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Original title: Once ” slotting tool teachs ” hierarch, rely on acting to break up nowadays red, 38 years old of Du Chun want what to prove 150 thousand person is hit. Among them the person of 65% hit full marks 5 stars. A lot of people may have been guessed, what I say is Han drama ” signal ” .

20220320021445 62368e1524a61

TvN relies on it one battle becomes famous, countless Han drama recommends detailed list in certain little not its form. The divine drama nature such as this escapes to turn over the destiny that pat nevertheless. 2018, japan breaks up pat, 6.4 minutes.

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Duplicate, stickup, add day of lens that fasten filter or failure. Be turn for us to break up this year pat, changed a name, cry ” spatio-temporal incoming telegram ” , grading all the same not tall, 6.5.

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This cannot break up quite pat do not take a heart, because this is planted,the drama of suspense explore case does not suit to break up really pat. Although ” spatio-temporal incoming telegram ” taking change feeling of path, time and the mainland that accord with national condition case excel day edition wants on processing, but still by a lot of netizen condemn both in speech and writing that had read original edition. Only alone the consistent affirmation that Du Chun’s expression gets authority.

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He is in drama personate is spatio-temporal 1998 the gumshoe Cao in is asked for (the Li Cai Han of personate of the Zhao Zhenxiong in corresponding original) . Du Chun does not plan to compare the one performance of duplicate Zhao Zhenxiong, he blended in his understanding in the part. The gumshoe figure with not much word of average person firm, have in work of a lot of movie and TV, the Cao Zheng when just coming on the stage also is such. Enter case discovery field, behavioral efficient, brows tightens a lock, without an actor’s lines.

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The Cao Zheng on the job is meticulous, so the Cao Zheng on the life. The part should stand so that live, won’t have one side only absolutely. Should see He Jun of dish bird policewoman (Li Xiaoran is acted the role of) when sitting in stair snivel, he is stretching tight no longer face, sit to comfort her.

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He Hejun pats conduct propaganda to illuminate together, enter sport to let Mr He, right now Cao Zheng resembles a cheap whizzing whizzed Lilliputian: “See those people, jest you, want not to want to lay a person? Want not to want to lay a person??

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The accountant that likes in oneself is gentle and quiet elegant before, it is the Cao Zheng that you never had seen. Send gentle and quiet elegant fruit of a ginkgo, surface wave billows not Jing. After Jing Ya goes, one lowers his head the petty action of close lightly mouth, the affection of dark bright is revealed undoubted.

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Cross the Ga on river cableway to chat, the appearance that yearns for love lovely funny.

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Dog secretly in the evening (perhaps call convoy) the operation that favorite person comes home also is to be able to include straight male puzzle in behavior. Had the overlay of these detail just about, cao asks for this part to just did not flow at the surface, the audience also is happy to see an internal heat having smoke has the gumshoe of the milk of human kindness. After this just also had gentle and quiet elegant be murdered, the audience sympathizes with to what Cao asks for. Because of an error, late the Cao Zheng of one pace, those who lie before oneself have been those who lose temperature is gentle and quiet elegant. Even if serves as gumshoe, in face painful break to when loving, also can break down cry greatly.

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This makes fun of the mood that closing before Du Chun general is released entirely, what the audience is lying between screen to be able to experience him is painful. Those who face static elegant mom is interrogatory ” you are not to promise me, want those who protect her! ” when, see he is facial only jerk, want to cry but cannot cry.

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Listen till what having listeninging to Jingya, the station is in telpher in, back to the crowd, in a low voice recumbent window edge cries.

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And from spatio-temporal 2018 Gu Mingzhe (Wang Tianchen is acted the role of) be informed in the mouth really fierce when still be at large later for years, du Chun included a few arrangement to the mood processing of this moment. The anger from have one’s bosom filled with is self-condemned to the deep deep longing to Jing Ya, layer upon layer go forward one by one. Although this drama has many flaws, wonderful performance of Dan Duchun became me to seek the power of drama. In very long period of time, du Chun is in the memory of a lot of people, it is active in all sorts of both red and expert the Wei in drama is smooth character, groups the earthy commander in chief of the home that everywhere of full perhaps ave sees acting Yan Hailan is small. Is he when to become after all now of this appearance? That still gets the put together from 2018 art ” I am an actor ” begin to speak of. Du Chun appears at that time, audience collective is muddled:

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The face of Founder becomes edges and corners is trenchant, deserve to go up the fibril of sigh, blue eyes, look to have the feeling of the story to the person anyway. Is this Du Chun? This thing is returned at that time on overheat search.

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Of this change identify even close Mom not to come out even greatly. More those who make a person open-eyed still is a program later his performance. He and Song Yang act that ” the pace poem of counsellor alliance ” in play, his deductive Caopi is apparently well-prepared. As an emperor, want to kill a person, make a poetry with him far from.

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Dan Caopi slants want him to make, because he ate the heart of compassion,be, what he wants to be his is cruel-hearted seek a ground. He should persuade himself because he does not have 7 paces,I kill him is in consummate a poem. Fishily speaks his face later ” behead stands definitely ” when, solemning is a merciless emperor, human life is trifle stopped nevertheless in his eye.

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Be in later ” colourful red ” in, the gold of Du Chun personate as form of a address for an official or rich man, the healthy atmosphere that goes up personally before is devoid, all over the face falsehearted. Pliable in the contempt that take a place, bit of Babbitt is taken in contempt. Be opposite with Zhang Ziyi play, a bit not stage fright.

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See, du Chun is iron heart without destruction there can be no construction, he accepts no less than when interviewing, say: “I put delay footstep of two years, it is do brand-new oneself. This prepares me to had been done now, expect to be able to bear the weight of and deduce the role with revolutionary more, so I came, will tell all and outstanding directors. ” the Du Chun of drama one’s previous experience, before wanting him rip off, be in audience heart ” tall encyclopedia ” label, not easy. Performance of Beijing film institute fastens graduation the first work is Hu Mei hold the historical drama that guide ” Han Wu great emperor ” .

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Du Chun is in play thorough of Liu of personate teenager the emperor, although acting is jerky, but depend on young and pretty appearance, a good horse a the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty emperor of assuming, teenager’s amorous small Han Wu, model cleverly and rich. If have at that time ” little fresh pork ” concept, du Chun is belonged to undoubtedly pretty small give birth to that to be hanged. After carrying key link to act the leading role later, begin to give a series of now promoting in the teleplay with thematic energy. ” 51 army service station ” , du Chun deductive ” Xiaolao is big ” Liang Hong is ad cool-headed and brave, quick-witted complete in both respects of outstanding, civil and military, be known as ” green revolution God ” .

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Year big play ” go on the west mouth ” , du Chun personate arrives again to the businessman from apprentice of revolutionary person of ideals and integrity male ” Tian Qing ” , endeavor to come loose for the country penates, Ren Yi is incomparable Confucianism trade figure leaves deep impression to many audiences.

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” enemy battalion 18 years ” , personate male a Jiang Bo, the subterranean Party member of both brave and resourceful of enemy’s rear area of a conceal. As a result later on Du Chun ” I am an actor ” , the honored guest still stays in this phase to his impression.

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This also cannot blame him, features of Du Chun itself is regular, devoid edges and corners, the person that the part that act follows him is same, good good already, without characteristic. This restricted his play road, be extended very hard and promote. But this world is exclusive and lasting is change. Stand in col of 30 years old, transition to Du Chun, extremely urgent. Appeared to be spat by insanity later next of groove ” Shui Hu is passed ” . Who can think of Du Chun is in play actually personate Xi Menqing, how does the audience also want to be less than Du Chun to also have one side of so fat wretched, immediately greets the odium that falls at the same time.

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This attempt is failure undoubtedly in light of now. Zhang Han grants to once had said, the actor that whats can perform is not good actor. Does Ximen celebrate this part Du Chun to act badly? Not be, the figure that is him only does not suit really. Who knows, du Chun is in later ” improper ” go further more on play road. Age of more than 30 years old, colour value be not a patch on the 20 little fresh pork that come forward, acting be not a patch on often makes fun of bone. Du Chun can be only on type theatrical work ceaseless trial and error. Act the leading role with Angelababy ” Yun Zhongge ” it is step on thunder, not be everybody can follow Nie Yuan same, can touch on ” Yan Xi strategy ” this kind of play breaks up once more red.

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” Beijing youth ” , ” my economy is applicable male ” , ” 30 years old hello ” , ” wife adult is 80 hind ” all of one suit is city male part. Infinite hasten is the same as take change, the part with disposition not large difference, the audience is looked at also get fed up. More of one disaster after another is, “Slotting tool teachs ” the notoriety of hierarch is carried on the back, audience predestined relationship drops to the end of cereal. Went up one after another ” tornado dutiful son ” , ” complete member in quickening 2 ” two put together art, letting me suspect him is to should go up next ” I that boy ” ask for marriage. Be in this moment, du Chun chose to become silent, receive show no longer, of small gain also became fitness daily.

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2 years of time, hold to fitness all the time, decrease successfully weigh 16 jins ” close Mom is not known ” . Just began ” the actor’s birth ” look for him he refused, du Chun feels he is early had been an actor, be born this word puts his body to go up improper. The 2nd season is incognito ” I am an actor ” hind he promises to attend, want to prove to everybody namely: My prevent pures, it is an actor. Du Chun says he does not have God, but like Zhang Yi, Duan Yi very much grand such actor, “Act in a play only in their world, had become the actor only, very dinkum ” . Look in Du Chun, a person can concentrated door. Fresh pork has the expiration period, but acting is done not have, oneself besides act in a play other do bad. That dies with respect to an idea knock after all. Wait eventually came a Du Chun considers as regression ” I ” work ” derelict city ” .

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He is having sad associate with in the personate in play, be determined to want to investigate the just police Luo Ran of wife cause of death. The Du Chun of this age is touched on Luo Ran, just good. Young when do not have a setback without experience, perform a character not quite plump, what to perform to resemble his. Arrived 339 years old, perform any roles, OK add your real life feeling go in. Act in a play before, the director lets say what says, present Du Chun had his understanding to the part. He thinks Luo Ran this character ” symbolic sex functional sex is too too strong, strong, the representing’s is justice, hero, altruistic, consecratory. This is a god, but the audience likes to see a person ” .

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Act in him so when, expose a few Luo Ran’s weakness intentionally, for instance suspicious. The feeling of this kind of thoroughly remould oneself lets a lot of audiences that see play do not admit to give him is Du Chun. This, du Chun’s transition succeeded. From butter small give birth to somber unyielding man, du Chun understands each age paragraph the thing that oneself should want to do. Search allow oneself to be in this age paragraph fixed position, do his best next go doing it. When you know to want what way, the whole world can let for you. After all, work just is an actor’s best calling card.

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