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Original title: It is to cry likewise play, see Tong Yao and Hai Qingfang together, the difference came out The domestic ethics theatrical work that fills smoke internal heat is the popular topic in audience heart all the time, all sorts of brief life bagatelle of parents always can let an audience find true generation to enter in drama feeling. For instance ” small quick home ” , by Huang Lei and Zhou Xun, main actor, it is one ground chicken feather everywhere it seems that, but the close sentiment that spreads secretly between domestic member, always can let a person feel warm.

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But drama of respecting family ethics, sea Qing Dynasty has position absolutely. ” the good times of daughter-in-law ” , ” small take leave of ” , ” small jubilate ” it is classic screen your work.

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Now, the drama of another family ethics that You Haiqing acts the leading role ” the heart is resided ” had broadcasted. Must say, this kind of teleplay is true denounce an audience to like. Go up line with huge heat occupational a few entrances that heat up search.

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Not only such, area of fabaceous valve comment is mixed by 4 stars of 5 stars brush screen reputably. Why can theatrical work of so simple a family obtain so good result?

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010-101 ” the heart is resided ” the window with this the biggest play is an average household drama the contradiction that contradiction of common wife and mother became maternal aunt and wife’s younger sister. Xiao Qin of nonlocal daughter-in-law Feng (the sea is clear) with this locality great aunt considers clear Yu (Tong Yao) it is two natural enemy. They try to keep apparently harmonious, but what there are oneself in their heart is small 99, this announced a true and real concern, their aunt.

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This drama can cause the resonance of the audience, because,be its focusing people place pays close attention to ” house ” . Current society, how many person is frightened to retreat by tall house price, again how many person faces a month to dare not fall ill for dare not resigning.

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In drama, feng Xiaoqin lets Gu Lei Xiang Guqing Yu, lend money, and eye of the Yu Yi that consider Qing Dynasty with respect to detection Feng Xiaoqin’s view, refused directly next. Actually, I can understand Gu Qingyu’s way. Look in her, the purpose that Feng Xiaoqin buys a house is very not simple, even she is married because she likes Gu Lei,Gu Lei’s motive also is not after all, besides have number of households and total population of a Shanghai, gu Lei does not have any advantages really. He does not work hard. If he can fish, he can fish, never mention it Gu Qingyu does not understand even the audience Feng Xiaoqin settle on his what.

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But if we come from another angle,look, feng Xiaoqin lives the life that depend on everyday, he serves elaboratively for whole family. His true hold back is bent. Oneself buy a room to move out live, fair and reasonable, but in people look, become ” on the make ” . Plus the aunt people between inherent animosity, and full-time mom and in Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu, the difference between the female strong person that the career has, maintaining apparently harmony is beneficial.

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Money lends the grand opera that is this drama absolutely on dining table. Pieces of whole table is undercurrent emerges move, feng Xiaoqin and the mutual drag of the Yu that consider Qing Dynasty resemble grand door banquet euqally wonderful. I must say, the acting of Haiqing and Tong Yao makes a person exclaim, they hope people plays Call wildly really. When saying to Gu Lei when the Yu Ting that consider Qing Dynasty he wants to lend money, he saw Feng Xiaoqin for the first time, although just looked simply, but this is flashy, his instant cram the critical point of conflict.

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When the word that hears Gu Qingyu when Feng Xiaoqin, although he connects a head to did not carry, the eyes reachs the designated position absolutely however, look be like food sends in past mouth, but his idea waves to go however already, knowing perfectly well Gu Qingyu is intended so those who say, but he or the calm that keeping the face hard. After the building below B0f4d7d673e3ae3cb0dc211c.jpg-qsy.jpg"> , empty thinks between two people mutual excuse of the snake, it is affection gives a plastic a woman and her brother’s wife more performed acme, had seen the other side obviously not pleasing to the eye for ages, can pretend even what thing had not happened same, but this kind of peace has for certain when erupting.

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And this day what also come very much is fast, die accidentally as Gu Lei, the surface that this is like calm to looking between sisters-in-law also was torn apart thoroughly a cut, must say, haiqing and Tong Yao exhibit what come out now to cry when facing Gu Lei to die play, absolutely and OK of apotheosis the sort of, it is to cry likewise play, but when two people are put together, the difference came out immediately.

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Of wife cry and of the elder sister cry, what distinction to have after all? All the time since, the mood cries intensely play is the grand opera in every drama, ” the heart is resided ” although be drama of a family, but however rife cries play, and the first cries the outbreak of play is nodded, die accidentally in Gu Lei namely when.

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Above all we come to those who see the Gu Qingyu of Tong Yao personate cry play, as Gu Lei’s elder sister, be opposite this as a child the little brother that whats had not compared him is all the different kind dotes on all the time, when the news that hears a doctor to announce Gu Lei dies outside surgery, eyes instant is dim without light, of eyeful dare not believe.

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The grand opera came later, face this arise suddenly sad news of the death, if the brother of jewellery said to was not done not have,oneself are inspected all the time, gu Qingyu gives anguish completely write on the face, closely the pursy brows, facial features that crouch, can see her directly present heart wants the broken broken bits that become broken bits immediately. Tong Yao is delivering a mood with small expression this respect has two brushes very much really, especially this kind of breathed sadness, essential need not Bgm foil, the feeling of the sort of angina already blow on the face and come.

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The appearance that uses ferocious than Yu Tongyao will deliver a mood, sea Qing Dynasty expresses a respect in the mood, administrative levels is more trenchant, cong Gulei begins into surgery momently then, she rectifies an individual to envelop the condition that loses her head in in.

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And when should hearing a doctor to announce a news, she from became without arrange absently dare not believe, all these is too abrupt, especially to her, this is disaster simply.

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When final tableau decides case, can have seen in Cong Haiqing’s eyes, feng Xiaoqin already the heart is like dead ash, the fine long hair in the eyes is lacklustre, be utterly disheartened, and still have endless self-condemned, compunction. A lot of people can say, why doesn’t Feng Xiaoqin drop tear, and often make up say, this is sea clear acting the place of highest light, want to know, one individual sadness arrives acme when, do not flow to give tear at all.

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After resembling handling Wan Gulei’s a funeral affair later, feng Xiaoqin sits on the bed to say, look at other people is old big drop tear, but why I cry not to come out namely, but in the heart hold back is dead, this kind sad the feeling that not is more than a heart to die, true too make a person afflictive.

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Altogether, come from subject matter say, ” the heart is resided ” this drama had won, plus Haiqing and the acting of Tong Yao reach the limit, can cause an audience too really in all affection, have the actual strength that makes theatrical work of a dark horse absolutely. At present, the gut of this drama has moved toward the right path, die as what consider Lei, the contradiction of this pair of sisters-in-law also meets Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu upgrade, see two people want how to begin the Battle on this acting, so do you approbate the acting of Haiqing and Tong Yao?

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