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Original title: Introduce theatrical work of the most successful 10 big abroad those years, where is which illuminative drama that is you? 1, ” Garrison dare-to-die troops ” ; Solid the first beautiful play that has seen, can imagine when be being introduced at that time parents the whole town turns out seeks person of that one generation drama when. Up to now still every other can look 9 years afresh. In 90 time metaphase, can bring into contact with makes fun of this actually very easy, be being returned in those days after all is not so develop, the beautiful theatrical work that enters country is not much, and this, can saying is to accompany me to grow really.

20220320020247 62368b473fe8a

2, ” hematic doubt ” ; The day theatrical work on real significance is illuminative. Although a few clues are installed,looking today is bridge of dog blood convention paragraph. See this touching serials again, still feel mountain pass 100 benefit are attractive, plus Xing Zi’s part, more feel she has pure like oriental cherry beauty. Too Bei, playwrite god, the theatrical work of blood of a lot of dog later not dare so make up.

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3, ” A is believed ” ; 16 collect are OK full marks. Look to feel life was lengthened severalfold, life did not use a guideline, but this teleplay can give a person encouragement when experiencing trough, also a lot of deserve the place of study. Very good movie, man Manzheng energy, after looking, feel, this lifetime is such nevertheless also, go enjoying the life truly so.

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4, ” the person on blacklist ” ; In those days fight piece, yugoslavia is patted the most arrogantly. Unlike ” the person on blacklist ” inside have better group of field play, content holds out everybody fresh. When trailer that famous harmonica music rings when, taking sadness and some of melancholy, that is the mind that greets to sacrificial heroes, they are the back like any nation iron and steel.

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5, ” female slave ” ; The son Lyon that that cummer hates exceedingly when looking previously is repaired. Because love,wanting to return now is. When looking, return very small, dan Yizun is pulled can be very famous in those days, only faint the tendency that notes so that she puts on white hollow out to spend formal attire is quite beautiful, next all sorts of anguish struggle, looking today is typical cruel loves a story.

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6, ” divine explore go smoothly is special ” ; Also be the wonderful beautiful theatrical work when childhood, the cruel with the detective true at that time partner of Hunter and belle. Gut free and easy rises and fall, danger is as unripe as annulus, person performance is humorous and humorous intendment cuts condition, bring Chinese audience to be mixed amazedly praise greatly, it is big horizon really. Serve as of course alarm bandit piece also be perfectly!

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7, ” the trouble that grow ” ; Like the domestic atmosphere with the relaxed and lively warmth in drama particularly, although very much time felt, still be my yearning life nevertheless. Those who grow is vexed, always unforgettable, everybody has sister of father mother brother such and such problem defect is contradictory, but they send out the crazy gas fraternal love that give is the family with the happiest world really.

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8, ” appearance 34 man ” ; when memory is graven classical old piece, heretofore remembers only very the dub in background music of Song of occasion adscititious Jing of Jing Song. ” appearance 34 man ” theme song, it is to listen at that time it is very strange to come ” kill chicken to kill duck ” Yi prattles ah strange accent, how can home of a man use so mournful means to let sound wander inside trunnion, do not agree to be put namely? It is Japan’s ancient art performing a song is distinctive that we knew that now sing skill.

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9, ” volleyball daughter will ” ; The theatrical work of athletic theme day that sees the earliest, volleyball daughter will be very good-looking, fawn is pure child very beautiful, the scene that she trains assiduously makes a person touch, all before achievement should pass hardship hard to just can get, see this play I remembered fawn pure child the unique skill a thunder from the clear sky with her, she is a very fierce volleyball daughter really will.

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10, ” Atlantic bottom comer ” ; See the TV that pass and movie in one’s childhood, memorial remain already very faint, must not be destroyed again. Father generation loves to look very much, the first introduces beautiful theatrical work of China, the set of its a powerful and unconstrained style overturned the imagination of compatriots, science fiction effect makes again this piece view a sex very tall, overall, this is a teleplay that is worth to review.

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Introduce theatrical work of the most successful 10 big abroad those years, where is which illuminative drama that is you?

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