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Original title: ” ace army ” ending: Changjiang Delta asks for broomcorn marriage, the monitor sacrifices, does Gu Yiye wive become father? ” ace army ” go up after the line, hold a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up of cat eye heat quickly head, person energy of life sees one spot. This drama has very strong appeal to the audience, because,be not just cast, more important is it presented real army brigade life. Each character is vivid and stereo, the battle friendship between them lets a person cannot help using a facial expression.

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At present this drama ” ace army ” had obtained the viewing rate of 2% . Although the end of the year, the big play that each David inspects leaves sowed, but it is Jiangsu is defended this inspect won. Besides so brilliant viewing rate, ” ace army ” public praise also did not make an audience disappointed.

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” ace army ” replaced 8 part only at present, a string of 1 however sufficient the appetite of the audience, especially the affection trend of leading role, made the largest unknown number. The in pairs of the sorghum of the personate in drama and personate was fallen in love with literary model dye-in-the-wood female soldier Zheng. The skin that Zhong Chuxi fair-skinneds in vain and white tooth let a person feel excited really. See Gu Yiye and broomcorn for the first time especially, yan Zhi attracted Gu Yiye, nifty disposition lets broomcorn pay close attention to her all the more.

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The final final result that actually this paragraph of triangle loves already very Anacreontic. Changjiang Delta was married broomcorn. Although be in current gut, had had feeling with Zheng, they exchanged affection poem, zheng is bold professioned oneself idea, zheng Ye showed good impression to Zheng, the handkerchief that the other side sends also is collected meticulously

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But in Gu Yiye memory, the ambition of Changjiang Delta is important without his ambition. Gu Yiye is born in family of a soldier, become a soldier with respect to aspire as a child. His target is to make army more powerful cleverer, this is his pursuit. Accordingly, although elder sister of small diversiform-leaved poplar runs to the railway station, let him make a choice between tank and oneself, gu Yiye chose none hesitantly also to be a soldier.

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Zheng Ye will become next diversiform-leaved poplar. Each other of the two people in drama sends affection the poem, be caught on the spot however. It is the peotry anthology of personal letter obviously, thinking by accident however is sorghum and Zheng Tan love. Although Gu Yiye admits actively, but ask him when superior otherwise wants to become a good soldier when, gu Yiye just expresses to want main retaliation, come out to be shared with Changjiang Delta without the station

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It is early when recruit enrollment, zheng locks up alone with respect to bed sheet, think all method to go out to pass information, did not think of to rescue Zheng however. If not be sorghum,persuaded everybody, everybody lifts watch to let Gu Yiye rescue dimension of Changjiang Delta benefit definitely, gu Yiye does calm Changjiang Delta impossibly also to ask for the ground first.

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Under photograph comparing, sorghum is interested in Changjiang Delta constellation particularly. Besides the requirement Gu Yiye saves Changjiang Delta to sign, when discovering peotry anthology, sorghum takes all responsibility actively still to him body. Other people is busy steal banana, sorghum is absorbed however inquire for Zheng.

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To enter nocturnal tiger company, gu Yiye expression is very good, but sorghum special effort. Besides do not want to be defeated by Gu Yiye, he still hopes to win Gu Yiye, such Changjiang Delta can respect him. Two people are in in fire contest, if he won,ever said, zheng Ke also can not like him.

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Sorghum surpasses Gu Yiye to the care itself of Changjiang Delta constellation, with Changjiang Delta constellation natural meeting understands this gradually, their knot is husband and wife finally. The emotional a home to return to of Http://"> Gu Yiye is the monitor’s wife, in the process of executive task the monitor sacrifices, gu Yiye married the monitor’s wife, became the father of two people child. Although consider air of arrogance of one rude a single person, such A Xiu farmhouse female as antipathetic as him, but what Gu Yiye cares about truly is the friendly feelings between he and monitor.

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In current gut, had made bedding for such ending. Faint when military headquarters doorway when Gu Yiye, the monitor is riding a bicycle to took him, have old rheumatism in the legs obviously but whole journey did not call a suffering, he is right of Gu Yiye good, gu Yiye is written down in the heart.

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Also be this, gu Yiye knew the monitor has a fiancee to call A Xiu, just two people meet the time is not much, plus the monitor an idea is put in lead troops on, it is to fail to marry tardy more. And ask from the monitor a Gu Yiye, when broomcorn is divided to his class, can see he is a good squad leader that is not willing to abandon any arms. Can be imagined, for these recruit, he is OK what bend uses up him is all.

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Gu Yiye disposition this with respect to Gao Leng, but as thicker as the battle friendship between the monitor, accordingly he just is met the choice A of honor permits no turning back is beautiful, gang squad leader takes care of wife and child, and he also was destined to won’t have a result with Changjiang Delta ask forring.

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Each person has his destiny, always love the army ruffian broomcorn of ask for trouble, the Gu Yiye of be conceited and contemptuous, the troop that will lead them eventually makes the division of an ace, as to the process that grows in this in, what will they experience, will be the biggest hotspot, follow-up gut still is worth to expect.

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