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Original title: Of Gu Wei ” ripe male ” does the style have many after all absorbing? “Double mark ” only right Lin Zhi school ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” can maintain temperature from beginning to end, besides Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi the flow of two leading role is large, outside Gao Zhi of vivid jerk of vermicelli made from bean starch, more it is an audience people approbate and love. When should replacing one part only every night particularly, everybody the accord of the idea tacit understanding in the heart is very true also, look quite far from.

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Successive a list of names posted up of many days of bully screen one, heat does not lose theatrical work of the first when serve as Xiao Zhan modern city as before, ancient costume drama is more in the work that resembles battle before this many somes, those parts also have each characteristic each, but Gu Wei this part more it is gas of true ground connection, return the sign that can see him Xiao Zhan on this part body even. There is the place of too much likeness between their both, be this is planted probably dim in the lot that be destined, also let everybody more era is entered feeling. Near 3 years await, did not mix the audience the enthusiasm of vermicelli made from bean starch is extinct, expect watch is tall instead.

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Count a hot search everyday, successive much day gains the championship in cat eye heat, holding the position of head of a list of names posted up from beginning to end, real time heat is updated ceaselessly. Even if is faced ” strong opponent ” , picture ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” ” between the world ” when waiting for drama as before heat is not defeated.

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Xiao Zhan is Xiao Zhan, gu Wei is Gu Wei, when having, Xiao Zhan is Gu Wei, considering Wei Ye is Xiao Zhan cannot find the sort of act in a play trace that contains craftsmenship actually on the body that resemble battle. More it is to show come out, a kind of clever feeling, true and natural. The acting that takes a heart so invites an audience very easily in all affection, after seeing origianl work especially, rise to be able to discover Xiao Zhan to go up personally quite as comfortable as what consider the Kingdom of Wei deserve to spend very tall really. They are having similar nature, having similar 3 view, connecting height is same, 1 meter 83.6, essence of life arrives definitely decimally hind!

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The deductive that resemble battle considers Wei You the move is straight male honest and frank, also have cautious lovely place, there is a blueness in maturity acerbity, curt have a sincerity again. Although often be mixed by vermicelli made from bean starch audience people speak saying is ” iron and steel is straight male ” , can lie between screen to fall in love again, who says wisdom person do not fall in love? The kindheartedness of the person that there is medical service on the body that consider the Kingdom of Wei benevolence heart, having the persistence that countless youths dream artificially, also having the heart that perplexes Everyman to written guarantee worry is in likewise. On his body all disposition label are attributed to one place, be do not have a bit actually violate and feel, no matter be to belong to straight male humour or jerky act or ground of make oblique references explore, be together integratedly just is one is abounded so the part of such lifelike.

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With the sense that ripe male Tan Lian loves, vermicelli made from bean starch seemed to be felt ahead of schedule ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” , this drama is not just small sweet drama, it is the work that press close to of gas of a special ground connection lives more. Whole drama makes the plot of a play compact, rhythm is lively, for the slow rhythm of the economize to avoid running short that compares origianl work, the rhythm of teleplay feels firm just. Although some people are very anxious, see two people begin have a love affair truly, but such rhythm is a kind of appropriate however is perfect.

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During teleplay broadcasts, the voice that groove says on the net is apparent also, a few is highlight most among them, this drama cannot break away from that is to say as before the gut of dog blood convention of idol play, cover Lu Manman, groovy point is full. If look really, with respect to meeting discovery this drama still holds out what cover a region instead really, at least is the gut of a few customary thinking, did not appear in this drama, a lot of moment and audience people want have a place it seems that not quite same.

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Tall doctor this paragraph special let a person want to be less than, after thinking when everybody Lin Zhixiao gave tall doctor the bill, tall doctor can throw away or do not give Gu Wei directly, did not think of she gave the bill really. It is female as expected of 2 structure became old, audience people pattern is small. “This person can be in tall doctor. ” this is everybody comments on a maximum sentence.

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Again for instance a road according to drama of general talk feeling, female advocate if misunderstand male advocate peace female the 2 words that are friend of male and female, intermediate affirmative meeting has a few very the dialog of dog blood, perhaps want to perform two part even, misunderstanding piles, final ability explanation is clear. Perhaps say to be in male advocate to female advocate explain the bring up the rear that be hit the first times, won’t explain again. But ” survive ” be do not love by the Tan Lian that cover a region really, more do not press an audience people thinking covers a road to give a shop sign. Considered explanation of the Kingdom of Wei the first times to be interrupted by Lin Zhi school, after handling cut, explained clearly the 2nd times again. When no wonder sees this paragraph, the comment with barrage most area, it is the sense that this is planted and ripe male Tan Lian loves it is full security really feeling.

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Of Gu Wei ” double mark ” be opposite only forever Lin Zhi school, in him the others in the eye is a kind of person, lin Zhi school is the person oen is in love with. It is to leave a phone to want a phone likewise how completely different, one is official phone, one is personal telephone, of double mark so apparent, be worthy of is ” straight male ” have one’s ideas straightened out, chase after wife small amount to a person.

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Because,be probably so such and true, let person expect be less than so again however not the gut of dog blood, ability invites an audience quite people overtake a head. See so relaxed and cheerful play, unlike listen to a person to spit groove to transmit negative energy to be close friends more everyday? Time goes blaming the life, spit when groove is other, be inferior to getting on idea and the body that more attention put in oneself, had done oneself, is the person seeking theatrical work that does a joy not sweet does ~ still say to visit a doctor not sweet?

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