Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: She is the Yue Gong after the shadow’s daughter, abandon when 5 months by father, show 29 years old still not lukewarm not fire Those who a word says is ” cold door goes out hard expensive child ” , although a lot of people oppugn this word, think to want enough effort to be able to gain a success certainly only. Although be to be told so, but undeniable is those 2 generation people can gain a success more easily. Resembling is a few stars 2 generation, they can get a few outstanding resource easily relatively, more the enterprise that is helpful for them develops, but also do not remove some heavenly bodies 2 generation are the resource that has had to also rise without fire all the time.

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And this female star that tells today is a star 2 generation, and also early goes out performed pretty good teleplay, but rise without fire all the time, she is Yue Yien. Yue Yien’s mother is Yue Gong, after a very excellent movie, at that time but Yue Gong is shadow hind 9 continuously, so audience people the work that also likes her very much.

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And the daughter after Yue Yien serves as a so excellent movie got maternal art is edified as a child of course, she 14 years old mixes ability at that time the mother goes out together performed teleplay. At that time this teleplay also very fire, and the Yue Yien acting at that time already very pretty good.

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The Yue Yien later also goes out performed a lot of teleplay, resembling is go out together with Li Xiaoran act ” good life ” , this drama also gets the jubilation of the audience, but Yue Yien did not rise because of this fire however. She gives a lot of teleplay that act is drama fire and person not fire, although acting all the time very outstanding, but do not have audience predestined relationship however.

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Although oneself all the time not fire, but Yue Yien does not have because of this depression however, she holds very big hope to her career progress all the time. So tough heart sex may arrive as a child with her great life is concerned, in her 5 months when abandon with respect to what sufferred father, it is to follow all the time later the mother lives, but the mother works all the time very busy do not have time to be in charge of her, slowly with respect to nurturance Yue Yien’s tough disposition.

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From her 14 years old pat play to grow to also had had 15 years to now, but even if piece performed a lot of work, she present as before not lukewarm not fire. The hope can have better progress on the career after her!

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