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Original title: Week fast new theatrical work wears Zara to open BMW, 60 years old of Hui Yinggong assemble Tasaki gas field on the west absolutely…

20220320020918 62368cce253a0

Model advocate say: Chase after drama to seek new theatrical work of fast of ceaseless ~ week ” she faulty ” leave recently sow, have about the public praise of drama honour have demote, but model advocate before sought 12 market at a heat, this week cannot help paying cost to see big final result again. Be in expected, very tender feeling is good, everybody got ” save atone for ” , appear with respect to not much theatrical work here ~

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” she faulty ” break up pat from the theatrical work of a day 10 years ago ” mother ” , every collect has 30 many minutes only, the belt in affection play nods suspense wind, those who tell about is week fast personate is female advocate be abandoned by strange mother when 5 years old, be brought up in adopt family later, disposition is dissocial, after encountering the little girl lotus that has same favourable or unfavourable turns in life with her to be born however, the story that each other enlighten.

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The girl lotus in drama is unripe, also be one of the largest window. Young actor Chen Sainuo performs work not only lotus gives birth to those who had sufferred interior harm ” early ” at the same time, also do not break the child to answer at the same time some is innocent, tear is more at any time can violent wind comes out, have very much ” little joke bone ” latent capacity.

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But mix besides Zhou Xun ” little joke bone ” besides, this drama still has respectively foster mother of personate week fast and the Hui Yinggong that give birth to a mother and Zhao Yazhi play the leading role, in the picture that feels character in film, different times actress makes fun of with casing violent wind, can saying is a hotspot very sufficient.

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Regard the drama of theme of a woman as collect, the Zhou Xun of 40+ , benefit flower of 60 years old is red, and Zhao Yazhi of 66 years old, does not coetaneous actress draw wind in drama after all how? We have a look at ~ today———-I am minute of secant———-· week fast – forest the · of mood? when be abandoned, disposition is dissocial the technique that begin of complete theatrical work used flashback pouring foreword, the Lin Xuzhi that lets week fast personate appeared to be become for the first time ” suspect ” . Children of arson, kidnap, still by whole town order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large, take part suspense tint, the audience that does not know, still think Zhou Xun performed a role of villain in drama. As the propulsion of gut, just discover her disposition is so dissocial, interact with the person rarely, laugh to had been done not have repeatedly even. By order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large because rescued to suffer a cruel little girl from inside fire,be, name Lin Xiaoou for her, still became her ” mom ” .

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Alone disposition comes from unfortunate childhood. Lin Xuzhi is abandoned by strange mother as a child, lost the memory 5 years old ago, although foster mother very be very fond of her, but she persistence is remembered at searching and still give birth to a mother, and Lin Xiaoou’s occurrence, let her remember not only once oneself, also experienced when ” mom ” warm, so ground of honor permits no turning back saves ability she.

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Before this, she is become in company of security of a network technology. What nevertheless the university learns is avian major actually, although everybody thinks she likes a bird, but be said according to her actually, the bird is representing fear in her memory.

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Her Real is good at hacker technology, on the mouth silent, had helped an employer actually under the counter (Tong Yao is acted the role of) checked the boy friend a De Chaotian…

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In the life, inner anguish and loneliness, she relies on to drill boxing will release commonly (the Zhou Xun with petite figure, pretty looks to have power move ~ in this one act)

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? Clad and low-key, black lifetime pushs loneliness to arrive some ” shut oneself ” disposition, its are honest of Lin Xuzhi clad the upper part of the body be gotten now the most apparent. The shirt of main fund, V got unlined upper garment to contract her all almirah, pure black especially her love most, even inside build not exceptional, already simple gutty ” stranger not close ” distance feeling.

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Although be machine-made black, but dress simple sense is short of not at all. For instance this black business suit, clipping is agile clean, have advanced feeling very much, suit her very much this kind of petite girl.

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For instance this is not had receive a shirt, the button before the bosom and white line are decorated, let a design feel stronger.

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Except black, white is the 2nd kind of big department in her almirah. Same without receive a shirt, black and white and dichromatic she has each, the style resembles Vince a bit.

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Zhou Xun’s temperament very maintain the dress, arrive simply acme, instead can line goes handsome and agile, establish the sense that goes alone especially again, black and white matching this kind of foundation to match also is such.

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As the development of gut, of the mood that disposition becomes gentler and gentler, dress material also had a few change with design character, as if put down exceeding to guard against, gentle the kindness that the ground accepted the external world.

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In last collect, she still put on even gentle ” flaxen long skirt (adscititious and fleeciness hair) “

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? Love wears stylist wet shop sign, also love BMW brand respect, the configuration of brand of stylist brand, wet card, par, also very the disposition that accords with her. When occupying the home for instance, this Slogan Tee that she crosses, come from Zara, price wants 30 much dollars only, had fallen at present frame.

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Still be before this Tee ” net red money ” , by INS rich advocate had turned over a brand.

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Although she is in the systemic camera lens in drama is not much, this pair of doubt that often wear nevertheless are like the boots of black weak point that is Acne Studios, it is her one of agile formative keys, price restrains 621 dollars. She is chamois money this pair, the degree of tightness of two side is embedded piece having Qieerxi the Style of boots, of 4cm with tall the easy when assuring to walk is measurable, the edging of a bit metal on needle of the most special shoe wanting number, show itself from inside common black short boots.

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The dress and shoe do not wear high-key belt the big shop sign of Logo, including a package also is par money. Lin Xuzhi is installing computer where daily, because this meeting carries the black double shoulder of a Timberland on the back wrap, besides openly Logo, do not have flowery adornment, price does not exceed 300 yuan. The Lin Xiaoou beside, she prepared everybody’s familiar Swedish arctic fox for her

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Her sunglasses comes from Gentle Monster of Korea wet card. The lens face of this TAZI 01 introduces trigonometry model, have cat eye lens already restore ancient ways, face of pure flat looking glass is taking powerful contemporary tide again model, price 1840 yuan.

20220320020923 62368cd3a803f

With it sunken modelling wins firmly, wear a cap unlined upper garment and its collocation very wet also, model advocate also be planted by one second careless ~

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Can say, lin Xuzhi’s only in drama big shop sign, the BMW X3 that is this blue that she opens. Follow her to arrive from Beijing Dalian, be the same as to Laohu from the suburb, give lens to lead freeboard, price from 38~47 10 thousand differ. Model advocate the picture that conveniently cut gave a piece of ad is old Feel, zhou Xun’s Pose is to reach the designated position very.

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·Hui Yinggong – Hui Yinggong of Yuan Ling · is in drama personate Zhou Xun’s foster mother, the female Boss Yuan Ling of a big company (Lin Xuzhi is appropriate appropriate actually is rich 2 acting) . Her career has case of become a common practice spell able, take wind on foot at ordinary times, treat this condition, you can dope out Hui Yinggong already 60 years old?

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Before seeing her person bright, it is a sheet that raises 3 daughters alone kisses mom actually, the career also is he is hit go all out come out, the pain that takes all the way cans be imagined. Lin Xuzhi serves as her foster daughter, she gave than daughter of two one’s own more care are mixed take pity on. Because she encountered mood when losing the first child,be, 2 be mood dissocial and get hurt make her take pity on, although there was oneself daughter later, or be knew mental or emotional state strange mother, affection never also is changed, for fear that loses her.

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? Wind of advanced female Boss, wear the setting that condition works without too much Yuan Ling in Tasaki drama is being assembled on the west, but the disposition of this female strong person is modelled or succeed quite, besides Hui Yinggong’s acting, more comes from savour at her top-ranking outfit. This Western-style clothes that takes from company office building + broad leg pants + narrow filar towel, classical black no use matchs, fluent clipping, with breastpin and necklace ornament, besides the profession spell able, those who return choice of part fashionable dress is modern high market wind.

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Additionally a few business suit also continued style of this kind of advanced feeling. Black and white grey business suit, shirt of department bow tie or pure lubricious render are built inside, each very wonderful, detail and simple sense have.

20220320020925 62368cd581566

Systemic Look more take feeling, the Hui Yinggong of the one’s previous experience that make a star is attitude as expected good-looking can maintain the dress.

20220320020925 62368cd5bccda

When the recreational condition that occupy the home, female Boss is some less hale, the temperament that ofs material bearing originally becomes gentle a lot of, what face after all is daughters. She likes to wear stripe very much, no matter be shirt or render, material gives priority to ~ with fabrics of linen-cotton, poplin character

20220320020926 62368cd61f4ee

White skirt of bedgown of printing real silk, chalaza, soft amice also is domestic middling equipment. See, she is in the home also very pursuit life feels character, it is a delicate hemp hemp ~


Finally a few concentration, before ” female strong person ” Gao Leng had gentle change as much, no matter be damask face dress or romantic white shirt, cashmere spelling color, be in it seems that find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind while reveal the garment to taste.


The necklace that Yuan Ling often wears and dangler come from Tasaki. She comes from Balance Note series this set, in the teleplay that also is the near future ” net red money ” . The style is fine graceful and restrained, collect becomes a pair, dot eyeball is spent just good, price is 14300 yuan mix 13400 yuan respectively.


Ear of another pair of irregular pattern urges the Chants set that comes from Tasaki, odd A has circuit to set all round ancient house pearl get a design, modelling is downy, balanced the feeling of edges and corners of female strong person.


This bag of first time and her discrepancy office, come from the Peekaboo series with classical Fendi, this is the Peekaboo Defender of money of 2018 autumn winters, laohua Logo is very marked, two side still have rivet to decorate, middle-sized 5100 dollars, trumpet makes an appointment with 3980 dollars ~


? Live villatic, take the to female Boss family environment in BMW drama is revealed also is do one’s best. The double deck of Beijing outskirts is villatic, it is the best proof of Yuan Ling financial capacity, live together with 3 daughters also ~ of more than sufficient


Interior decorates a style simple, refined, show not common grade.


Go out to all right driver car receives a car to send at ordinary times — to you fluctuation car opens door the sort of, important is, driving also is BMW.


Piece in all-around still the luxurious configuration that showed car of business affairs of this silver-colored gray. Beverage can be refrigerated among seat for instance, let you can take out a bottle of emperor to earth up dew to press help sb get over a shock at any time ~


The foot that a pushbutton can drop automatically is filled up, can make double leg smooth put, so Easy is enjoyed at any time on next roads.


·Zhao Yazhi – the fosse of the cruel that photograph of bell benefit · compares Zhou Xun and Hui Yinggong, the unripe Mu Zhonghui of personate of the Zhao Yazhi in drama, because live in more rock-bottom, culture level is not high, picture wind is so more austere. An arson case a few years ago, let her sit 15 years prison, after be released from prison, rely on to manage a small barber shop to feed his, still can go at ordinary times welfare courtyard does justice work.


This part is relatively a lot of tragiccer, she in those days because return the matter of unknown ” abandon ” daughter Lin Xuzhi, after be released from prison, oneself got cancer, come 15 years, made an agreement with the daughter’s foster mother, cannot know a daughter, can guard silently only. Later although the identity by get behind, the daughter also did not identify her…


Zhao Yazhi of 66 years old maintains very well, the role that performs this kind of bitter affection gives rarely before passing, this she is in the style in drama also suddenly change one’s identity, all over plain coloured, was full of on the time sense with peculiar century.


The shirt with conservative style matchs pants 9 minutes, such fundamental collocation is her is daily. Exclusive ” modern ” is a pair of grandma shoes probably ~


Sweater Look is not little, with the gentle movement, eyes that is full of love union is together, can foil very much her tender and gentle and quiet temperament.


·Costar people · ? Woman role besides 3 big female advocate, zhou Xun still was pulled ” if exemplary,pass ” the dead correct in ” high the wife of a prince ” come her Boss holds personate concurrently boudoir is sweet. Tong Yao personate high mountain of female Boss of network security company, her style also got seemingly Lin Xuzhi’s influence, basic with black and white deserve to give priority to. She likes waists-coat to match a shirt especially, still love to combing smooth long horsetail, should be to want to highlight spell able, still owe nevertheless so the gas field of female Boss.


High mountain heart hopes very much actually oneself can ground putting in order is a few Nancier, always cannot help wanting to try a few ” straight male behead ” the dress. There is wardrobe not only in the office, return somebody to fill to her at any time makeup, did not make clear they are what companies after all all the time, dry what business…


Actually, simple shirt Look suits her very much, look relaxed do not lose girl sense again.


The shirt issues the pants in tie-in black, foot step a pair of small white shoes, this kind is shown completely dress up temperamentally just most denounce happy event.


In drama, she has carried the Cahier renovate bag of a Prada on the back, black bag body is adscititious and aureate adornment, the leather waists-coat style with her very build, price restrains 1415 dollars.


The argent bracelet that often wears child doubt is like is Kadeya nail series, nevertheless interface place is not very picture, the price of original is controlled in 54500 yuan.


” if exemplary,pass ” in ” A Ruo ” also came, mix likewise in drama ” if exemplary ” do not make do, personate Lin Yizhi of 2 younger sister, he Xuzhi is to grow to fall in same eave, without the sister of kin. At the beginning young lady disposition is heavier, as become mother, disposition also becomes maturity and tender a lot of. Nevertheless the garment is tasted and gas did not get mom is passed really character, have Style of bit of young woman student, take bit of some treasure to draw wind even…


And the 3 younger sister in drama ” fruit juice ” a bit foolish Bai Tian, become in new media assistant, clad compare element…


Divide on besides, this part also has the unripe Mu Mujing with unripe lotus very much representative. Although experience is very bitter, but acquiesce in male friendly Xiaowu to abuse a daughter however, see the child suffers harm to choose to become however ostrich, make a person complete cannot sympathize with.


? Male part photograph compares woman role, the male part in drama ” weak ” much. Of Huang Jiao personate male advocate Tian Fang is find out Lin Xuzhi from media person, pliable the ways of the world, news susceptibility also theres is no lack of sympathize with a heart.


At ordinary times an outfit is more optional also recreational, often wear the Tee of sketch head portrait of a Woody Allen, a bit ” social person ” Style.


Finally in a few collect, still arranged him to fall in love with Lin Xuzhi’s gut, the bed of arise suddenly makes fun of, this one act, let model advocate think of more than 10 years ” the baby in love ” .


Additional, put Police officer Xiaoguo with great be mixed with cropland, although be little fresh pork, but the disposition that is stupefied continuously looks so that some hold the person constantly urgent.


One of the villain of the piece are mood father Li Ze, this man that Mr. Jin Shijie acts, acting is very fierce still. Not only heart is bad, by the face of burn very fearsome also, every word and deed lets a person feel horrible ↓


And putting small grandma dog to be not done, must become cruel child broken bits male Xiaowu, as wrapping around the PUA of male friendly appearance, the likelihood is one of parts that the audience hopes to get offline most. He plays game madly, or on Steam platform ” game great mind ” , appear all sorts of maleficent…


This part is sending out constantly a shade is angry, light is this eyes, look person rachis hair became coolly…


Good, today’s gather up play time hits here, what do you still have to miss the theatrical work that see, the welcome gives model advocate leave a message ~ picture comes from sina small gain, network, the part comes from visual China business affairs model manufactures: Edit big treasure | Operation Eva

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