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Original title: Does big ending of years drifting gold lock up lock and who to be together? Why does Suo Suo divorce with Xie Hongzu at the outset? Zhu Suo locks up big ending of years drifting gold to be together without choice and who, taking a daughter to live alone however, she is in Jiang Na grandson is mortgaged there is a daughter after living 5 years in bought small house went to Beijing hitting go all out, xie Hongzu once looked for her to resume marriage, but was rejected by her.

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Why does Suo Suo divorce with Xie Hongzu at the outset? It is not easy that Suo Suo passes very much in one’s childhood, live under another’s roof as a child, father is mariner takes care of her without time, two same loner after encountering Xie Hongzu begin to be attracted each other, although thank the home not to agree with 2 people to marry, but 2 people still insist to love each other, and marry, but the Xie Hongzu after marriage does not have the sense that brings the home to Suo Suo, suo Suo feels special disappointment, when locking up a lock to give birth to the child even, marital Xie Hongzu also was not accompanied beside her, accompany those who be beside to have boudoir honey only Jiang Na grandson.

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The feeling that Xie Hongzu locks up to the lock how? But because do not love each other,2 people divorce is not absolutely, do not have all the time behind compound because she does not forget some things forever,also be, xie Jia is heavily in debt later, lock of bright red lock insists to help Xiejia repay a debt, although fulfil of firewood of bright red Suosuo is very little, but the person that showing her is a special integrity, she so doing is not to let Xie Jiacheng identify this height daughter-in-law, be opposite to appreciate Xie Hongzu however her sincerity, and this a series of behavior also makes Xie Hongzu more sturdy his did not misread a person at the outset.

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