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Original title: Beautiful Sa? New theatrical work of Jing Tian Xu Kai ” happy You Yuan ” the road is appeared absolutely beautiful, be built by game of assist all corners of the country modular face From last year the bottom already switched on the mobile phone up to now the new theatrical work that does not have Guan Xuan is too much really, can saying is number incomputable ah. For example: Hu Yitian / bridge clean ” ask and such my love ” Ju Jing Dai / Chen Zhe is far ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 4 ” Xu Kai / Jing Tian ” happy You Yuan ” Ren Jialun / . . . . . . Have several theme among them pretty good still, must say to drop expects.

20220320020421 62368ba561b55

The nature that should say today is among them men and women advocate strong strong together example, ” happy You Yuan ” ! This is the ancient costume drama that by young actor Xu Kai, Jing Tian presents as leading role to act the leading role, the last ten-day of a month left in Feburary take the eager attention that causes many filmgoer.

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A few pieces of roads appear a graph to upload in the net recently, for a short while unexpectedly by big sweet fine-looking give be attracted. The heroic spirit between eyebrow eye is dye-in-the-wood, take off put sb on the spot of boy of an ancient time alive. The Cui Lin that this personate teenager feels full, have ancient model too really, must say big sweet this general tall horsetail is true too Sa!

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And Xu Kai’s modelling still also goes, slant minute of bang, dress is in the quadrature in compasses, still be handsome for whole, can see position is very good.

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It is reported, ” happy You Yuan ” adapt from [bandit I am thought of put] homonymic novel. Everybody was familiar with very much, the old writer that loves by the reader and playwrite, hold several duty concurrently personally, consequence is far-reaching. Natural, masterpiece is very much also, resemble ” lotus Dian ” , ” loneliness is empty front courtyard spring desire late ” , ” crack bright and beautiful ” , ” wedding day if dream ” , ” if love is numerous star ” , ” send us to warm warm Xiaoshi is smooth ” waited this drama a moment to include go on a punitive expedition, , female advocate ” Cui Lin ” enrollment of acting elder brother, although be daughter of rich and powerful family but also consider ability conspicuous, final can become kill the woman with decisive cut down ” heroine ” . In having dot army ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror is spent ” with ” Buddha is ” emperor child collision that flavour, fortunately female strong male not weak, have bit of sth. worth seeing or reading. Very much even netizen thinks consistently, appear from current route for, the 3D of all corners of the country that the face of two people swims like the net builds modular face. Our that is to say, a bit good-looking!

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This follows advocate achieve group be closely bound up, it is reported makes ordinary members of theatrical troupe this very strong. By article of Wei of celebrated director Zheng hold guide, also be everybody’s familiar old friend, masterpiece is very fierce: ” Chen Qing makes ” ” ostentatious ” ” the the Three Kingdoms is confidential ” ” Qin Shiming month ” ” bright the wife of a prince sends female medical service ” ” Yun Zhifan of celestial being sword ” etc.

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Modelling guidance is held the position of by Yi Xiaoya, masterpiece is ” Cang Lan bid farewell ” ” serve god makes ” , so modelling respect does not worry too. At present fixed position is penguin S+ project, predict to film 130 days. One say one, xu Kai resource is very pretty good now, of the partner female advocate it is actual strength send or the actor with good resource. From Wu Jin character, Bai Lu, Zhou Dongyu, Cheng Xiao, Yang Mi, Gulina is plunged into, Li Yitong, Zhong Chuxi, Guan Xiaotong is waited a moment. Can saying is good resource takes be irresolute when firmness is needed, also be test and verify that word tries hard more, more successful.

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Although before paragraph time ” dirt of of through the ages ” be scolded miserable, but sowing in heat recently ” still feed ” pull a bit, still should see gut and acting really.

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Big sweet recent ” the city of time ” true killing is mad, not only intelligence quotient is online, yan Zhihe is worn build measure a body to have something made to order for her simply, too good-looking. Go out this act ” happy You Yuan ” solve again locked up new model, itself has ancient model very much, take theatrical work of a bit ancient costume more please.

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As a whole, two Yan Zhi need not worry, the subject matter of this drama also pretty is interesting, do you expect? [avoid duty statement: The picture in article originates network, if copyright just asks connection to delete! The article without accredit forbidden reprint the person that violate to need investigate! ]

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