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Original title: Opened year of sodden drama to give heat 2022: Each rot pure and freshly free from vulgarity, each have each groovy place! ! As the audience of aesthetic eye rise, teleplay market also is an excellent work everywhere. Take for this year, still had done not have first quarter, it is worth while to had had a lot of two brush even 3 brushed work. ” noonday sunshine ” those who manufacture is infinite shed playlet ” germinant ” , although have 15 collect short film only, but broadcast a quantity to had been broken through 2.2 billion, final ring down the curtain satisfactorily with good achievement of 7.8 minutes.

20220320020242 62368b42b5fea

Epic gigantic make ” between the world ” from A to Z, each market grows on the tear of the audience, let an audience break through line of defence.

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The acting of the main actor such as thunder favorable reply, Yin Tao is in summit summit. How can you use ” bovine gas ” will describe them? If using a netizen, say ” ” between the world ” cannot make me sad? If using a netizen, say ” ” between the world ” cannot make me sad??

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But nature of good theatrical work has sodden theatrical work, fall in the serve as a foil to of good theatrical work especially, let rot drama blushs with shame. Next old editor takes the great sodden theatrical work that check shows great master newly 2022, it is pure and fresh and free from vulgarity really, each have groovy place. Rash fellow president and his close-fitting female bodyguard 2021, huang Jingyu with by Li Qin, the main actor’s film ” fall in love with special type arms ” refresh audience to doctor and soldier these two divine occupational are known, all sorts of deviating from the story of big music score lets audience toe head dig the ground, wasted a good theme.

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This year, huang Jingyu not only was not affected, become more depressed instead He Yong dare, became a local tyrant from a soldier, acted the leading role together with Wang Likun drama of love of a city ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” , the president fell in love with a female bodyguard inside.

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– – 112- ->Tell the truth, often make up just beginning is to cherish very big hope to this drama, after all Wang Likun’s acting is being placed in that, but after should seeing this play, want to say only, demand a pair of eyes that did not see play, suspension, hyperbole falls again wisdom gut, pure pure waste the acting of main actors.

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Above all, see be used to Huang Jingyu performs a soldier, cold not fourth ground performs a strong president a bit incommensurate really, more what is more,the rather that this bully total not only place 2, very foolish still Bai Tian, the thing that does makes a person incomprehensible really.

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Produce traffic postaccident with others, the first reaction is not to call the police unexpectedly, solve a problem however with fist, it is more later hall and the ground of emperor rose to wear about, request, is this the thing that should an adult do? Often make up must suspect piece square sufferred numerous crowd to locate pupil.

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Do not pass or should say more, wang Likun’s acting is pretty good really, cry especially the outbreak of play force, have infection sex extremely, just regrettablly this place that good acting did not seek pair of play.

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The distance of the ceiling and basement can say 2 inches last year with respect to difference is pink of ancient costume drama is defeated greatly prevent year, each are big ” ancient costume is ugly male ” occupied each by force big vocabulary entry, ” Jun Jiuling ” medium ugly the Jin Han that gives new height, ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” in be needed by dragon the Chen Weiting of bang seal Yan Zhi, all sorts of strange flower modelling make an audience straight breathe out hot eye.

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Also more and more audiences begin to expect the ancient costume theatrical work this year, after all Yang Yang, Xiao Zhan, Ren Jialun, Li Yifeng, the Yan Zhi that is ancient costume bound carries handle.

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Below the look that expects in this kind of millions of people namely, li Yifeng acts the leading role ” lens ยท twin city ” came, s class is made, immortal class battle array, this thinking that can become ceiling of ancient costume drama again, but did not think of however ” basement ” .

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The BUG with visible everywhere and all sorts of inferior prop, the all the time is not telling an audience ” you look, I still can be perfunctory again a bit, ask you are afraid of do not be afraid of ” .

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Female advocate the stiff on the body inserts break a sword, need not magnify can knowing this prop sword is broken, be in next female advocate dot of the besmear on cut is serous, a pair of appearance that should absolutely refuse to to live came out. Do not want what to say more, want to ask piece square, dare multi-purpose mug-up, this presses the intelligence quotient of the audience on the ground to chafe back and forth namely simply.

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And the filter lens of this drama can scare Skr person more, always has the Li Yifeng that ancient costume beauty weighs maly, also was this to turn over a car, the eye shadow of ghastly and pale face and pink, it how look is very strange to how look. Have the face with angular arris and forceful figure originally, suddenly Zhuang Shuo rise, like looking to be like a wall far, the actor also should pay attention to figure management.

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Female advocate Chen Yuqi also does not have good where, of course, those who point to is not Yan Zhi, however acting, meet only the glare of dryasdust, be without affection to output, bai Ying jumps when the tower, the tear that canthus of if it were not for has flown to, looking to give this at all is a paragraph can the person ” look cry ” cruel heart extract.

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Can say only, piece just proved really with the action, good shop sign of not all skill can be hit into spring, the ceiling differs 2 inches to the distance of basement, fabaceous valve also is 3.9 minutes solid return to the name. The work of all kinds of strange things is long seeing series city drama is in the heart of the audience can be then all the time be the champion, but Song Jia acts the leading role ” full-dress ” it is to let an audience carry really however do not remove interest to come, fabaceous valve grading is only 5.4, did not obtain even passing line.

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It is collect obviously neat the immortal battle array of large quantities of one the Cenozoic Era and old show bone, can let a person feel extremely uncomfortable it seems that, the strange child that seemed to wear adult dress secretly, how to look to let a person feel to headache.

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Be called with ” full-dress ” the core that the magazine regards whole department as drama, can be fashionable magazine obviously, but of the person inside wear build make a person incomprehensible really. Bore what wear on the head to resemble the fisher cap like helmet, but the collocation that cannot bear business suit and powdery T really, deserving to get on especially plastic what feel character is cheap glasses, with respect to very hot eye.

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More makeup appearance is more unusual is gut, somebody beats building, not be to block the spot is mixed for a short while call the police, it is however in the office shout, lead one everybody horse to rush downstair, do seem to check inventory big reduction sale is same.

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For the word that uses a netizen, true very difficult imagination this drama and ” sweep black storm ” a director is patted, the level that this gets on to fall suddenly suddenly, let audience feeling follow sit like switchback, little heart expresses not to rise.

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Riant daughter advocate scheming rises duty to write down Yu Zheng to regard ancient costume drama as medium evergreen tree, there is one from beginning to end in market of ancient costume drama large quantities of dutiful epigone, but the valve of a beans last year gives a mark of 2.8 ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” , let see guests be surprised indeed.

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But at but Mom hits amaranthine small strong, taking Xu Kai of Wu Jin make peace again this year 2 build make ” still feed ” killed come back, this thinking can reverse the inferior position between, but absolutely did not think of, what still attack is fierce.

20220320020247 62368b473531c

Still be that is familiar with ” Acheron filter lens ” with become known facial makeup is allowed, and to highlight female advocate Yan Zhi, at Mom it is elaborate design more all sorts of ” do not have a neck ” suit, also can understand, female advocate must do complete theatrical work the most beautiful.

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Nevertheless these are small flaws, want audience of gut be able to pass or show respect for only, but well-known, a word with the most important teleplay at Mom is ” bright ” , no matter how, leading role has a ring of light forever. The part in drama of Wu Jin character is a female cook that cooks to royalty everyday, in other words, if be done badly, very possible meeting desertions life.

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But those who see us is female advocate working, xiao emperor grandson does not want to have a meal within an inch of is lifted desk when, female advocate go up Xiao the hand of emperor grandson gives captured, began to tell one pile truth next. Request, him recognize the standing is good, someone father Mom does not have conversation, can be to showing you, more unusual is, the person all round feels all these is very normal unexpectedly, be worthy of is leading role, of really marvellous club.

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Complete member mad approve a person to set, ” meet season ” early-warning of public praise Gao Pu all the time since, noonday sunshine is a gold-lettered signboard, ” hill sea affection ” , ” great river great river ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” waiting is very classic high component an excellent work in audience heart.

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But broadcast by Feburary ” meet season ” is letting an audience very hard really believe this noonday sunshine made theatrical work? Have completely break level.

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Because time span is bigger, need show leading role is so round people teenager, youth and manhood 3 period, but these 3 phase spanned in short one volume, just watched a convention, suddenly with respect to substitution, plus the memory clue of all sorts of thrust deep into the enemy forces, facial blind disease expresses not to rise really.

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But compare at above mention, complete member mad approve a person to set more let a person be accepted hard, this kind of sense is extraordinary catch a horse, below the circumstance that is without preparation suddenly shout, the clue that one character disagreement starts work is really too much and too much.

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And the element that involves in drama is really too much, relation of familial family feud, marriage, lie the bottom is avenged, duty field competition, broken bits male off the rails, close child education, it is one boiler hodgepodge simply, belong to solid a bit aesthetic exhaustion.


Nevertheless this drama still does not have ending, can appear to invert greatly from the back also perhaps, noonday after all sunshine still has safeguard very much, see ending meet how.


Altogether, the sodden drama this year can be occupational really city drama, ancient costume drama, family drama, duty field theatrical work many domains, each rot so that each have distinguishing feature, so you are essence of life allowed to step on thunder, perfect still kept away from, or which is the sodden drama in your heart

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