Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Appeal to ” sound faces its situation ” program name tort case is adjudicated to reject: Although constitute a pattern approximate, but can’t bring about promiscuous

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Hunan defends inspect popular program ” sound faces its situation ” ever was appealed to tort: Inc. of culture of Beijing be personally on the scene thinks, this program name is formed retrorse and promiscuous, encroach this company ” be personally on the scene ” brand is special authority. Recently, haidian court classics is tried, the court decision rejects the entire appeal of company of be personally on the scene. Forensic cognizance thinks, although experience record label and label of tort be accusinged constitute a pattern approximate, but 3 the accused use his in be broadcasted in purpose of experience record division and publicizing promotion, what can’t bring about relevant public is promiscuous. Above all, “Be personally on the scene ” with ” sound faces its situation ” exist on semantics notable difference; And, relatively at the relation with program name or label, TV program and its oneself content, characteristic and the main body that make, broadcast platform exists more close tie, relevant public can combine the characteristic of TV program itself to identify the relationship between its and experience record label, do not form retrorse and promiscuous. The court thinks, company of be personally on the scene advocates brand of enroach on of 3 the accused is special authority, lack fact and legal basis, adjudicate the whole suit that rejected company of be personally on the scene requests. This court decision shows already become effective.

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