Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Amour of curious big S thinks Cai Kang Yongchao to restart for her ” Kang Xi came ” : Want to ask clear big S is mixed provided Jun Ye what to produce

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According to stage intermediary, cai Kang Yong attended an activity on March 19, say oneself were in that day hear awake from inside sleep after S marriage message greatly, dare not believe this is true, the person that the sentiment that dominates oneself hard still urges him to regard a business that keep passion as the book wants calm, this ability hastens serve a blessing to this pair of new personality, this good news is very exciting to him also very shake, the seeks love way of big S ignited the fire that extinguishs in many popular feeling. Cai Kang Yong earlies childhood, this is him first time wants to restart so ” Kang Xi came ” , he is good want to ask clear big S is mixed after all what to happen between Jun Ye, feel to do not have seasonable interview they are really too regrettablly.

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