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Original title: From ” pass outside Wu Lin ” fat to ” Long Ling confuses hole ” , 14 years are lain between when, jiang Chao of 45 years old breaks up again red ” the Long Ling that ghost blows the lamp confuses hole ” after broadcasting, suffer greatly reputably, not only story clue is reductive reach the designated position, and choice character respect also is proper. Hu Bayi of Pan Yueming personate, “Pan Shi ” the Hu Bayi of edition got an audience people height is approbated, can saying is many version in most one of figure.

20220320021347 62368ddbee66e

Tooth of big gold of Tong Lei personate, ” huge ” golden tooth is declaring the status, tong Lei depends on his acting, big gold tooth the figure of pliable the ways of the world is deduced incisively and vividly.

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Shirley of Zhang Yuqi personate poplar, tell the truth performance of Zhang Yuqi in drama is average level, because the acting of someone else is too good, but before be being compared at least a few version should act well.

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King of Jiang Chao personate is triumphal (king fatso) , the king fatso of Jiang Chao edition gets of vermicelli made from bean starch of origianl work novel consistent reputably, think this ” king fatso ” reductive degree quite tall, before comparing a lot of better.

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This also is Jiang Chao from ” pass outside Wu Lin ” since, 9 years are lain between when, by right of ” Long Ling confuses hole ” be paid close attention to by audience place again, be approbated. ” pass outside Wu Lin ” cook plum big mouth 2006 special the ancient costume TV that is not valued is comedic ” pass outside Wu Lin ” became actually explode paragraph. Of gut bright do laugh, figure glamour of the character, plus the story of each collect innovation is done laugh, invite an audience people fondle admiringly. And this drama is to hold in both hands more red one large quantities of not well-known young actor, e.g. : Yan Ni, yao Chen, sha Yi, ginger of superior grade.

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Be apart 14 years, present ” pass outside Wu Lin ” still be a 100 TV comedy that see not tire of, the grading on the net maintains all the time in the high component of 9.5. In this drama Jiang Chao is depended on fat fat appearance, foolish foolish figure, also be to be paid close attention to by wide audience. ” pass outside Wu Lin ” in, ginger exceeds personate plum big mouth, he is one cooks top-ranking cook, it is one eats all the time more take money, recreant spoony, personality is distinct, exceeding be pregnant feels.

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And Li Da mouth or an old dutiful son, in the try every means in drama earning money is to take care of old mother, simple and honest appearance, give a person the sense of a kind of solid honest and sincere. Besides ” pass outside Wu Lin ” besides, before this Jiang Chao still has acted ” the story of cooking class ” . By right of ” the story of cooking class ” let him be in the following act art the foundation was laid in career.

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From ” the story of cooking class ” in frank and simple and honest Xiaojiang, to ” pass outside Wu Lin ” in humorous and humor Li Da mouth, jiang Chao shaped the part that a lot of everybody like with actual strength. To not be one’s previous experience of regular professional training him, these parts are successful, had made him extremely red temporarily.

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But ” Xiaojiang ” , “Li Da mouth ” such character, after letting Jiang Chao directly, act art career becomes narrower and narrower. Do not have again after Li Da mouth explode paragraph since ” pass outside Wu Lin ” after making Jiang Chao famous, although resource is ceaseless, but find appropriate oneself part also is harder and harder. Because he is simple and honest frank, humorous and humor figure has arrived deep in audience heart. “Li Da mouth ” one horn accomplished Jiang Chao, but also manacled him.

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Make him new model figure to appear extremely difficult however again, the key is an audience people do not approbate. An actor is thorough one individual thing is simple, but want to cast off ” label ” very difficult however. Yao Chen, the success of Yan Ni and sanded excessive transition let them give not little time and experience, at least what they develop now is better and better.

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And Jiang Chao, such actor of king Sha Sha however the failure because of transition, encircle in recreation slowly did not have a message. An actor can model to invite an audience 15 years hard the part of dismiss from one’s mind, enough proves they are outstanding. But only a part lets an audience 15 lis remember, be failure undoubtedly.

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In this unpredicatable recreation is encircled, an actor relies on a part impossibly to pass all one’s life only, did not innovate, want to be washed out sooner or later. But in these 15 years, jiang Chao also is to be all the time in effort, the change of effort is worn oneself, of effort on rip off body ” label ” . From ” Li Da mouth ” later, jiang Chao had not been become almost male, wander in the cavalcade of costar all the time, now and then walk-on.

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In ” catch bewitching to write down 2 ” in ganger of personate circus class, the film ” strange flower ” in teacher of personate university physics, ” big bright make by examine ” in personate Mao Tufu is waited a moment a series of in work rare the part that can take so that move.

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So old pay with effort, be not a patch on in those days a part, undoubted to Jiang Chao be failure. such, “Li Da mouth ” this one figure followed all the time he is 15 years, became him to rip what do not drop ” label ” . Till this year, jiang Chao succeeded. ” hole of Long Ling confusing ” king fatso ” hole of Long Ling confusing ” heat is sowed, also let ginger exceed fire. In drama ginger overtakes the king fat person of personate, got an audience people approbate, this also is afterwards ” pass outside Wu Lin ” since, the audience lets forget first inside 14 years ” Li Da mouth ” .

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In novel of 3 father’s younger brother sending south the basis, be to the description of king fatso such: More than 200 jins old fat person, he is old the senior senior officer that dad is military region, after the soldier. Play as a child with Hu Bayi big, cross the friendship of the life. Textual mostly the bodily form around king fatso, fighting capacity, gluttonous and avaricious, disposition impulse, the many respects such as proud carelessness come of depict. And often still be in expeditionary when side a few busy. But it is the most indispensable existence in the group however actually. Also must have 200 jins from the point of Jiang Chao’s bodily form, plus also be one’s previous experience of military old and well-known family, from what likeness holds out with origianl work above appearance and temperament.

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Just appeared in drama plus Jiang Chao when, flicker foreigner, ask a price of all over the sky, mix to later again spring come old elder brother talk glibly, a gluttonous love money also appears later, careless, do laugh, be more of a hindrance than a help, crucial moment generous, fear advanced a series of figure, let him an incisively and vividly of king fatso deductive, it is instinctive quality goes out simply act.

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Yellow before mix Bo, zhao Da, feng Li gives the king fatso that act to be compared, jiang Chao is over directly get the better of. King fatso is an experience crosses anguish, understand painful person quite, because had tasted the joys and sorrows of life of life, so he has the nature that does not eat terrestrial cooked food.

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Careless disposition, for every time expeditionary bring joy, dissolve anguish, head off a danger. From ” Li Da mouth ” arrive ” king fatso ” cross of 14 years when Jiang Chao experiences, by right of ” Long Ling confuses hole ” this popular new the end at inviting an audience people see different oneself.

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And the opinion of the performance that this the audience exceeds to ginger is extremely high, can mix at that time ” Li Da mouth ” place on a par. From ” pass outside Wu Lin ” fat to ” Long Ling confuses hole ” , 14 years are lain between when, jiang Chao eventually transition is successful, he 45 years old also greeted a career eventually the 2nd spring.

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