Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Recreation is encircled ” 0 red are heard ” female star, a list of names posted up on Yang Rong, and she is the goddess in countless people mental view! The water that says recreation is encircled is very deep, want to cut a figure in recreational group, if do not have true original story, without superhigh Yan Zhi or skill; Be about to rely on other way to earn everybody’s eyeball. Red is heard even if among them a method, a lot of star are to do not have red to hear, build namely also should build an a bit red to hear will be brought so that pay close attention to. Had attention to spend, everybody knows you, know you, have famous spent, ability can have better resource. But also be not all star is recumbent will earn attention to spend, have so a few star, disdain red to hear at all, it is dedicated only make fun of at patting. Raise oneself acting, bring the work with better more to the audience, had done truly ” 0 red are heard ” . In these philtrum, a list of names posted up on Yang Rong, still have, not only Yan Zhigao, acting is good, still be everybody the established goddess level figure in the heart.

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Li Qin, from go out now, take sport in the intention all the time, although very hard, also have the public praise of the audience, but do not have all the time however bright red big violet. Have partial audience to Li Qin this name expresses to be not known actually, do not know. Such not lukewarm not igneous condition had lasted very long, but, him Li Qin appears not anxious, have the feeling of fame and gain of a kind of not seek fame and wealth.

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Yang Rong also is such, yang Rong’s acting all the time online, she enters every theatrical work that perform is pretty good public praise, her part is with the opposite the character is given priority to more. Everybody is in to her ” female thief of a thousand pieces of gold ” medium performance is to be hated again really love again, hate this girl to having so serious thinking; Employ so much person at in the palm, include oneself good friend, also include long the old person of classics bazaar, also include the person of the police station is waited a moment at that time; To her hate does not rise, because this girl has the person that is bitter life,be, must the thing with filch off-the-peg others, must be opposite the person of a police station try to show happyness when one is sad.

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Yang Rong’s part can thorough popular feeling, confirmed her acting, just she is very low-key, do not acclaim oneself, take sport quietly. Bring people an another surprise. What should say finally is the goddess level figure in a lot of popular feeling, yu Feihong, look in one’s childhood ” knife of small Li Fei ” . Lived with respect to shock be givinged by her inside, worldly have so beautiful woman unexpectedly! Nowadays already no longer she young, still grasp however hold this previously thin, hear without what red, doing so the truest oneself.

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