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Original title: On the line broadcasts a quantity 6 days 380 million, bureau of group of new iron triangle is successful, pan Yueming of 47 years old breaks up the 5th times red At the beginning of April, most what is igneous? Beyond question, that is certainly ” Long Ling confuses hole ” Pan Yueming edition not was belonged to, this drama from project approving, the audience is expecting all the time, 25, drama just announced the exact news that decide archives eventually: 1 20 when land some to shed media platform.

20220320021609 62368e6958948

After this, the relevant topic that concerns this drama develops hot search a list of names posted up for many times, go up especially line the first day, hot search topic is amounted to tens of, so, ” does Long Ling confuse hole ” have much fire after all? We still according to the tradition, talk with data directly. “Long Ling confuses hole ” on the line broadcasts a quantity to amount to inside 6 days 380 million, the following day odd-numbered days broadcasts a quantity to be close to 100 million, highest heat index is the history 9887, network heat is ranked the first, this also is home a net drama is the hottest in last few years, also be most net drama of fire, its heat also is in recent years highest.

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” she faulty ” act the leading role by Zhou Xun, Zhao Yazhi, Hui Yinggong, highest heat is the history 9456, accumulative total broadcasts a quantity to amount to 315 million, cost 11 days, and ” Long Ling confuses hole ” use 6 days only, faultlessly counterattack ” not complete ” . Why does Long Ling confuse hole to you can cause so high temperature? Speak of from the origin of drama anthology, the world that was born 1977 bully sing, original name Zhang Mu is wild, after experiencing investment a few times to fail, at the beginning of millennium, begin to write a novel in skyline community write, subsequently the autograph is engaged in nodding literature about, 2006 his famous masterpiece ” ghost blows the lamp ” publish.

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This book, clue free and easy rises and fall, give priority to in order to search treasure seek novelty, those who be confused by numerous book is enthusiastic chase after hold in both hands, so far, the sales volume of this book already amounted to 20 million, can say, the book confuses the great majority of this one times to ever had read this book, however, suffer be confined to in those days technology of movie and TV develops, this book fails to take the motion picture. 2015, wu Ershan hold guide ” 9 bewitching tower ” , chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi acts the leading role ” the bid farewell that search dragon ” , what Liu Chuan acts the leading role is Zhao Youting, Yao Chen, Feng Xiaoyue, it is this one IP developed acme more, speak of king of Hu Bayi, fatso is triumphal with Shirley poplar ” new iron triangle is combined ” , simply nobody do not know, unmanned not dawn.

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Speak of iron triangle, the audience thinks of Zhang Guoli of triangle of old brand iron, Wang Gang, Zhang Tielin mostly, they had cooperated ” Ji Xiaolan of tine of cupreous tooth iron ” , ” Liu arched ” and ” teenager Jia Qing ” collect waiting for drama, although be in instantly, turn one’s head in those days the course of iron triangle bicker, still be take delight in talking about. But fatso of Hu Bayi of new iron triangle, king and Shirley poplar the costar of this 3 people is changed ceaselessly however, main reason is copyright of origianl work novel dispute and adapt problem of drama public praise.

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8 novels are above respectively: ” essence of life is absolutely ancient city ” , ” Long Ling confuses hole ” , ” Yunnan bug cereal ” , ” Kunlun god palace ” , below book ” yellow leather is graveyard ” , ” Nanhai puts in ruins ‘s charge ” , “Angry fine West Hunan ” , “Hill of witch gorge coffin ” .

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Then, start Chinese will go up book the bit that 4 novels accredit gave illusion, ” 9 bewitching tower ” Liu Chuan edition and ” Yunnan bug cereal ” flying Apsaras edition is adapted by this company. This book is given by accredit below 10 thousand amount to the film, among them of edition of black Er be apt to ” search dragon definitely ” namely by 10 thousand amount to the film to make. Chinese of final starting point is read by Tecent holding company collected works group is bought, all copyright of these 8 novels is attributive penguin movie industry, had developed the courtyard line film in 4 nets drama and two preparation at present.

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Film parts by edition of Xu Ke, Chen Kun ” the deep and remote put sb on the spot that feels Jin Jiaowei ” and Meng West, Zhang Han grants on the west, Jiang Wu, Lu Jingshan acts the leading role, schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater is uncertain. By Jin Dong, Chen Qiao favour, Zhao amounts to edition and Fei Zhenxiang to direct, good edition of Ruan Jingtian, Xu Lu, Hao and light of Pan Yueming, tall Wei, Xin Zhilei acts the leading role, 4 nets drama of the main actor is respectively cooperate with noonday sunshine ” yellow leather is graveyard ” ; By director tubal a tiger, fei Zhenxiang hold guide, bright · Gao Weiguang directs Pan another name for Guangdong Province, west Hunan of Baoqing of · of laborious Zhi bud, and heat sows ” Long Ling confuses hole ” .

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Saw above, I am the copyright issue of everybody introduction, everybody is not fathomless, why new iron triangle is combined cannot denominate, nevertheless, as a result of Pan Yueming edition ” angry fine West Hunan ” , the net is sowed heat and broadcasted a quantity to reach unprecedented peak, so penguin movie industry already reached deepness collaboration intent with Guan Hu, Fei Zhenxiang.

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As we have learned, bureau of group of triangle of Pan Yueming, Jiang Chao, Zhang Yuqi new iron is successful, future will go out jointly act ” Yunnan bug cereal ” , ” Kunlun god palace ” , ” Nanhai puts in ruins ‘s charge ” and ” hill of Wu Xia coffin ” 4 nets drama, advocate start a battle array by Guan Hu supervise the manufacture of, fei Zhenxiang is directed. ” Long Ling confuses hole ” on line 6 days, how be to return a responsibility after all? This story happening is in on century the county of Shaanxi Gu La of 80 time, from open before sowing 6 collect to begin, had presented the old practice that gives 4 stories sex to now, among them two stories had had be mixed.

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Story one, ancient blue county encounters big drought, mayor guides the villager to use ” hit marmot ” the method is invocatory wet, with the villager that Ma Yong and Li Chun will come to to head, covet ” child the mother is fierce ” things buried with the dead, with embroider shoe clique Li Chun goes to Beijing searching buy the home. The story is Beijing antique city the 2nd, from essence of life the Hu Bayi that come back mixes absolutely ancient city king fatso, rely on the booth that place the ground to sell antique to get along, from morning till night, the Li Chun that sauntered a few days with respect to discovery comes, twiddle one’s thumbs wants to amuse, can not think of, li Chun will use an embroider shoe, cheat fatso of Hu Bayi, king and big gold tooth to ancient blue county.

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Will arrive suddenly first, 3 people wash the discovery after gargle, backside of fatso of Hu Bayi, king grew erythema, the solution of old a blind person hangs repass, hu Bayi understood the trick that Martha bravery and Li Chun come to, duel unavoidable, comply with again the directive of old blind drops into Long Ling to confuse hole carelessly, encounter bat group with tremendous person face spider.

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Before two stories had produced be mixed, the Shirley that the 3rd story is the United States poplar, the figure of gules stain in the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty that he discovered to the erythema of Professor Chen backside stays with grandfather actually is very similar, he goes to Beijing looking for Professor Sun instantly, decoded ” erythema ” antecedents.

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After the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty that saw erythema figure, professor Sun pointed to clew again armour bone comes up out of land county of seat Shaanxi Gu La, apparent, shirley Yang Yi can go surely ancient blue county, line of the 3rd story and line of before two stories close together, new iron triangle is combined successfully again.

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4 lines tale did not see sign completely, in light of the character list that publishs from the government, this is story of a memory, the Chinese francolin chirp that told about green water of look for green hill roughly and enter barrow of the Southern Song Dynasty the story of dirt Great Master, the cause and effect that shows erythema further, it is below one ” Yunnan bug cereal ” make sufficient preparation.

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” Long Ling confuses hole ” 6 collect show weakness slightly besides specially good effect outside, integral gut gets reputably, especially of the 4th concentration run the long shot of cruel type tussle, deserve to go up again dozen of division the bicker joke of the type that insert joke, and the risk that wonderful confused assumes seeks treasure course, make a person dazzling, hard extricate oneself.

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More than 40 thousand person is opposite ” Long Ling confuses hole ” the grading that undertook 8.3 minutes, this is the top public praise in whole set, if do not make an audience disappointed, fixed it is best ” ghost blows the lamp ” .

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The public praise of pavilion is reflected mostly in this drama choose horn to go up, triangle of Pan Yueming, Jiang Chao, Zhang Yuqi new iron is reductive degree extremely tall, the appearance is alike in spirit Wang Kai of Hu Bayi, fatso comes back and Xue Li poplar, those who pass a few actors is wonderful deduce, immanent temperament and figure figure, already jumped a screen. Especially Pan Yueming of 47 years old, by right of ” Long Ling confuses hole ” turn over red Hu Bayi the 5th times one horn, become the delegate person that drama of new generation net stars.

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Was born in Beijing 1974, be not authentic regular professional training, be graduated from boreal division great skill is the major of movie and TV that make, into go more than 30 years, had performed work of more than 80 movie and TV, the first motion picture that gives was 1993 act the leading role by Li Lianjie ” Fang Shiyu ” , he is in piece in develop an utility man, the at hand in sad earnest of Lei Laohu laying a plan is standing, it is Pan Yueming.

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In 2000-2002 year, pan Yueming was obtained for the first time piece act ” special summer ” opportunity of the first main actor, won film festival of the 7th Beijing with ocean of thunder of labour of this personate vehicle repair award of optimal new personality, after this Pan Yueming obtained the first to give the chance that performs this for chance with this.

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In those days, pan Yueming and monarch of a surname jade act ” uncontrollably ” , act the leading role with Yuan Quan ” blue love ” , he Taohong acts the leading role ” absolutely affection is troubled by heavenly palace greatly ” , and the work of movie and TV of of all kinds subject matter, be like ” be in love from the heart ” and ” love key ” . Came 2005 2006, 3 work hold position on the screen, cooperate with ex-wife Dong Jie among them ” Gong Yifang ” , cooperate with Zhao Wei ” capital smoke cloud ” Ji Liutao edition ” white snake is passed ” , especially hind two, explained two parts that have contrast extremely, get the enthusiastic praise of the audience.

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Be in ” capital smoke cloud ” in, cynical Ceng Sun inferior, act directly by Pan Yueming, do you still remember that ” broken bits male ” ? And ” white snake is passed ” medium Pan Yueming edition is spoony man Xu Xian, be the object that you long for day and night?

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Ever since, pan Yueming’s work becomes silent gradually come down, work quality and amount drop considerably, main reason is as terminative as marital trend of Dong Jie, having cannot intersected concerns, the 3rd red alled over 2017, heat up net drama greatly in year ” white night is chased after fierce ” in, one person cent acts the role of Guan Hongfeng, Guan Hongyu 2 horn.

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This play has much fire in those days, the audience that believes to had looked can give out the answer, pan Yueming acting is masterly, basic training is sound, will have dark and scared disease before Guan Hongfeng of punishment detect header and destroy door massacre suspect closes Hong Yu ideal explanation, does acting explode greatly?

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Last rounds break up red mention in this article namely ” angry fine West Hunan ” , building of Chen Yu of the personate in drama, just about Pan Yueming joins in, just let this net drama be in the person when sowing is angry not flourishing, the topic discusses and broadcast a quantity to reach peak.

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This year Pan Yueming of 47 years old, greeted the 5th times search red opportunity, ” Long Ling confuses hole ” first show 6 days, heat the first, broadcast a quantity 380 million, fabaceous valve problem of 8.3 minutes of enough specifications, final this film is met how fire, our wait and see what happens.

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“Long Ling confuses hole ” on line morrow, the way that Pan Yueming makes with real name comments on an area to give out infrequent sound in fabaceous valve: Head sow the following day a bit impressions, two information basically leaked in article, the first it is Pan Yueming apologizes for get fat, the 2nd it is to pat ” Yunnan bug cereal ” , believe before long in the future, everybody can see Hu Bayi again.

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Consult prospective job of Pan Yueming plans, future will have 7 work be in an archives, among them, still do not include ” Yunnan bug cereal ” , ” Kunlun god palace ” , ” Nanhai puts in ruins ‘s charge ” , ” hill of Wu Xia coffin ” and ” white night is chased after fierce 2 ” etc already the work of project approving, the network a gleam of that belongs to Pan Yueming stars ability just starts.

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