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Original title: Is Xu Lian Xu Han? What kind of person are Xu Han and Xu Lian respectively? Xu Lian is not Xu Han, do not come afterwards capacity of two people exchange. Xu Lian and Xu Han are a pair of twin sisters, they are orphan, was peddled to adopt by poison as a child, two people wander away when escape, made what Han succeeds escape, and Xu Lian was caught, it is normal to made Han go up too the person’s life, but the little sister that she did not abandon saving her, after seeing a little sister one planned to demolish between them the plan of dark force.

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The plan is two individual exchange capacities, because the little sister makes what after ripples knows the elder sister escapes, pass,be the life of normal person, she is clean be goodness, so she wants to protect good elder sister to make Han, what know because of her is very much, blood also was stained with on the hand, want an elder sister only can living good, then she played the part of Xu Han, be killed dead by Yang Qian, because Yang Qian knows only Xu Han died, he can live the life of have nothing worry about.

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And Xu Han is acting Xu Lian all the time, living with her identity, and ceaseless collection evidence, so present Xu Lian is Xu Han, she is leaving her blameless body all the time, do not have and encountered Zhao Yichen a few that when because live normally in her,Yang Qian produces any impacts years, in this paragraph of time that disguise oneself as makes continuous flow she delivers testimony to Zhao Yichen all the time, let a police demolish thoroughly dark organization force.

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What kind of person are Xu Han and Xu Lian respectively? 1, elder sister Xu Han is kind-hearted and tender, she lives the life with went up normal, but the little sister that had never forgotten oneself, her disposition is exceedingly firm and persistent also, none hesitant do in dark force interior lie bottom, gather evidence.

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2, Xu Lian compares Gao Leng composed, she also has a kind-hearted heart, she knows what to choose, to protect an elder sister so she can make sacrifice, she can spell sturdy main him protection to want protective person.

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