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Original title: Fabaceous valve 4.7 minutes, it is difference is judged completely! This ” meet season ” , were you understood really?

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38 collect teleplay ” meet season ” already be over, in the past in half month, audience from open the surprise when sowing to seek theatrical work, see an edge scold to the edge when be over again, want to abandon theatrical work for many times even, still cannot help recalling outcome all the time. ” meet season ” the drama of go with rice that considers not be good after all?

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From the point of actor configuration, thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi is promoted, Liang Guanhua, Luo Haiqiong not only not be discharge star, still be the old show bone that acting takes on, the expression in drama also won’t pull hip. From the point of the level that make, noonday sunshine takes the lead, a of origianl work author is able to bear or endure hold the position of playwrite, former novel ” fall beautiful season ” also be to love by the reader. Such combination, be in plus noonday sunshine audience industry public praise, of appropriate appropriate also is to explode first half of the year paragraph god drama.

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The mark that sees everybody be hit in some valve as a result ” 4.7 minutes ” , it is difference is judged almost, noonday sunshine is this the rhythm that wants self-destruction shop sign? ” meet season ” does the problem go after all where?

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Story the begin of kind and enmity with two family, told about the kind and enmity between leading role of male and female to pester whole process, the person returns home town to develop in succession to middleaged Jian Hongcheng, Ning You, Tian Jingye, gut develops with light and shade 2 lines are driven, masterstroke is Jian Ning as before two kind and enmity, another is complete member unfortunate marriage, the first collect begins ending, you can discover the marriage of neither one person is happy, it is divorce wind up almost, playwrite is this to think advocate what viewpoint of value? Is marriage the graveyard of love? Jian Hongcheng excuses rather to dissolve two kind and enmity, go all lengths to be worn in the deal with in family, final Ning Hui is at ease, jian Minmin was put down, ning Shu casts next animosity, got saving atone for severally, found the way of oneself life.

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Can say, of thunder favorable reply and Yuan spring hand in hand, can say inside the actual strength clique in amusement circle, such person is set also accord with noonday sunshine to choose horny style, after sowing ” meet season ” viewing rate also is be far ahead, be next to ” between the world ” later reached the market share of 3.15% , such achievement already very pretty good. Turn over some valve when you however ” meet season ” when the page, you can discover comment area is difference is judged almost, director, noonday sunshine, playwrite is spat by everybody groove, 4.7 grading also are refresh of drama of noonday sunshine series new low. High viewing rate changes low public praise however, ” meet season ” does the problem go be in?

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Look in curator have 2 reasons very actual: On one hand the person is set too dog blood, viewpoint of value is conversed. The everybody in drama has a house in Shanghai, discrepancy is to opening BMW, it is elite white-collar personage, lowest also is a general manager level, revenge, off the rails, roll fund flee to other place, such people are set too go against social harmony; Female advocate rougher, arrived to experience all terrestrial misfortune greatly as a child, nice not easy person arrives middleaged, emotional family is one ground chicken feather. On the other hand, too Acheron gut. Playwrite of the person that developing original work and noonday sunshine come to the audience, a few collect return begin have level, jump over defect of in the future more also, ning You too goddess, jian Hongcheng is actuation, what can write a novel is not certain suit to make write a play, gut very jump not to follow completely also to go up logically, narration interposed recollects cut back to start over, and still do not have clew; The dread punishment for one’s crime after story begin tells about Cui grand disclose to hurt Jian Zhiguo jumps building, of one is assured and bold with justice of instead of peaceful excuse me should revenge, this is a BUG.

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” meet season ” were you understood really? The netizen is commented on ” meet season ” it is reverse of viewpoint of value, gut is 3 view more frame-up, to the men and women advocate dissolving two animosity practice is not a key, instead emphasizes particularly on Ning Shu is avenged, gut of crisis of front courtyard of middleaged other people.

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It is probably in this drama, everybody spirit is abnormal, what is what they do not understand to want in him heart after all. When seeking final final result, curator ability long narrow flag wakes up to reality like that, actually major person was not understood truly ” meet season ” . Say verdict first, the thing was opposite absolutely bad component, it is everybody looks point of view is differently only.

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To revenge, installation of peaceful excuse me photographs graph of surveillant like the head Jian Hong to be discovered finally, although abandoned avenging finally, ning Shu is wrong + 1. Jian Minmin pursues to protect Jian Hong, mechanical resistance Jian Hongcheng lets a little brother confess one’s crime, jian Minmin, Jian Hongcheng is wrong + 2. Cheng Kexin knows perfectly well random invoice is the thing that sin, but for male friend resolutely go entrapping hair is small, brief great plan also is mingled go in, two people are wrong + 2.

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Cai Lingxiao is done for Ning Shu lie bottom, all come to nothing to final love career regrettablly, the root was not loved between she and Ning Shu, jubilate only. Can see all parts are having the crisscross that cuts ceaseless manage to return chaos, dare say without 1 person oneself are innocence almost, they dare not make sure they are to do not have self, not preferential maintain him interest.

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For example this character pretext goes to Jian Minmin end is hysterical condition, resemble a psychosis, but she understands him position very much however, above all the painstaking effort that the group is her bring back to life, cannot submissively lets a person; Pursue to protect little brother Jian Hong next, know perfectly well him wrong reject to let him confess one’s crime. Jian Minmin represented holder actually, she is to stand in him footing to maintain him interest above all, just go objectively next look upon thing, serve as an audience we are objective look upon every part, the part in producing pair of play so is critically, however the viewpoint of value with absolutely fair justice.

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If go out the person that the thing perhaps errs is with your height correlation, for instance friend or it is a lover, is your meeting station is analysed in objective angle or with self interest family member first distinction treated? This ability is ” meet season ” the thing that wants to let us understand. We always are in a flock of with oneself footing interest actors or actress viewpoint of value is sought in forefathers, nature is to cannot be found, not be reverse of this play viewpoint of value, however we press a root to do not have Get to the place that it wants us to understand.

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Curator word motion picture: Have noonday sun quite work of other movie and TV, ” meet season ” gut may be more obscure labyrinthian, viewpoint of value of our judge characters in a play is conversed, total a psychosis, because we are audiences,that is, having absolutely and correct external position, if change the person related to our height when, can you still hold the external position when seeing play? Article place all comes from a network with the picture, if have tort,ask connection to delete. (write civil: Lin Tanhua, decline reprint, discovery needs investigate! ) [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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