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Original title: Winter abstruse tribute drama ” accompany you to chase wind to fly ” , viewing rate exceeds anticipate, does Song Zuer king install eaves CP to feel strong? ? Winter grand ceremony ” accompany you to chase wind to fly ” land Hunan to defend inspect gold archives, present as leading role to act the leading role by Song Zuer, Wang Anyu. Two people are young and beautiful 95 hind actor, appearance is distinctive, resource of movie and TV is ceaseless, the CP that be the same as casing feels extremely strong. This drama manufactures by lemon bud movie and TV, in all 33 collect, told about fast slippery athlete Shen Zheng one, grow history and with small princely Shao Beisheng, romantic love story, it is the green idol play of popular science Olympic Winter Games. ” Qiao Jia’s children ” Qiao Simei of single close mother, for Song Zuer, hit to turn over beautifully battle, in 90 hind position is held in floret. Only nice work gift has good public praise. Song Zuer in heroine of the personate in new theatrical work Shenyang is contended for one, she is short way fast slippery faithful vermicelli made from bean starch, but her mom does not let her contact fast slippery. The university is the last chance that she becomes a professional, so she must search have breathtaking speed and erupt force, had not accepted professional training, the Shenyang of the team that chase wind that is far from professional player is contended for one, fast slip to need talent not only, the training of later period is more important. How should be she overcome long-term not regular training?

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Shao Beisheng of hero of Wang Anyu personate, he is a brilliant young prince, it is the man of the time in the school. He is actually high and mighty, amiable boy, extraordinary. Spend the seeded player of slippery team as wind, I encountered Lu of my professional slippery iron

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” accompany you to chase wind to fly ” head sow viewing rate for 0.55% , far under Hunan, a teleplay ” stars sea ” , but the anticipation that exceeded a netizen however. ” stars sea ” before two collect burn with righteous indignation, rhythm is fleet, those who accord with middleaged audience is aesthetic, of viewing rate unexpected tall. Last year ” rock candy stews Xue Li ” also be drama of tribute of Olympic Winter Games. Head sow viewing rate to be defended for Zhejiang inspect 0.2335% , jiangsu is defended inspect 0.1354% . TV station of two a gleam of broadcasts jointly, viewing rate is more miserable however. With the type ” accompany you to chase wind to fly ” the viewing rate of 0.55% has been exceeded anticipate.

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.jpg-qsy.jpg “>” accompany you to chase wind to fly ” had broadcasted 4 collect, host of male and female is set pretty good. Shen Zheng is not foolish Bai Tian, male to the handsome young man advocate rise superior to, absorption do a career to take the line that chase wind, dare to try for the dream, brave angle, be drilled persuade drop back by the bishop as before not character abandons. Song Zuer accords with the character set of female undergraduate in the modelling in drama, just began to feel to make the same score bang some are violated and, but look long with respect to pleasing to the eye, basically be female advocate Yan Zhigao ah, move outfit give priority to with athletic sportswear, accord with careless disposition. Female advocate enter fast slippery team and old team member produce conflict, actually these are not female advocate wrong, old team member is rampant aggressive, bully approach new team member, and Shen Zheng is emulative, stubborn disposition, double hair on the verge of breaking out, face aggressive ” old person ” female advocate do not plan to succumb, the victory or defeat that arouses her desire.

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Male advocate Shao Beisheng is female advocate exclusive warm greatly male, in the help on the action she enhances professional technical ability, oral on encourage her. The winner is king it is the truth with athletics changeless sports, shen Zheng becomes stronger only ability makes those old team member darling shut up.

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Fast Battle of slippery team interior strengthens contradictory point. One: The argue between new old team member. Female advocate Shen Zheng arrives together catfish effect, supervise and urge everybody progresses jointly. 2: The collect dawn meaning of be conceited and contemptuous, in public rebellious. Athlete and coach are the relation that supplement each other, collect dawn meaning because Xiao Han becomes overbearing and unjustifiable to her preference, one that before this also showed Xiao Han is wrong.

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