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Original title: Appearance acts all the time however flatly male advocate 8 male stars, play the part of cruel to make fun of Shuai Yan bully always, who most awkwardness letting a person There are a few actors in recreational group, have Yan Zhi obviously, have acting, however all ages is changeless male 2 are acting, all the time not lukewarm not fire. Resemble be being judged to be ” skyline 4 beauty ” Yan Ge wide, Qiao Zhenyu, the Liu Xueyi of accepted handsome young man in the Cenozoic Era, Mao Zijun, Xu Zhengxi, the work that they give a group is male 2. Good receive not easily male advocate, either 3 shed a play not to suffer a company to take seriously namely, the small paste that does not have any announce hair is made, cannot arrive forever the top of pyramid.

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And have a few male star, growing obviously is not the Apollo on traditional sense, but resource must be no good very much however, play the part of cruel to make fun of Shuai Yan easily strong president or Gu Ounan advocate, somebody is set add hold also can encircle a pink, but cast part filter lens to look again, actually they are not had flatly really strange. Have a few newlywed person more, coming up is male, but looked 5 minutes to let face of person black interrogation: This Yan Zhi, this acting, can you act on is hero is there ore deposit in the home? One, poplar the starting point with peaceful Dai of Dai Ning Yang is very high, 22 annual expenditure the first work ” sky of seventeen years old ” let him take a Jin Ma award of optimal new personality, it may be said one battle becomes famous.

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This is the film of subject matter of a same sex, it is two hero obviously, poplar Dai has his moment because of this film rather, the unboiled water that get wind is mixed to rise later, zhou Qun of another main actor is amounted to however up to now still record record is anonymous. This explains, luck this plaything, it is to go up to the sky to scatter the fragment below randomly really. Poplar Dai is peaceful from since going out, resembled hanging same, after taking prize of golden horse new personality two years, he depends on teleplay again ” the starlight of holy arris ” nominated Jin Zhong inspects the Supreme Being. Controlled 2017, he changes working centre of gravity to inland, refuse to obey without a bit natural environment actually, coming up still is top class resource. He attended ” flower with the teenager ” this kind big popular true person is beautiful, acted the leading role ” Dou Ting is good ” ” rumour ” ” years drifting gold ” ” on Yang Fu ” ” day dragon 8 ” wait for much department theatrical work, basic it is hero. For a short while his open bully screen mode, the audience should open a TV set only, which where has him.

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His appearance Yang Gang is hale, but face too long, facial line is not quite soft, those who perform what of fellow of an iron lifeblood unyielding man, coarse can find fault without what really. But the childe of archaic modest modest that should challenge tasteful Ti Tang, Wen Runru jade, persuade to return an audience a bit indeed. Remember ” on Yang Fu ” in his personate female advocate a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, a Bai Yueguang exists commonly, but he is not calculating originally take excellently change, under modelling, appear very not good. And his acting came after inland, seem to follow inland there is a wall between the actor, often make an audience very difficult enter sport.

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” on Yang Fu ” when broadcasting, a lot of people spit groove he resembles pumpkin, say he performs day zhuang1huang2 expensive helmet into Ma Fu, call him the camel auspicious child. Nevertheless his self-restraint is pretty good, of netizens spit groove he closes completely according to sheet, still oneself drew P of a camel oneself head, saying his is camel Dai child.

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2, mainland of king mainland king went out 2008, it is 67 years later to perform minor minor role all the time, lucky act male 3 male 4, star-crossed male N is possible. 2015 ” my girlhood ” it is he performs hero for the first time, regard a youth as the film of series, this do not have a too much road, small at that time fire, wang Daliu also accordingly by outback audience hep.

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Begin from this moment namely, wang Daliu’s base camp turned to inland, acted the leading role then ” 28 years old minor ” ” wolf highness ” ” the thing of Mu Ye cunning that ghost plays the lamp ” ” shark bead is passed ” ” one kiss decides affection ” wait for drama of much ministry movie and TV. The role that he performs, have the tall Leng Xueba in campus, have the archaic county king of military accomplishment excel in, but all all, be inferior to him ” big mouth ” what bring to him is famous degree tall.

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A few years ago, he attends ” high-energy teenager is round ” when one piece sits the photograph fire of switchback alls over entire network, slant originally big mouth is to get hyperbole greatly more below wide-angle lens. The program broadcasts, this piece of photograph is wrapped to circulate by make it expression at the network, speak in succession he can have a child.

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Nevertheless, although he is not the handsome young man on traditional sense, but disposition special denounce happy event, after big mouth gives a group, he also does not have God package, the movement that what overturns dare be done, where to walk along to pull others to pat big mouth to close according to. Overall for, he is a few small Bug that made up for appearance to go up with good nature.

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3, Yan Kai of Liu Yankai Liu is abrupt arrive with respect to leap up an actor before the audience, he never has seen before, even he does not have even 100 divisions, but coming out is male. 2020, he and the playlet that Tang Yang ocean acts the leading role ” business female Yun Luoxi ” go up line, one collect 3 minutes when long. All sorts of music had gone begin of the first collect half, then two men tussle comes on the stage, barrage begins to pray: This two but must not be hero.

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Be afraid that what comes what, 3 minutes of flash and over- , see cast, this brother that wears black dress still is male really. Gut of 3 minutes, the plan when the audience returns water of a mist had been not maintained, and than gut more the can be two main actors only Yan Zhi that attracts an audience.

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Although the appearance of attack actor is not honest and kind, but this male advocate the it is a long story with true appearance. Fiction writer often is male advocate move Chinese ink when with ” the knife cuts the face like ” will describe, this male advocate the move that true knife having a place cuts, cut a fault nevertheless place. The facial front with that common shoehorn looks already special and abrupt, flank looks to resemble forcedly is a chin went on P.

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Although be network drama, but anyhow is male one, direct what more or less can consider an audience to bear ability. Tell the truth, even if in real life, find very hard also have so ” differentiate degree ” man. 4, the theatrical work of a batch of God with Xu Shaoyang the earliest inland is answered now look, it is the summit of Yan Zhi summit of those actors, picture ” never close eyes ” in the Liu Qian of personate Xiao Tong, ” it is the disaster that angel causes ” in the Ren Quan of personate Shao Jianbo. Look round to be able to sigh with emotion only now days is merciless, those elegant teenagers were become by years burnish uncle, and won’t feel their earth, defeat of what.

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But very much stage is answered now occasionally look, can feel to become year of oneself eye is very blind, those hero, obviously very common, still perform the strong president of day of blast of of mad Juan of evil evil spirit. Make carry on ocean for instance.

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Making carry on ocean go out is ” lavender ” in male a Ji Qing plain, sang the song inside ” the flower is sweet ” , red all over great river north and south. In light of now, and do not say this theatrical work 3 view, ji Qing plain also is not handsome completely, that one messy long hair, walk along the sunglasses that which wear, strong period feels. And with his heroine with casing Chen Yirong won’t let a person feel to time feels.

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Xu Shaoyang’s facial features does not have hard injury, but he special have model, hold out black skin originally, in drama all sorts of strange hair foil lubriciously below more appear dark sank. Await him in those days ability is 25 years old, laugh however one face pleat.

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He acted the leading role again after two years ” dolphin bay lover ” , the Huo Jianhua when those still is being become to him costar. By the side of their two people fell in love with Zhang Shaohan personate at the same time heroine Yi Tian in drama, although playwrite gave Xu Shaoyang all a ring of light, on Dan Congyan value for, he was aed string of 1 hit by Huo Jianhua.

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5, stage of Li Wei respecting occasionally, must mention Li Wei. He is in one’s early years one numerous stage occasionally in perform chiliad male 2 male 3, resemble ” the star that puts a sheep ” the gem in is regnal 3 childes Han Zhiyin, grow long hair directly, all sorts of unlined upper garment that do not have sleeve expose muscle, be apt to with respect to ground of evil evil spirit crooked mouth laughs, look wretched fat. Although his person is set,still hold out denounce of happy event, but because have,Lin Zhiying is mixed establish Williams, he did not take an advantage.

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This is in stage idol the actor that can perform minor role only, arrived inland is appropriate appropriate however is male advocate. He went out 2005 perform outback theatrical work ” my Wu Linnan is friendly ” , act male one, of the partner is Chen Hao. Acted 2007 ” spadger falls in love with phoenix ” male advocate, of the partner is Li Xiaolu, these female advocate at that time is the female star with hot inland. Discover not hard, a few male star that did not exhibit boxing foot greatly on stage drama market, arrived inland became sweet pastry, stage intermediary still call Li Wei at that time ” inland one elder brother ” .

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And his appearance is to grow the aesthetic blind area in a lot of immanent audiences actually, single-edged eyelid small eye, thick lip, the tooth still is sent not together yellow, the acting that the most important is him is very coxcombical also. Although good person sets the glamour that meets pair of actors to have very big addition, shutting an eye very hard also to blow him is a super and inapproachable old handsome young man. It is early more than 10 years ago, on the net with respect to somebody hair post has discussed his Yan Zhi. Those who make a person accident is, he comes later inland still very be very popular, perform the strong president that must be all of one suit.

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6, Yan Xiyan hopes this name special Xiaoyan, it is stage name actually, he is called Feng Shiji originally. He joined Sony music 16 years old, the training that became Korea SM company second year is unripe. Because develop in Korea flatly, he chose to return domestic development 2016, attend program of put together art, ginseng to perform drama of movie and TV to wait. From 2018 ” it is love about ” begin, he became collect myriad to dote on the hero at a suit. In the strong president Wei Qing of his personate poisonous tongue in this drama.

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His resource came up later, landlord of without a stop acted ” it is love about 2 ” ” dear medicine Wang Daren ” ” that year of days is well ” ” hill river ” wait for work of much ministry movie and TV. Having one exception is male, the person that is tall encyclopedia is set. He has the height of 188cm, saying he performs a strong president to come normally have advantaged advantage, but his facial science and technology feels too heavy. Two ” about love ” around be apart two years, his facial department change is apparent, europe type big double-fold eyelid is wider, nose was held out higher, toot toot lip also more heavy full figure.

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This kind ” face of science and technology ” act perform contemporary theatrical work to also do not calculate violate and, but arrived in ancient costume drama have a kind of antipathetic feeling, the fine feeling of artificial carve lets him follow other actress seems to be absent in drama same a dimension is same.

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And he not only because ” dear medicine Wang Daren ” the chamfer that be spat ” ancient costume is ugly male ” , in returning Ceng Juan to enter the negative news that steals a thing. In May 2021, a merchant says to meet with in him inn in the dispatch on the net thief, was arranged a ring, monitoring shows this person is Yan Xi. The message explodes the Yan Xi after going out is right this made a response, he expresses that evening he is drunk much, midway goes when closet transient this inn that buy a hand, after taking a fancy to a ring, saw bar is brought back without the person in inn, think can pay in bar. That evening he consumed 3000, because ring is very cheap, he thinks include amid. Although this is misunderstanding, but have not little effect to his fame, especially he is in of the career rise period.

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7, Peng Yu Si hears Peng Yu Si this name, the first idea of a lot of people is ” Si ” how is the word read, can this word also make a name? In fact he is called Peng Jiang formerly, special ground connection is angry, changed later on a few loftier Peng Hongyu, changed again finally this individualizes now ” Si ” (sound think of together) .

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He learns planar design, begin to perform theatrical work of movie and TV from 2014. The actor of a become a monk late in life, not the least bit and excessive, he began to act second year male one. A few this years he acted the leading role ” Taoism priest gives mountain ” ” geomancer ” ” Mao Shan Taoism priest ” ” Mao Shan’s Great Master ” wait for film of much ministry network, ministry department is male, having little part work among them is he guides oneself act oneself. His appearance, put aside too great attention won’t be caused in average crowd, the recreational group that is like the cloud in the handsome young man is not dominant more, if he performed those who perform Taoism priest and so on to also calculate, but his ambition is apparent and more than hereat, because he begins,perform a student to collect me rather.

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His face slants originally long, it is under ancient costume modelling more expose short board, this edition collects the line on official to be spoken rather is history go up the ugliest one edition.

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8, Wang Yiguan Wang Yiguan is Canadian book actor, went out with God combination in Taiwan 2015. After a year, he does not know to be built how suddenly went up ” every day up ” this line, became 17 ” every day little brother ” one of. Of the same age begins to pat photography to inspect drama, go out to act male.

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A lot of people say he is very handsome, stature is very tall, laugh to have greatly dimple. But also a lot of people feel he grows quite quite, especially his mouth, when he does not laugh, mouth is slouch, a bit ” world-weary face ” . When talk and laughing, corners of the mouth is crooked apparently. So his static state should seek point of view, dynamic more the small Bug that exposes facial features.

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However, in ” first love so old ” ” pleasant thing ” ” I and your light-year is apart from Ⅱ ” in waiting for drama, what he acts is not officer grass namely bully always, in the controversy that also is immersed in Yan Zhi all the time consequently. What spit groove possibly without netizens is so ugly, but also blow without vermicelli made from bean starch absolutely so Jing is day person.

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Although say the actor is the vitallest is acting, but character of the place in be being interviewed like Lin Xinru, everybody sees teleplay hope to see make oneself of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind handsome male belle. Be being set when the person of the part especially is all sorts of when Gao Shuai is rich, actor colour value does not have what conviction really flatly, what unless have the acting like face-lifting and the Yan Zhi of temperamental oversight letting a person that let a person be convinced,go up is insufficient. But the acting of present a lot of actors is commonner than Yan Zhi, although vermicelli made from bean starch blows a flower, what Get is less than still is there are plenty of such people.

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