Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Film of the seventh evening of the seventh moon ” read aloud read aloud to forget ” Guan Xuanbo coronal today Guo Chengyu Liu Hao puts Song Wei dragon to explain schoolfellow affection to wake up green heart to move

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The seventh evening of the seventh moon was shown 2022, by Liu Yulin hold pluvial film ” read aloud read aloud to forget ” exposure new placard, guanxuan predicts a coronal today, Guo assist goes out perform Xu Nian to read aloud (Liu Hao is put adorn) with poplar (Song Wei dragon is acted the role of) Xiang Yuan of high school good friend and way look. In placard, 4 youths are by the side of classroom window side-by-side and stand, smile blueness is acerbity good, spark is dye-in-the-wood, can’t help letting a person recall the campus period that has his. Comfortable Feng Chun distributes cloth, the implied meaning ” spring day appropriate, read aloud read aloud to have an echo surely ” , be full of spring scenery the atmosphere feeling of not brilliant, negative Shao Hua.

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Expose to the sun again new role 4 people grow jointly tacit full marks piece ” campus atmosphere ” in pulling full movie, xiang Yuan (Bo Guan is acted the role of today) look with the road (Guo assist is acted the role of) it is Xu Nian reads aloud (Liu Hao is put adorn) and poplar (Song Wei dragon is acted the role of) classfellow. Xiang Yuan is a monitor, disposition is lovely, and read aloud read aloud complementary, say intimate word together, partake vexed; The way hoped to represent green times to accompany you to experience all good brother, sunshine, pure, medium 2, 4 characters are close together connection, each other achievement. Actors take green move oneself, be in a field also very see eye to eye, laugh say ” we should be waited for together only, resemble returning high school ” . Click get film more information everybody is green in, have the person of a bear in mind constantly. Film is adapted from novel of Zhang Hao Chen ” I and world differ you only ” the most welcome homonymic short story, told about to be in acid is sweet the story that should overlook eventually after youth, 4 fire and read aloud miss dark in a of green times another field argue strange sincere feeling, plant to this ” awakward jubilation ” , guo assist evaluation says ” like a schoolgirl in those days, true meeting the attention that try every means causes her ” , bo Guan feels today character ” dark the ambiguous atmosphere that love is very good, make a person become really interested very much ” . Guo assist piece ” be ashamed blush ” be spoken today by Bo Guan junior when liked person always is met it is reported of bear in mind constantly, bo Guan is mixed today tacit agreement of Guo assist partner is natural, the show share that a Xiang Yuan and way look to watch basket ball game together, the insecurity that Guo assist explanation gave a teenager to face sweetheart and bashful, very enter sport, film be spoken today by Bo Guan after the end ” the face is red ” , spot joy is full, direct Liu Yulin to also praise: “Their show of the part clever with fresh, have appeal more than seeing the feeling when the play. ” two main actors are right ” the youth of bear in mind constantly ” the understanding that also having oneself, bo Guan is unscrambled today ” of campus times like very dinkum, do not demand a result, also have nothing to do complex exterior element, this kind dinkum very good ” , sigh with regret of Guo assist sincerity: “Junior when favorite that individual, represented the memory of whole youth, total meeting is very so unforgettable. ” have the sincere feeling with true acerbity blueness, the regret that also has youth and grow, believe a lot of audiences can see his sign from inside the story. Come from date of media of the ticket that tax a bank note: Read aloud read aloud to forget

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