Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Provide Jun Ye to keep apart an end to head for big S a person of extraordinary powers curtilage stage intermediary meets to two people remove caption to cause heat to discuss

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Big S accurate husband provides Jun Ye 20 days before dawn removes at the hotel go out after segregation close, big S net is loved run quickly eventually now! Provide Jun Ye to build a taxi to head for big Home S subsequently, the title that has to this intermediary is ” the rhythm that big S follows husband bridal chamber rings ” .

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Before this, korea of two people preexistence is registered marry, lie between a day he crosses the sea to chase after love to fly to Chinese Taiwan province with conjugal identity namely. So fast to visit, revealed the man to seek the determination of love, recreational media is right also when report of two people middleaged love admire greatly, weighing the arrival that has Jun Ye is actual edition ” the crash of love ” , he and big S love to be before bright Yuan more. Combined culture of heat of Sino-South Korean either at a draught.

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