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Original title: Play of another espionage war will raid, male advocate be ” coloured glaze ” he medium, will be one explodes the paragraph books drama Perform the subject matter in art circle, it is very rich, all kinds of subject matter, how can just attract an audience, the director needs to spend a lot of idea to fathom the gut of this work, its conception how? Its clue how, can these attract an audience quite after all? Art circle acts in this in, if play of respecting espionage war, it is to welcome to spend very tall subject matter. Perform the hereon in art circle kind work, also be rife. The director is in this kind of play, beautiful idea also is rife. If play of an espionage war comes to respecting,raid, you can pay close attention to the battle array of this work particularly, include gut how?

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Our drag in arrives play of this espionage war, having rife appeal actually, because of the hero of this work that drag in goes to, go out namely perform heat to sow drama ” coloured glaze ” hero. Respecting this actor, everybody also is very clear, he is Cheng Yi. Audience people having rife to this actor hep degree. Cheng Yi carries theatrical work of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of this celestial being, acting stand more firm in art circle, have more resource, act art the career got better breakthrough, became a very prosperous male star in recreational group. A few work that he shares, total meeting brings rife attention to spend.

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Cheng Yi of attention of very much small companionate hour is performing a few new plays that roll out in art circle, an actor actual strength how? Depend on him going out perform work subject matter, abundant is rich, how to deduct the figure in these plays very much reach the designated position. The challenge that this Cheng Yi faces, give theatrical work of battle performing espionage namely. This new play that Cheng Yi brings is ” fan the bureau is broken go greatly ” , the play portion that he shares in this work, include figure figure set, meeting faces a lot of challenges. We believe to performing the actual strength in art circle by right of him, will be in this work, bring a lot of window to us, include wonderful story clue.

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Cheng Yi is participated in piece perform theatrical work of this espionage battle ” fan the bureau is broken go greatly ” , it is by Liu national brightness and Zhao Lijun are participated in jointly hold the work that guide. Ministry teleplay is here medium, we can see many actor of special actual strength, participate in their jointly, harvest first-rate viewing rate for this work, laid solid foundation. Besides Cheng Yi, these a few actors can cause my attention particularly. For example clever, audience people to this actor approbate degree, it is very tall. She is performing the work that creates in art circle, also be very rich.

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This, clever can participate in with Cheng Yi this ” fan the bureau is broken go greatly ” , and hold the position of important role, for the story clue of this work, added a lot of window. Especially the story clue that the drag in in the play goes to, still have them between interactive, had aed string of 1 sufficient audience people appetite. This work that this Cheng Yi shares, still have the actor that makes a person particularly surprizing additionally, e.g. Han Chengyu and He Zhonghua, these actors are performing the achievement in art circle, after all how? Audience people the result that there is special clarity in the heart, I need not be elaborated too much.

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A teleplay, pre-construction job is very important, pre-construction job can let this work have very good viewing rate. Respecting Cheng Yi participates in a main actor ” fan the bureau is broken go greatly ” , will make an audience again people special an expectant work. The story clue that this drag in goes to is very rich, additional, cheng Yi shares the show share of this work, will be a very big challenge. We can see the actor that performs a few special clubs in art circle, they participate in this teleplay jointly, will become to explode again of money theatrical work book, how do you think?

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