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Original title: Love goes all out can win: Ou Yangde makes stumble child, tall home mill is copied! Although promising, painful however lose love Look for the Ou Yangde that person firm firm taught Gaohaisheng a lesson last oneself, smooth interest of the heart lasted for some time,

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Quiet and the life that the life with rich heart is filling him, need not have worked to be able to have in a steady stream he of ceaseless income, begin the interest drop him please to be put in gradually the lively market of blossom everywhere,

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But he did not think of however: Can you see the Gaohaisheng that was once taught a lesson by him places vendor’s stand here here actually? Even is the business before stall returned seemingly very prosperous? (this but faint Yangde letting Europe unpleasantness of that smooth all the time heart in a way rises. )

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Worldly the backside of all subtle abnormality has its unique movement system is — as long as ” have because of be short of need ” go discovery, mining, possible witting the photograph of a lot of fact that conceals rearward.

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Wait for dark after the situation that the person that consult reachs his place collect uses up number to inform Europe open mind, his heart had Ranggaohaisheng already the caustic of be utterly discredited is enrolled — ” reckon by the piece sends money ” , ” employ a person ” , ” mill ” , these vocabularies are together repeatedly,

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Can mix via his head ponder over prize to arrive which one pace, can push again perform a what kind of circumstance, ou Yangde’s heart special know exactly about sth! (this, his have a well-thought-out plan. He most be good at also be here plan! )

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Ring as the phone bell of smooth lake commune, the Dai Shu that comes later writes down haste to hurry to attend a meeting, as to that is a what kind of result later, premonitory gut behaves very clearly already:

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Home Gao Haisheng is in ancestor lay, the person that is thed state roaringly by a flock of the force with which sth breaks out rushed, meet demur does not say more, move a machine outside directly, strong stopped inside the work in the hand that having manufacturing operation, occasion does posse in disorder immediately. . . . . . !

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By at the moment everything of this arise suddenly is rectified so that have some of unconscious Xie Dalian a little, reacted very quickly come over, say at once: “What do you do, we this is to depend on this labor to make money! ” regrettablly, hold the post of her to say again more, also change the situation fraction before feebly.

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Wait for high of great capacity to give birth to He Xiemao to fill hurried back from market after coming, headed for county Party committee and the leader theory that currently hold the post ofimmediately rise, from the point of follow-up development:

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New the Zhao secretary that assume office can understand very much however, and also support Gaohaisheng very much this kind drives the market, liven economic behavior, went to such doing go down to still let them continue of purpose finally even!

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Just pass such one twists and turns, this thing is in place get about — if everybody is in an impoverished face,go up, nature can get along well, but if somebody thinks before the face of big guy bright move jumps,give this ” ” ? That once those exterior smiles are afraid the instruction that can issue change to see to look in underlying demand.

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This thing is Dai Yuping to another influences of Gaohaisheng here, accurate for — the father that is Dai Yuping wears secretary of a Party or League branch!

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He what ever had experienced those associate with setting, this thing that deep and witting Gaohaisheng does is in in the past is to should experience what kind of consequence, as father, the lets him daughter that nature is instinct is apart from such circumstance far.

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(but he fails to use however wait for in light of trendier thinking at the moment the age that this spring breeze plays already — probably, defending oneself that mu 3 those who distribute land is restful it is the farthermost ground that eye shot can see already to him. )

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such, the heart had Wang Yuanhang already after this husband person selected that admires to her daughter Dai Yuping, wear secretary of a Party or League branch with that definitely absolutely the body gesture that mood rejected Gao Haisheng all the different kind to petition — this refuse, it is complete, even if return the possibility that having twists and turns, however also unable to save a deperate situation.

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Author individual: Did not have love to pull the Gaohaisheng that stumble, in the mood that can be immersed in a kind of extreme necessarily, it is originally the sort of he of the Yue Yong that jump over defeat, it is extremely possible this share giant inside drive force changeover is the boundless motive force that makes explicit deal, puff in spring breeze below, natural meeting takes him those who suit him to fly ” Taoist or Buddhish rites ” go. (accompanying the female talented person beside him all the time in those days will be the spouse that suits him all one’s life most. )

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Perhaps, continueing to stay is not a good way that can settle debt here. Leave, will be now probably, the road that should go after all later.

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