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Original title: Into change 14 years: Absolutely cannot think of, most igneous is this 17 years old ” Wang Du is fair “

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Recently ” into change 14 years ” surprise in love art go up solely line, sowing in heat in. Do not fall high about the topic house of this drama, but the grading respect of teleplay, have bit of it is a long story. This drama is homonymic novel is adapted and come by dream brook stone, told about big bright into change 14 years, 6 taste the Tang Fanhe that elect an officer bright and beautiful garment defends state of total banner the Sui Dynasty, two people break strange record repeatedly together, smash the behind the curtain is conspiratorial, return a series of stories of common people peace and tranquility. This drama is You Chenglong supervise the manufacture of, and hold the position of wushu guidance. This also is, this are leaving before sowing the biggest sell a site.

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Regard big IP as drama originally, have base of powerful vermicelli made from bean starch, the heat of teleplay anticipates the meeting is very high, but as a result of a variety of reasons, for instance: Problem of main actor acting, dub problem, set a problem to wait a moment with play person, a lot of audiences had negative opinion, bring about this drama to had declined in the grading of fabaceous valve passing line. Although always be evaluated a little goodish, but not cloggy also drama is confused people love.

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3 of this drama present as leading role to act the leading role, among them two come from Taiwan, it is Guan Hong and Fu Mengbai respectively. Be familiar with these two know, they two pat the teleplay with very tall degree of superheat, for instance new edition of Guan Hong ” meteoric garden ” , of Fu Mengbai ” boy of my Mo Ge force ” , they are the anybody that this drama draws attention.

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This the 3rd, also be exclusive a leading role that comes from inland, it is the Liu Yaoyuan of personate bark establish, liu Yaoyuan is told from work it is a new personality actor, person of it doesn’t matter is angry, from the point of the material that can find, add this ” into change 14 years ” , he goes out in all had performed two teleplay, additionally one cries ” inn of new dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” , those who have fun at is OK search to look.

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Leaving originally before sowing, each vermicelli made from bean starch feels this double male advocate explode for certain, absolutely cannot think of, this is the most welcome is establish of bark of Liu Yaoyuan personate unexpectedly this part. Wang Zhi this part is according to the history the character comes of compose, nevertheless the name is Wang Zhi, wang Zhi also is in the novel this name, it is to cross careful allegedly, so the part name in teleplay changed Wang Zhi.

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Wang Zhi, person of the Yao nationality of gorge of Guangxi big cane, one of Ming Daiquan eunuch, from a child enters palace, ever wait acts according to Ming Xianzong 10 thousand high-ranked imperial concubine. Have successively held the posts of eunuch of be in power of drive horse inspect, on the west the factory is prefectorial, height of this bark establish setting in following teleplay is consistent. Hind because of inspect army distant east have rendered great service, always lead capital army picked ” 12 round battalion ” . Enlightened generation bans the beginning of army palm Yu Neichen. Hind because of long town distant east, with constitution an administrative unit in Xizang estranges gradually, lose specially trust, by east the factory is prefectorial the person impeach such as Shang Ming, demote toward Nanjing. Exit historical arena from now on, people also is to commend to him differ.

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Although we cannot know the true Wang Zhi in the history is what kind of, but ” into change 14 years ” medium Wang Zhi, it is however all the more your person likes, the show share that a lot of people are strong Wang Zhi will see play, this lovely have part of attractive villain in drama, give person meaning other place to be loved by the audience.

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The part that may be Wang Zhi is adapted in the character on more denounce happy event, his in drama intelligence quotient is online, have a medium, meet rancorring person, friendly to friend, faithful, the abdomen is black, constitution of Yi Zhengyi evil, make vermicelli made from bean starch does not like difficult. Also may be additionally two parts too fail, foil instead a Wang Zhi of this part outstanding. This is not immediate cause, the most important is to choose was opposite right person will perform this role.

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Wang Du’s common intelligence an wisdom, poisonous tongue abdomen is black, yi Zhengyi evil is deduced livelily by Liu Yaoyuan, also will this history go up the youngest superintend and director is general, deductive development popular feeling. Liu Yaoyuan also also reaps many vermicelli made from bean starch on small gain accordingly, oneself also interact in the actively on small gain and vermicelli made from bean starch. The word says vermicelli made from bean starch queues up to want to go superintend and director is general when at hand, say infirmly infirmly, you are not afraid of by…

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Finally, act according to on credo of public life of bark superintend and director, I feel right to everybody is met helpful, want to win the home to rely on this when life.

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Seeing him is very lovely! Do you like plant of bark of Liu Yaoyuan personate this part? The picture comes from a network, tort asks connection to delete.

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