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Original title: Before identity of 4 years old of child stars joins TVB floret wireless body travel changes to amount to a person to become a network after leaving mew red The article edits drama to show a company: Mu Mu without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network is complained recently, drama of TVB classical medical treatment ” hour of On Call 36 2 ” in late night rebroadcast. In drama, many part clues make an audience impressive. The Luo Jun that includes Chen Jiaguo of the most troublesome personate of national treasure sweethearts among them is full, in drama he often with girlfriend Shang Meibao (Pan Xiaotong is acted the role of) produce conflict. Later the man affected helminth because of cerebral ministry and be admitted to hospital, when facing jungle, two talents discover each other are loving the other side greatly.

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The audience that has seen this play people should right the Pan Xiaotong of Shang Meibao of the personate in drama is not unfamiliar. Her of child star one’s previous experience, be in early 4 years old of moment had been joined ” lightning electrograph ” did small chair. In study abroad from Australia after returning Hong Kong, 2004 regain TVB films teleplay holds the position of leading role namely. In teleplay ” one house person of two 3 surnames ” in of personate is appearance of Fangying of girl of a motile. But it is personate only ever since a few unmanned and advertent small parts. Later Pan Xiaotong joins histrionic collect personate again daughter Zheng Wenshan of Huang Debin, caused an audience once more people attention.

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During this, what Pan Xiaotong’s enterprise develops is very successful also. But expect announced to leave TVB 2014 to her and did not exit recreation to encircle however. At that time ” hour of On Call 36 2 ” became her before leaving mew final among them a work. And her leaving is ” love me to leave a message please ” . Of the same age, pan Xiaotong joined a state again peaceful, turned to become empty elder sister all right, still knew foreign nationality to male friend is in love and marry with its. She at that time still leaves a message on gregarious website, although oneself love to take sport very much, but do not know future to whether can continue to become an actor. Also conveyed acknowledgment to audience and work in the same placing at the same time, she at that time is faced with a variety of level that change life, among them the biggest is she will get married, it is person wife be related. To taking sport she also expresses to follow a reason, hope future has an opportunity to be able to meet with everybody before screen.

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Now nowadays, although Pan Xiaotong of 31 years old has left TVB has time of 6 years, nevertheless the good friends in she and circle are maintaining connection all the time, among them with film teleplay ” evil of Jin Zhi desire 2 ” when of the play staff ” Jin Zhiliu hero ” Jian Muhua, Gou Yun intelligent, the relation such as Liang Jiaqi, Wu Yongwei is very good, a few people of good friend still often can go up about meal bureau. Be in early this year in Feburary, pan Xiaotong still is on gregarious website bask in gave many pieces ” Jin Zhiliu hero ” close according to, it is the birthday of congratulatory Wu Yongwei so. Even if time is special, but spend birthday to give a good friend, pan Xiaotong is not absent also. It is Jian Muhua and Gou Yun only intelligent have no show a body, most propbably has important or urgent business to be in personally. To this, wu Yongwei returns dispatch to thank a few good friends to smoke time to celebrate birthday for its. Visible ” Jin Zhiliu hero ” sororal situation is difficult.

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Although present Pan Xiaotong did not stay in recreational group to continue to take sport, but the cause that she also has herself. Managing the individual’s website, reincarnate still travel amounts to a person, sharing information of the cate travel of world each district and life. For example she goes Toronto, the knowledge of Vietnam and other places, and the visa problem that encounters in place.

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In addition, the beauty that she often still uploads herself on the website is illuminated reach the place that has visited, include Australia, korea, the United States. Although face special time, cannot go out temporarily now travel, but netizens very expect she can be the place with amused more of everybody introduction Hong Kong and different cate.

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Experienced turn although the travel, Pan Xiaotong that leaves mew did not choose to continue active in screen, but to her, can return to a family, doing the its most propbably that oneself like also is a kind of different happiness.

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