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Original title: Heat sows drama ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , of intoxicate not merely CP, still have that free heart Got expectant ancient costume great theatrical work fully on March 17 ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” showed, show reached all-time temperature that evening, and behead obtains sheet of multinomial a list of names posted up. This drama is adapted be not sweet novel from 9 aigret ” drive shark is written down ” , the standing grain of cloud of discipline of drive clever division of personate and person of shark of Ren Jialun personate grow Dilireba meaning, after heart of from an exchange of blows friendship grows gives birth to love, break through manacle all previous classics 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger become spouses eventually, defend the old practice of the common people hand in hand.

20220320020839 62368ca78667b

This drama was not sowed first fire, the audience wants to see Dilireba and CP of Ren Jialun knock, the audience likes the merman of violet hair, the audience likes merman that exaggerative muscle modelling, but I am attracted to free conception theme by this heart however. Story begin told about bound of empyreal celestial being to have celestial being of a beauty, ground two a group of things with common features, the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty of celestial being of aerial v/LIT standard, ground as good horse, the apprentice for Jiaohua violate a ban, derive drive clever division so this profession, and drive clever division must not be in love with ground celestial being, the iron rule prohibition that this also is the 10 thousand beautiful cereal that Ji Yunhe is in.

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But Ji Yunhe does not believe this destiny however, because once that person that she loves greatly has said to him, she should be footloose like wind, unrestrained, this person is shark person long meaning.

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The gut from the back understands, this ” free ” the love that what point to not just so is celestial being of a beauty, ground is free, still have the freedom of oneself of discipline cloud standing grain. At the beginning I think Ji Yunhe is small princess of 10 thousand beautiful cereal, innocent and can carefree, lovely, but I am wrong, so she by cereal advocate the poisonous control that uses cold frostlike powder, every time the antidote of invocatory employer award that cold frost fit can be about to die, it is a castle that is without freedom, be basket medium bird.

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The clue that aunt seizes to obtain a bird before before made bedding for here, because challenge Bi Fang to kill his child A Yin dead,aunt obtains a bird, however the heart is unripe hold read aloud, think oneself child won’t excuse him, the young bird that caught fill of a fill acts as oneself child, come to those who explore the spirit comfort. This intrigue by Ji Yunhe get behind, gave off the picture of the A Yin after a paragraph of reincarnation, the A Yin here made a little boy, like a bird not to wish to let a bird close in basket however, invocatory parents is put fly basket medium bird, say ” bird belongs to a sky, free bird ability is the happiest ” .

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Someone has said ” life and free, however in present everywhere chains ” , I think cent is two kinds freedom, one kind is immanent, one kind is explicit. Immanent is us is freewill, explicit is the freedom that we struggle for it, inside this teleplay Ji Yunhe is yearning footloose namely immanent freewill, and she and cereal of 10 thousand beautiful cereal advocate fight and take gamely at lay eye, this is explicit freedom. Going after free impulse is apodeictic, free value is absolutely, more important than life even, in wishing to show the heart that we have to flounce off chains not only, still have the courage that struggles for it.

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