Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: The person that hero of a surname of princess little younger sister is acted considers Bao Ming to die Whip Niu Shi on March 20 message, according to stage intermediary report, yesterday, because heart lungs fails to already died,our country well-known actress considers Bao Ming, die at the age of is 71 years old. He ever acted because of going out ” princess little younger sister ” in president a surname of Huangfu Jituan is male, of stage edition ” cherry small a round mass of food ” grandfather of medium small a round mass of food and by the audience hep.

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As we have learned, gu Baoming is born in 1950, but begin to act art career is opposite however later, till just entered professional path of the actor truly 1990, the film 1990 ” island of baked wheaten cake ” in, he gues-stars personate part of a police. From this later, consider Baomingyin is outstanding acting and be taken a fancy to by the director, can see his figure in big teleplay and each film.

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