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Original title: Defend inspect close inspect the first, cannot think of, open play of year of idol of the first a dark horse, is unexpectedly Hunan stage given off? ” between the world ” later, the theatrical work that city of domestic theatrical work needs a high quality will save the drama uncultivated land of the audience. Although ” meet season ” , ” our marriage ” wait for work each has his strong point, but the flaw of drama is likewise apparent, after very much even audience is seeing these play, can feel anxiety because of his marital family.

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The success of 003010, because this drama is when the hardship that presents people life to the audience and predicament,be, also can join the instant of a lot of warm popular feeling, and this truth also is this play is the biggest add cent. After that the domestic drama that add rolls out is to be more than play body realistically dog blood flavour of the gender, be approbated very hard naturally by the audience.

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However, not all go up in fundamental key dramatically depressing depression. Just left for instance sow ” between the world ” , it is a very sweet drama, mood is relaxed and interesting. Be in early when the government announces cast, this drama has aed string of 1 sufficient the appetite of the audience. So after the line on this drama, person energy of life is wonderful, sit firmly the first, connect ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” the adversary that is not it.

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Not only such, this drama still obtained TV to close inspect the first, drama of a few popular families also was defeated by Shang ” between the world ” . Cannot think of, new Year play of idol of the first a dark horse is a stage unexpectedly, hunan shows

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Xiao Zhan + Yang Zi, hunan of heat quality double assurance defends inspected popular theatrical work is ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” , still have ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” . But because this theatrical work is newer rate is too slow, a lot of audiences abandon theatrical work, the person is enraged and viewing rate does not see improvement tardy. Nevertheless ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” it is broadcasting summit summit. While heat is sowed, also hopeful is depended on broadcast quality goodly to sit firmly TV closes inspect a list of names posted up the first.

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The collaboration of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi is OK the assures this drama welcome degree of the oldest rate. After all cardinal number of two top class vermicelli made from bean starch is large, had assured the audience of this drama. Not only such. Audience of a lot of passerby also very the roll outing that expects this theatrical work. Was like battle to go out earlier after all ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” such high grade work, yang Zi also has ” Chen Qing makes ” of such phenomenal class explode the paragraph is sweet drama. Their collaboration is for tutelar gas not only, also be to assure the quality of drama.

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From the point of the expression of the two people in drama, xiao Zhan, the Gu Wei of personate, the acting photograph of Doctor A is compared ” dear has deep love for ” had apparent promotion. Although the doctor’s image is right,resemble battle, for very unfamiliar, but the control force of this part still exists. Carry a few little detail, we can see Xiao Zhan the intention when explaining this part. When the job, the shirt button on his body is last button forever, the ability after the button of collarband comes off work only is met unlock. Buckle shipshapely when all button when, the person will be more serious and composed, counteracted the young sense that the age brings.

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The part of Yang Zilin’s school is by set cello hand, and never had been deduced before this kind of part. Additional, ” ace army ” in Tong Nian popular feeling of this part development, she also needs to overturn in this drama the impression of the audience. What Lin Zhi school has little girl is nimble the grace with cello home. Two kinds of character supplement each other, make a character more true.

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Straight male doctor meets play essence family, true interesting the wonderful performance besides two actors, ” dear has deep love for ” story also very attract an audience. Xiao Zhan, the Gu Wei of personate, it is a typical straight male doctor. The beauty sees in bar, not be the figure that sees the other side and appearance, however because wear high-heeled shoes for a long time sedentary perhaps the posture problem that cause. Sit by her when Lin Zhi school, try to let the other side help her cast off predicament, when beginning to strike up a conversation, gu Wei is at a loss completely. 00116ffde4457c4.jpg-qsy.jpg"> however, met the play essence family of Lin Zhi school when the straight male doctor that won’t turn so, it may be said is perfect ground explained an everything has its vanquisher, true interesting. Be Lin Zhi school strikes up a conversation actively obviously in bar for instance Gu Wei, but the father that turned Lin Zhi into very quickly school and oneself stands on an alignment, censuring Gu Wei is to take the chance the rascal of behave like a hooligan. Arrived in the hospital, father daughter two people follow the doctor’s advice sincerely originally, but suddenly turn hostile of the instant after seeing the other side is of Gu Wei. The relation between the school that visits Wei Yulin nevertheless is not only only became because of misunderstanding jubilate enemy, having the contradiction of doctors and patients with actual press close to more. Because the age is not old,consider the Kingdom of Wei, the doctor in charge of a case that has made associate professor level sufferred the suspicion of Lin Zhi school, even speak bluntly the other side is to rely on petticoat influence to go up Adonis, and of try every means change Gu Wei looks for fiercer doctor.

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But in two people get along in the process, have many letting that what the person is between tears and smiles is daily however, include Lin Zhi officer one is sweet more interesting. The father of Lin Zhi school is not willing to see a doctor, lin Zhi school pretends oneself have appendicitis to cheat father to the hospital, father does not like later be in hospital, the daughter contradicts with doctor happening again, the mom of Lin Zhi school cries greatly with respect to feign outfit, all sorts of complaint, solved a problem finally, family the concern of be in harmony of its Le Rong is real and sweet.

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Must say, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” the hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, be worth to pay close attention to besides Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi besides, the gut of this play body is likewise fascinating.

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