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Original title: By right of ” great river great river ” take Bai Yulan optimal female match, wear skirt of the paillette that wipe a bosom today, the United States becomes a princess Yesterday year time Tong Yao because theatrical work of a years fire, admittedly, mention this drama previously must body one one-sided, a is able to bear or endure, ” exultation eulogy ” have additionally ” Dou Ting is good ” the drama that these heat sow is to adapt the novel that is able to bear or endure from A, and ginseng of Tong Yao place acts ” great river great river ” , also be to adapt what be able to bear or endure from A ” great river east go ” . This drama is in show there once was inevitable person energy of life before, and the Tong Yao performance in drama also is to be able to be encircled can nod, the heat that follows drama market is sowed, person gas of Tong Yao is natural it is to rise subsequently. The time that is in a few days ago, tong Yao is to depending on more ” great river great river ” got Shanghai TV red-letter day Bai Yulan award is best award of female secondary role, be double bumper harvest of fame and person energy of life really.

20220320070128 6236d148e3325

Tong Yao includes division of TV of the 25th Shanghai the model of time personally now of late, we can see in the bearing correlation photograph that exposures in above place, in a modelling that is like Xu Zi, tong Yao apparels skirt of a paillette that wipe a bosom, and this body skirt or it is the color that admitted naked pink to be like Xu Zi, looking is the United States became a princess really common.

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Beginning is color, naked pink is in bring high-grade sense while, also be to having a kind of relaxed temperament, and paillette element is to was all modelling to add a lot of window, have the plan that is bosom namely additionally, it is the charm that a sex appeal brought on a copy kept as a record here more, cut out close-fittingly after that, it is Tong Yaojun spruce figure gives perfect sketch come out.

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Good, after seeing Tong Yao show the model of time of body TV part of late, hot next, the touch that allows the others that we have a look at Tong Yao again all the way is tie-in —

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1, dark look wipes pectoral uniform. The naked pink of this uniform and above subdues the element that admitted paillette likewise really, do not cross the difference of make choice of as a result of color and style accordingly final place gives revealed result also is discrepant, those who be likened to the naked pink that has aspect is cultured and do not break relaxed feeling, the uniform of this dark look dresses up is more appear cultured atmosphere a few, gas field also is on a lot of more ambitious.

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2, big V is gotten not skirt of regular cultivate one’s morality. Wine redness of skin is a kind of deep and cultured color, it not advocate, it is to having the charm that calls a person to be enmeshed however nevertheless, if color place compose of Xu Zi builds the clothes that give to act the role of, natural also be to having a kind of intellectual aesthetic feeling, look ram feminine flavour, this is a very inviting modelling.

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3, comfortable business suit + in canister boots. Business suit, it is collocation to give flower to come, the sort of cultured temperament is not disappear says more, and the disposition with this body enough also collocation of Tong Yao, business suit of have the aid of plays the collocation that removed lose of remove theatrical makeup and costume, connect boots of the canister in going up is to appear more disposition is beautiful beautiful.

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