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Original title: Than ” under bright and beautiful garment ” land 8 years old more interesting, spring of Ren Jialun new theatrical work explodes the paragraph is booked Because ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , I liked to go up to hold the post of Jia Lun, land stays 8 years old bud, land 13 stubborn, land 15 bear, land 22 lucky, he is in best time, encountered best Yuan Jin summer, the land of career love double bumper harvest Yours Excellency, the lifetime of his legend makes a person envy!

20220320021103 62368d37b6a8f

Not only such, be in ” under bright and beautiful garment ” in, than housetop kiss, princess holds the picture with these sweet renown more interesting occasion in the arms, be land 8 years old be born, ren Jialun is carrying the face of adult on the head, those who deduced 8 years old of children is fancy-free, the acting of his like nature itself, it is a pink very, let grandma of bright and beautiful garment people up to now look over is unforgettable. Even if ” under bright and beautiful garment ” without continuation, these two years of vermicelli made from bean starch people also land add add filled for its head a lot of time outside, it serves to show the glamour of this drama not common.

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Be in a lot of time outside in, land is become 8 years old ” couple ” the child’s portraiture, have a such lovely sons, the love that yields them is more melting. Also accordingly, I ever thought ” under bright and beautiful garment ” meet those who make summit summit of Ren Jialun make. Nevertheless, on line 3 days ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” let me change this one think of a way! According to statistic, up to now ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” was 2022 first days of positive broadcasts the work with highest index first quarter, its broadcast a quantity to compare ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” return tower above 8538.

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” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” first battle win victory, have the reason of 3 respects, firstly, two main actors the vermicelli made from bean starch of Dilireba and Ren Jialun gives power, secondly, gut is compact, audience reputably ceaseless, thirdly, person of long meaning of Ren Jialun edition sets novelty, memory letting a person is deep. When long meaning just came on the stage, he is a big tail fish that has 8 abdominal muscle, gorgeous piscine end deserves to assume office the appearance with Jia Lunjun extraordinary ease, dash forward showed long trace the beauty of extraordinary. The long meaning that won’t talk, he resembles is merman prince, he is high and elegant, add cent for this part many. After Ji Yunhe is toxic, when long meaning unplugs next scale treat a disease for her, his kind-hearted character, let vermicelli made from bean starch again people clap praises.

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After long meaning can convey him with human language, he talks very slow, say a word unsharpness also, he right now, compare land 8 years old more slow-witted bud, encircle pink again countless. After his conversation becomes agile, he also as before the about of a pair of child. He does not have interest to delicacies of every kind, he says Shan Zhen not delicious, choice seafood sea mile has. He is right living environment also does not have a requirement, because of him the home in the sea compares here big decuple, there still is a big pearl that oneself can give off light inside. When long meaning says these words, his expression calm, mood is insipid, a bit does not have the meaning that show off. But to audience character, he is the Fan Ersai of appropriate appropriate.

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We hope delicacies of every kind eats casually, but suffer from does not have money, can be in this wish bury only bottom of the heart most in. We work hard, also be to live the condition rises a few, can live on improvement housing already was small I hope truly, live on villa is favorite. But, to long meaning, these extravagant idea, the reality that is him lives. Because his condition is sufficient abundant, he also does not need to be brought up the demand that caters to the market, so, he compares land 8 years old more pure, also do not have the wariness of a bit to other, even if Lin Hao is green for many times provocative the relation of he and Ji Yunhe, want Ji Yunhe to had not harmed him truly only, he won’t remove suspicion to her.

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Have the face of adult, maintaining the heart of a newborn baby from beginning to end however, long meaning fruit is an extraordinary really is male advocate, he frequently ” under bright and beautiful garment ” land 8 years old more interesting, spring of Ren Jialun new theatrical work explodes the paragraph is booked, do you enter pit?

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