Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Does He Jie of cliff of willow of Li Min Shangwei join in? The net exposes to the sun ” the elder sister that brave the wind and waves 3 ” list

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Phenomenal class put together art ” the elder sister that brave the wind and waves ” since the 2nd season after the end, the message comes out on the net, the 3rd season has been started immediately, the star of the class of Queen of heaven such as Liu Reying all is list, deny nevertheless, an one portion list exposes to the sun again on the net nowadays, do not know authenticity how? Actually ” the elder sister that brave the wind and waves 3 ” list has had a news on the net very long, come in and go out somewhat for many times nevertheless. However, this list has reliability quite it seems that. Explode related makings personage succeeds arena state and thematic song creative work the information such as the message was announced along with all the others, look resembling is same really. In the battle array that the net passes 30 elder sisters and reserve list, have Wang Xinling, wen Bixia, cai Zhuoyan, li Min, qi Wei, lin Yichen, shang Wei, liu Yan, he Jie is waited a moment. Must say to be able to look degree very tall, do not know to have how many authenticity namely.

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