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Original title: Peaceful drama is recommended ” hug sun embraces you ” warm heart will raid The new theatrical work that the last few years of peaceful star Mark comes out special suffer Chinese filmgoer love. Broadcast before ” life is fluctuant ” , ” my legal husband ” still have present ” hug sun embraces you ” can calls Mark god drama trilogy.

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Although of every drama female advocate with gut each are not identical, but it is very wonderful and worth while however the good theatrical work that seeks. Mark deducts the 3 hero figure in drama very much a colour is lovely, be in especially expressional management and character detail respect accuse more properly.

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” hug sun embraces you ” it is one is done laugh at cured light comedy, gut is compact, character nature is bright, of Mark personate male advocate it is elder brother of a warm heart eldest brother originally, because father and female Zhu Xuebi’s girl are the good friend’s relation, can take care of her all the more so.

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Female advocate high school period is a problem girl, disposition some forceful are capricious, to get parental attention, the issue that always makes a few your poll ache comes. Fight in the school and classmate disagreement for instance, perhaps run in the middle of the night bar, be troubled by disaccord to run away from home with parents etc. When she encounters a problem, mark is met the identity with the elder brother, in aside attentive comfort teach, let her know reasonable know a thing, resolution dispute is right wrong.

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Female advocate in Mark take care of heart to heart below sensible a lot of, begin with beside the person gets along well. Can be good times don’t last long, parental feeling occurrence crack, abrupt one day, father her resign to male advocate father is taken care of, subsequently oneself leave alone, when female advocate be aware incorrect interest hurrieds back in the home when, pa Mom had left her forever.

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Pa Mom dies suddenly, and still let her saw with one’s own eyes see horrible picture, female advocate cannot accept temporarily, psychology also appeared problem, bring about her to be depended on particularly male advocate Mark, because have his company and take care of, girl of snow green jade walked out of pain gradually.

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Because this lets her like,also can go up this warm heart elder brother, she hopes to there can be the figure of Mark in the following life, such she won’t fear scared. But often things go contrary to one’s wishes, you want what to capture more, whats are couldn’t get the more.

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Right now Mark heart is belonged to somewhat, it is the care to the little sister only to Xue Bi, and he did not realize female advocate psychological problem, do not understand her domestic situation more, so that place is cruel-hearted rejected her. Girl of snow green jade is right now cognitive in, she thinks clench only male advocate this helps straw, give Mark to can be married smoothly then, she made extreme issue, let Mark agitatedly, drive below malty condition directly leave, gave traffic accident subsequently.

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Should be informed male advocate after badly-wounded message, xue Bi is sad and compunctious unceasingly, mark is pair of her feel discontented more extremely, male advocate father for alleviation the relation between them, put forward to make her temporary leave, go living toward Bangkok alone.

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Xue Bizhi is her this do too passed, she wants condonable, of conceivable also Mark excuse, promised to come down then. After a few years, female advocate the university graduates, once pain past has hidden in the bottom of the heart most in, she right now, experienced years burnish, already decay, grow for better more mature oneself. Male advocate father these year all the time very take care of Xue Bi, to repay his loving-kindness, also for the bad thing that does in those days, female advocate in male advocate the farm was returned below father’s request, saw the Mark that did not see for years again.

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Just, today when different former days, in former days after warm heart elder brother sees her, more than and chill photograph to, verbal and sarcastic, it is to be only too anxious to more from her far, it is pair of her hate sb’s guts apparently. Although sad ashamed remorses in the heart,snow greens jade, but still want to be male advocate what to do to make up for fault, subsequently two people began battle of wits to fight the life of brave. Girl of snow green jade to can stay, bearing everyday of Mark exploit. No matter be the job,go up, in still living, greatly small business, although work hard again again provoking, to prove her sincerity, she was borne silently come down. Get along as a very short time of two people, mark from at the beginning repellent resentment, open his mind gradually, to the heart on her rise.

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Until from father over there witting female advocate all things that produce on the body, mark faced up to his heart eventually, think of girl of snow green jade these year a person bore so much affliction, he becomes aware only feel distressed unceasingly.

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The confess that is him only did not get same response, the bruise of heart of girl of snow green jade still is in, in those days Mark is cruel-hearted to her rejection speech still clearly is in eye, she not dare the love that also cannot accept him. Appeared subsequently the situation that a person broke their refuse to budge, that from the person that appears to taking a purpose to be close to her, the truth that girl of snow green jade dies to search mom, must ask sb to act against his own interest, take the evidence of a crime of the other side, still father a fairness.

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Mark does not understand Xue Bi’s purpose, see she and new man are contacted so, acetic meaning be overflowing with, defend momently in female advocate beside, do not make that scheming male take advantage. Because Mark is not guarded from what do not abandon,also be, when Xue Bi encounters risk, he just can protect her not to suffer any harm beside actively comes to her.

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Men and women of big finally ending advocate the warm heart ana that when marrying, says: Can speak without the person what can encounter between our life, we perhaps do right thing, and make incomputable mistake, but if we are ready,give aid to each other go final all the time, we can discover happiness is not distant. Want us to be able to open his mind only, the place in accepting life is short of break with spare that part, we can spend the difficult period in life, rise in every new morning as the sun, let us can begin afresh again. ” hug sun embraces you “

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