home the care of in one’s power.

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This kind of love affects Wu Mian’s lifetime, the hopeful, active, perceptual development that allows her is medullary, changeless from beginning to end. The child, it is a hope, the Wu Jia caressing to the hope and favorite, regular meeting brings redound to this family.

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2 1977, grows gracefully Shanghai girl Wu Mian takes an examination of Shanghai Thespian institute to perform a department. This is one of China’s best artistic schools, the Wu Mian that attended a college, seem to enter a brand-new world, the passion to the performance begins spurt to be sent in the heart.

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She is an ambitious girl, the mandarin of southern brings bit of oral speech sound, there was psychogenic disorder when Wu Mian tells actor’s lines, even for a time stagewise cannot open a mouth. Classmates have a lot of to there is dancing strength before enter a school, this duologue performance is very useful, and whats had not learned Wu Mian, she feels she must redouble her efforts.

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Study can go without shortcut, own base differs the Wu Mian that does not have endowment, finish full hard work, set sb’s teeth is driven forth, not only let oneself catch up with everybody’s plan, and achievement is outstanding still. With a lot of female undergraduates, the Wu Mian that youth is filling also received amative time in the school. Wu Mian has on the class special the male fellow student that sends a predestined relationship, this male fellow student related his domestic story with Wu Mian.

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With a lot of students that read artistic school, the schoolboy’s parents also is an artist. His father is famous motion picture ” the guest on the iceberg ” playwrite. But this father is so lucky without Wu Mian’s parents, he does not have get over the concussion of those special time and suffer. Because cannot accept blow and torment really, this minority fellow lent two money to others, bought a bottle of arrack, wear DDVP quaff, end oneself life northeastern Songhua River side.

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And the schoolboy’s mother is graduated from central Thespian institute, also be an artist. When be delivered of a schoolboy, because of the husband for creation ” the guest on the iceberg ” the Pamirs collect folk songs, for souvenir, then she names highland to the child. This mother rears the child in the endure all kinds of hardships after the husband dies, the child is grown epigenesis athlete of an ice hockey.

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Wu Mian was moved by downy story, had read the schoolboy that performs a department this now, more than and outside Jun Lang, having the athlete’s peculiar essence to enrage a god more. Girl fragrant heart is dark make, love me at the same time, also be opposite in the heart the mom of male friend is admired unceasingly.

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The force of 3 love is boundless. The Wu Mian that greets graduation very quickly is faced with new life to choose. She achievement is outstanding has a lot of units to be admitted of purpose, but face extend the olive branch that come over, wu Mian chose to refuse however. This decision has stayed in her heart very long.

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She knows downy and regular meeting returns a mother beside, and oneself here, an everybody a group of things with common features, kin brother sister is numerous, downy mom needs to accompany and be taken care of more. For the sweetheart, wu Mian is hesitant without a bit, followed highland to return Harbin. Of course, she also considered the issue of working respect, downy mom is dean of courtyard of Harbin modern drama, artistic chief inspector, have this concern, if he is had deep love for, drama career also can continue go down.

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Below the catalysis of love, courtyard of Harbin modern drama is Wu Mian the artistic Temple of God in memory. Work in Harbin those years, wu Mian turns the modern drama that matures for into the actor from the exuviate of new personality actor with an acerbity blueness. This and mother-in-law are not divided to her strict requirement. The mother-in-law regards the palm door of courtyard of Harbin modern drama as the person, the daughter-in-law that treats oneself is more strict however.

Below same condition, the regular meeting when the mother-in-law tells Wu Mian embarrassedly: “Mew, should subdue you again. Should subdue you again..

What this word represents is Wu Mian was in by arrangement again likely B group.

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Wu Mian cares nothing, what she knows a mother-in-law is strict it is for him go through the mill. This Shanghai girl sucks artistic nutrient on desperately northeastern black land. Her footmark steps and other places of beautiful Mu Si, Yi spring. She is not the Shanghai young lady of coddle since childhood any more, it is northern frontier region let her finish sublimate and decay. Always have get one’s own back hard, the Wu Mian that took a few sport also caused the attention inside the circle greatly gradually as fame.

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Flounder of courtyard of Wuhan modern drama contacted Wu Mian at that time, conveyed a hope to introduce her apiration. Wu Mian is a little enchanted, but leave Harbin to appear with in those days original intention nots agree with. And what she worries most still is a mother-in-law. What Wu Mian did not think of is a mother-in-law she gave the largest support on this thing.

The old person says: “You leave Harbin to be able to have an outlook more. “You leave Harbin to be able to have an outlook more..

To give up further the apprehension of young couple, the mother-in-law still says: “For your career, the family that my would rather sacrifices a few years this is happy! The family that my would rather sacrifices a few years this is happy!!

Wu Mian is deep admire mother-in-law, she thinks all the time the mother-in-law’s height cannot look forward to and, can be looked up at only and learn, oneself are surmounted hard.

Because, “The ability that the mother-in-law fights can say for the career, relatively, what oneself do is industry drop nevertheless. What oneself do is industry drop nevertheless..

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4 after leaving big northeast, wu Mian’s career also entered high speed to send exhibition period. 80 time end, the teleplay that Wu Mian films ” Han Zhengjie ” let her take flying Apsaras prize the laurel of optimal heroine. To Wu Mian, ” Han Zhengjie ” having different sense, it is this teleplay make Wu Mian true feel he can do an outstanding movie and TV actor, and more than it is fine modern drama actor.

Before this, someone ever said Wu Mian, “She is a too good modern drama actor above all, just be actor of very fine movie and TV next. Just be actor of very fine movie and TV next..

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Although this word is v&v compliment Wu Mian, but to her emulative character, since choose to pat work of movie and TV to must accomplish best show, with performing a stage play outstanding. Wu Mian gave maximum time and energy for this. She is fathommed indefatigably and sum up, elaborate him carve acting. Strength of modern drama show has been her professional accomplishment to lay next solid foundations actually, from the modern drama the performance is performed to movie and TV also was to lie between paper of a window nevertheless. Wu Mian regards him as all the time professional actor, is not actor perhaps stars.

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Actor of clique of actual strength acting is the largest to her commend and award, of the person of the same trade approbate also let Wu Mian times feeling is proud. Filming teleplay ” agalloch eaglewood of redness of skin ” when, wu Mian and be called ” 4 small dragon of Hong Kong ” one of Di Long of Hong Kong actor cooperates. After discharging an adversary to make fun of, the Di Long with not much word begins appellation Wu Mian to be ” Mr. Wu ” .

When Wu Mian mentions this paragraph of fun, say: “He calls me Mr. Wu, frighten me. Frighten me..

Crying ” teacher ” still do not have so general now period, this one appellation represented a person of the same trade approbate and respect, pardonable Wu Mian is met by ” frightened ” .

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As more and more get used to performance of movie and TV, wu Mian also brought more to the audience hard the artistic figure of dismiss from one’s mind. 1992 ” Shanghai family ” , although Wu Mian does not have the leading role that carry program, but a lot of audiences think, this ability is the deepest to Wu Mian impression part, this ability is her masterpiece. Saw Wu Mian be acted in drama ” debauch sweet-scented osmanthus ” you just can understand the wording and purpose of what one writes of Mr Shen Congwen describes a woman ” divine evil spirit ” 2 words are how lifelike.

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Wu Mian also is depended on ” Shanghai family ” the wonderful performance in receives in glory award of Jin Ying of TV of the 10th masses award of optimal female costar. Alleged actual strength sends acting, that should be 1000 people 1000, perform what to resemble, more than be similar in shape more want alike in spirit. A lot of actors will not give play to regard as a kind of honor speaks with fervor and assurance, although enter sport too deep it is a kind of expression that respects property, but for the person that learns a performance to, close is putting freely a kind of major?

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Pat ” debauch sweet-scented osmanthus ” hind, to Wu Mian’s acting, ever the article judges exposition and argumentation, “She shapes this part too by superb, virtually is broken sent oneself means of the following play, if still press this play road to step down, the mode that forms oneself and cover a region, have great leap very hard again. Have great leap very hard again..

But after a few years, such concern did not become reality.

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Wu Mian shaped the part of countless thorough popular feeling, also there is no lack of because some parts are taken hold really too by superb and the show that receives likeness ceaselessly, but Wu Mian never is formed accordingly ” mode ” and ” cover a region ” . To the assurance of acting she accomplishs high degree of professional proficiency already, close put freely.

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5 as a whole, wu Mian’s life is great and quiet, the enterprise is such, love and family also are like this. Since established a family with highland, the home became the harbour of Wu Mian have a rest, and tall principle is that station it is behind her, can let the person that she sets his mind at forever. Once, wu Mian and highland are taking a son to spend a holiday to just returned the home of Wuhan in Beijing, still do not have take breath of there’s still time to be received far be in Beijing ” hall of sea horse singing and dancing ” the telephone call that the play staff makes.

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The play staff asks she goes to Beijing rapidly, informing her certainly is female. Wu Mian is driven hurriedly go to Beijing, be in with the play staff advocate after achieving personnel interview, ” hall of sea horse singing and dancing ” female, tian Chun of young lady of public relations of hall of singing and dancing decides to carry program by Wu Mian show. Wu Mian pushs two films and a film contract of teleplay accordingly, systemic heart is thrown ” hall of sea horse singing and dancing ” in creation. Who knows to had been done not have how long wind and cloud is choppy, director desire character stops again the announcement that hesitate in speech Wu Mian some decision that big wrist is determined to want to change character. The recreation at that time is encircled and do not have mature commercial mechanism, consequence also can be assumed by him Wu Mian only.


Wu Mian can clear away baggage only, the eye contains hot tear to hit a your home.

Have highland fortunately, say only in the phone: “Do not be the same as the discretion that they go to contending for one day, we did not act, come back. Come back..

” come back ” , already let Yu Jiezhi of Wu Mian wind enrage abreaction most. The mind of a man is behaved here without involuntary discharge of urine. Wu Mian and highland are mutual appreciation, their work the other side always is the first reader the first audience.


So much loving each other year, wu Mian still says to hope the husband is an attractive person, there is a girlfriend in hoping he lives, but should have a bottom line. Because such ” ability attracts me! ” Mr. Wu, so trendy, false really?

Adscript ” civil report ” , ” emancipatory daily ” ever published an article, evaluating Wu Mian is the 3rd nova that Shanghai beach rises after afterwards Chen Chong, Zhang Yu. Development arrives now, although the reason because of disposition, wu Mian’s consequence is inferior to two afore-mentioned Shanghai daughter starring it seems that. But her professional accomplishment and enduring magnanimous also are looked to be in the eye by everybody, the director inside the circle likes to cooperate with her, this is how many remuneration buys the good relations with people that does not come.


Wu Mian still is having special feeling to Thespian performance all the time, her Ceng Lizhi wants to serve as somewhat on Thespian arena. Even if already had success in circle of movie and TV, but this ambition was not changed. She has won golden eagle award and flying Apsaras award, but she ever said the greatest desire in the heart is to carry off ” wintersweet award ” . That is the top prize that China performs dramatically. Time is so old in the past, do not know Wu Mian still can come true at the outset desire. But alleged do not forget first heart, in a lot of moment, “Do not forget ” more important than coming true. Believe this gives birth to Wu Mian to won’t forget to bring her honorary Thespian arena at the outset.

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